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Comment Re:Recorded history (Score 1) 412

Yes, tree rings are a remarkably bad proxy for temperature. As you say, availability of water, competition with other trees, insects, bacteria and fungus, insolation irrespective of temperature, availability of soil nutrients - so many things affect tree growth. You have to be pretty simple to think it is only about temperature.

Submission + - Tesla driver killed in first crash involving autopilot mode

Kernel Kurtz writes: A man who died when his Tesla car, operating in autopilot mode, collided with a truck had previously posted a video on YouTube praising the vehicle's technology. A new report claims that a Harry Potter movie could be heard playing in the car after the crash.

Comment Re:"Adding no Value" (Score 1) 327

The problem is that Apple itself is in the music streaming market, and by requiring everyone else to use Apple's payment service (on which Apple makes a profit) instead of much cheaper third-party payment services, it is effectively granting Apple an unfair competitive advantage

It is not just the profit either. Apple then also has full insight into competitors revenue streams on its platform (ie strategic insider financial information).

Hard to believe it is legal.

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