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Comment Re:excess strain on CA grid (Score 1) 313

Can California's electric grid hold up if VW really did replace all those vehicles with electric cars?

You generally charge them at night, not during peak usage hours. Of course, Californians could also install a solar panel, SolarCity is offering them at no money down.

Even hydro capacity has decreased, as more dams are broken than built because they apparently bother the fishies.

As someone who lives in the west I would love to see windmills on farmland and solar power installed on rooftops replace dams. Free flowing rivers are an incredible asset, it's not just about fish.

Comment Re:Not a totally bad idea (Score 1) 313

When they use energy produced by coal power plants the emissions are roughly equivalent to driving a regular gas powered car. In most places, they range somewhere between an efficient gasoline powered car and a hybrid. There are also emissions involved with the manufacturing and recycling of the car.

Comment Re:eGolf is agreat car (Score 3, Insightful) 313

Lifecycle analysis shows that electric cars produce 25% less emission than plug-in hybrids that use a drive train similar to the kind you are advocating for.

Environmentalists have always been for more efficient cars but pure gasoline powered cars just aren't necessary. And there are a TON of engineering benefits to an electric car: the center of mass is super low, you double the storage capacity, you get rid of the vast majority of the maintenance cost, and the performance is really phenomenal.

Comment Re:And I'm going to continue to insist that... (Score 1) 147

Elon Musk has an infinitely better plan for going to Mars, and best of all, he has the smarts and the resources to do it.

I have as big a nerd-crush on Musk as the next geek, but he doesn't have what it takes to acomplish his "ultimate" goal of setting up a backup for humanity on Mars. Terraforming mars is a few orders of magnitude more difficult than reversing climate change here on Earth.

Submission + - For DNSSEC (easydns.org)

fsterman writes: DNSSEC deployment will dramatically improvement to the security and privacy of the internet. Unfortunately, the popular notion of DNSSEC is that is somehow degrades the security of the internet. It's time to debunk DNSSEC FUD and recognize how it will improve the security and privacy of the internet.

Comment Finding a Security Flaw Grudge (Score 1) 58

I was just embroiled in a dispute with someone who is selling security related software that refuses to address key issues with their security model. I think the situation is probably similar here, software engineers that have the best of intentions but simply lack the expertise to properly execute. Most programmers are engineers who are perfectly capable of building out a working system. However, when it comes to security related software, it's not good enough for something to just work, you have to be able to have a deep understanding of how every component interacts with the larger system.

Comment Re:Any solution is better then none at all (Score 1) 89

There are usable and secure E2E email clients, but they require a separation between the messaging system and the software used to retrieve it. With traditional software distribution, we can rely on reproducible builds and security audits to increase the cost of backdooring software. On the web, each provider can deliver a custom (backdoored) version of their software to the target on demand.

Comment Re:Hire those "hackers"! (Score 1) 89

It's based on a decade of research, the 90% figure comes from actual behavioral studies

I doubt it. If you were actually familiar with these "behavioral studies", then you would have provided a citation. Studies have shown that 90% of people that claim "studies" support their opinion, without actually citing them, are just making stuff up.

It's in TFA.

Submission + - The Problem with End-to-End Web Crypto (indolering.com)

fsterman writes: Since the Snowden revelations, E2E web crypto has become trendy. There are browser add-ons that bolt a PGP client onto webmail and both Yahoo and Google are planning to support PGP directly. They attempt to prevent UI spoofing with icons similar to the site-authentication banks use to combat phishing.

The problem is that a decade of research shows that users habituate to these icons and come to ignore them. An attacker can pull off UI spoofing with a 90%+ success rate.

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