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Comment Re:Hmmmm..... (Score 2) 251

Time to flood these scumbags with so much useless data they drown to death in it...

Good idea. You can have some fun while you do it as well.

Flagger is a browser add-on that automatically puts red flag keywords (like bomb, Taliban and anthrax) into the web addresses you visit. Install Flagger to make a statement: government surveillance has gone too far.

Comment As a Canadian.... (Score 2) 600

I hope when Trump exits the TPP that the rest of the signatories will go back and strip out all the parts the US lobbied to put in that nobody else wanted, like the changes to copyright laws. No need for them to be in there anymore.

May end up being a much better agreement without the US.

Comment Re:Cost will double? (Score 1) 472

You're probably right. If we do switch to protectionist policies and the price of everything starts rising they'll all be looking for something to blame and I'm sure it wont be their own ignorance of the free market.

This. Tariffs will only lead to inflation. I always use toasters as an example, but any low margin good is the same.

You can buy a Made in China toaster for $20. It costs $30 to make one in the USA. How do you bring toaster manufacturers back? You put a $20 tariff on Chinese toasters. Now the Chinese made one costs $40, so everyone will buy the cheaper US made one and voila, you have toaster factories and jobs!

The bigger picture of course is that Americans now pay $30 for toasters that the rest of the world only pays $20 for, and everyone else continues to buy the $20 Chinese ones so you still have no export market. Maybe does not seem like such a good plan anymore.......

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 472

Japan doesn't import US-made cars to Japan. They make them in the US to ... get around import restrictions! TADA!

Yes. And the same would be the case with any manufactured goods. The other 8 billion people on the planet are not going to pay more for US built (insert product here). You can make more stuff domestically for your own domestic market, but you will never have the global economies of scale.

Comment Re:Proudly on the road to gridlock (Score 2) 733

Yeah. He thought it was stupid that they announced the assault on Mosul ahead of time. All the leaders are going to flee to safety he complains!!!

Of course this was an operation coordinated with thousands of Iraqi soldiers, Kurdish militias, and various diverse but aligned rebel groups who had been preparing for weeks. Trump thought it could be a sneak attack LOL. Who exactly is stupid?

Not to mention I'm sure the NSA et al were watching closely to see who was trying to flee. Sometime shaking the tree is a strategy all it's own.

All completely lost on the guy who wants to be Commander in Chief. Be afraid!!!

Comment Re:Probably a witch too! (Score 1) 122

It's never wise to ignore such a notice.

Yes, in this case it most certainly is. It is an informational letter to which you have absolutely no legal obligation to respond whatsoever.

Sending a letter from a lawyer representing you is a very stupid thing to do.

Indeed, it would be seen as an admission that you are tied to a particular case - information they would never otherwise have without a judge forcing the ISP to turn over your identity.

You should never ever do anything with these emails except delete them. If you get a lot of them you might consider a VPN or proxy service.

Comment Re:Probably a witch too! (Score 1) 122

My ISP practically comes out and says here is a copyright notice we are required to send you, you can safely ignore it. Not in those exact words of course, but close enough.

If somebody wants her to enter a credit card number, she obviously followed a link in the email. There was no reason for her to do that.

Despite these letters coming from your ISP, you really have to treat them as a phishing scam. That is effectively what they are.

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