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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 153

Exactly. I have a handful of apps I use quite regularly, a bunch I use occasionally, and many I have used only once or twice that I just keep around in case I need them again.

When I get a new phone I will try to move all my apps to it and I will be set again. A new app that actually fulfills a new need for me is pretty rare.

Pokemon Go need not apply.

Comment Re:Pebble (Score 1) 117

I think Pebble got this right. I don't think of mine as a "smart watch". It is an auxiliary display for some apps on my phone, with some buttons to send some basic commands back to the apps. It does this very well, and that is all I need it to do. If you still have to carry a phone anyway, there is not much point in making the watch any smarter.

Comment Re:Recorded history (Score 1) 412

Yes, tree rings are a remarkably bad proxy for temperature. As you say, availability of water, competition with other trees, insects, bacteria and fungus, insolation irrespective of temperature, availability of soil nutrients - so many things affect tree growth. You have to be pretty simple to think it is only about temperature.

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