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Comment Re:Liability (Score 0) 442

Yes, but to do this, you have to actually go to court which is an insurmountable obstacle in many cases and fails to provide timely relief in others.

Yep the plaintiff will go to a judge they choose to have free trips to the carribean and golf games you know ... in the name of education in East Texas.

Good luck with that. That is how patent trolls win. THey bought out a town in east Texas and only their judges they are friends with when you file a lawsuit to defend yourself.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 2) 442


If you buy property is yours you should be able to do whatever you want with it.

Regarding the restrictive "contract" the farmer has to sign, that should be illegal.

One possible way around might be if the farmer's wife buys tractor, then farmer's wife sells tractor to farmer. Farmer is not then bound to the contract someone else signed for property he bought from his wife on the second hand market.

I'm British and very economically left wing (no not liberal in any sense of the word) but private property belongs to you not the shitty corporation that made it. Corporations have too much power thanks to liberal economics.

No you bought a copy. You only bought the right to use the tracker. THe real tracker is one inside John Deere. :-)

THis is how Microsoft make their EULA with DOS/Windows. Basically you do not really buy Windows. You buy a right to use it and the goodness of MS to include a copy but not really the real WIndows etc.

Lawyers fascinate me

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 289

The open floor plan isn't too awful; you just need a good set of (over-the-ear, noise-cancelling) headphones and a smartphone full of good tunes (or Spotify and a generous data plan).

An infant is gonna be hard to work near, I agree... but that clears up in a year or two; that, or you can put a shed in the backyard (living arrangement/space permitting) and turn it into a separate office space.

Comment Re:Are all Outlook users this pedantic? (Score 2) 48

And why isn't everyone using Gmail or something better by now?

Even better - why isn't every self-respecting business large enough to have more than 50 employees not using on-prem email/MTA solutions, instead of renting it out to people whose outages don't give a damn about your schedule?

Comment Re:Much consternation about nothing? (Score 2) 289

Even better - get all the company-issued stuff back onsite so it's easier to confiscate when the axes fall.

Fiserv was (and likely still is) notorious for this during their periodic purges (they do it about once every two years, where x% of each department has to go, regardless of growth). It starts as a demand that all remote-workers come into the office... you knew what was coming next. Within a week or two they start canning all the victims, and everyone is back under the thumb to boot.

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