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Submission + - Tesla driver killed in first crash involving autopilot mode

Kernel Kurtz writes: A man who died when his Tesla car, operating in autopilot mode, collided with a truck had previously posted a video on YouTube praising the vehicle's technology. A new report claims that a Harry Potter movie could be heard playing in the car after the crash.

Comment Re:"Adding no Value" (Score 1) 327

The problem is that Apple itself is in the music streaming market, and by requiring everyone else to use Apple's payment service (on which Apple makes a profit) instead of much cheaper third-party payment services, it is effectively granting Apple an unfair competitive advantage

It is not just the profit either. Apple then also has full insight into competitors revenue streams on its platform (ie strategic insider financial information).

Hard to believe it is legal.

Comment Why not just live and let live? (Score 1) 760

Who cares what people do on their own time? It is none of the state's business and the War on Drugs (which this is part of) is an epic waste of time and, yes, money. Lots and lots of money.

You pretend your nation is an example of freedom to the world, but you are like a bunch of busybody old babas - everyone wants to butt into other people lives for a whole array of completely subjective reasons.

Man I am so glad I don't live there.

Comment Re:Just another CEO mouthing off... (Score 1) 921

I think they will find that many people actually prefer to go to restaurants with actual human staff, even if it costs a couple bucks more, and even if (possibly even because) the automated burger is absolutely identical every time and looks just like the shiny perfectly symmetrical one in the advertisements.

Many restaurants are starting to use free-run eggs, and meat raised without hormones and antibiotics, even though they cost more - people want that. Do they want that not-quite-as-factory-farmed meat prepared as their dinner by the Burgermatic 3000? I doubt it.

This might work at the very rock bottom of the food market. Wendy's is arguably more upscale than McDonalds. Sounds like they want to move downscale to me. I certainly won't be following them.

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