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Comment Re:Yet another ignorant troll (Score 1) 199

The reason for the Senate and Electoral college is to protect against tyranny by a minority of states with a higher population against a majority of states with less population. Why do you idiots continue to repeat propaganda when it's so easily disproved? Crack a damn history book instead of smoking it!

Funny how the USA is nowadays the only place in the world with such a retrograde, ridiculous electoral system. Most (democratic) countries had it during the 1800s, when travelling was so long and difficult, and there was a place for "electors". Every country without a brain-dead Congress looking just to perpetuate itself and offer a fake democracy when you have only a party duopoly went away to a true "one person, one vote" system.

Comment Re:Logo (Score 1) 630

How come this one came in so late in the thread?!
Before any (OK, modulo two or three that surely did but that I don't know about) actual schools introduced computers for kids in my country (1985), I went to a computing introduction class during a Summer break. We learned Logo for four hours a day (on Apple //e), for three or four weeks. I *loved* it.
Later during that same year, I took several classes at another computing institute, and there I used BASIC on Commodore.
Got me hooked. And here I am, over thirty years later, unable to quit Slashdot... Should I sue for damages?

Comment It's not that I want to brag I'm old... (Score 3, Insightful) 417

But it seems that I will.

Around ten years ago, I started writing a column for a magazine. My first article was precisely a way to use functional programming for "real" code, using a multi-paradigm language (Ruby).

I didn't jump on the Functional bandwagon first time I saw it; it took me around ten years to understand and embrace what it can do. So we are talking about 20 years of hype. At least.

I am far from proficiently thinking functionally, although I have used it for many interesting things. It is a cool, and very different, way to work. It can make many things faster and simpler, but if you completely bite the bullet and make it your dominant paradigm, it will kill your productivity (with many other things that are not best served by that paradigm.

It has a clear spot under your programmer belt. But it should not be The Only Way to approach a program - unless you are Truly One with the Tao.

Comment I was benefitted from a similar initiative. (Score 5, Informative) 98

I published in 2015 a textbook about operating systems ( Besides working for a university full time, I got a grant from the LATIn Initiative from the European commission. They required me to join other authors (a requisite for participation was having at least threee coauthors, located in three different countries in Latin America), and paid each of us a very decent amount (€1200, particularly good given the wages in our region). There was, of course, a quality requirement - But the second requirement was for the licensing to be CC-BY.
I won on all fronts due to this.

Comment Important design issues when changing placement (Score 1) 240

Back in 1989, Acer introduced a powerful 386 computer, and offered it as a (huge, yes) desktop/tower combo. Both placements were supported. And how did they say they supported your favorite placement? Becuase the square Acer logo in the big bulky box could be rotated 90 degrees. Yay for user-configurability! *That* is what Apple needs.

Comment Hey, not fair! (Score 1) 553

I am a Mexican, and I don't consider myself prone to confuse data types.

Also, mindwhip's version makes sense in many, many C-derived languages where every statement is evaluated to a truth value. Of course, setting interesting=true makes this code less useful for multi-story usage. I would use story.mark_as_interesting() or story.interesting=true... But that's just sugar :-]

Comment Re:Vibrant economy? (Score 1) 55

It is in the long term. This last year, Brazil had a civil coup. The president, in line with over twelve years of impressive economic growth (compare it to Brazil's many neighbouring countries), was outsted and power was given to the vice-president - Who was a bad choice to partner with, coming from the rival party. He immediatly took it to derail the economic path of Lula / Dilma.
I am Mexican. My wife is Argentinian. We often travel via Brazil, and have many Brazilian friends. And, yes, the economic growth of Brazil over a decade is quite impressive.

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