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Comment Re:Why would you want tech companies in the downto (Score 1) 111

The ultra-rich residents of University Avenue don't want people with mere $100K+ incomes clogging up "their" street and using "their" shops.

As a $50K per year virtual ditch digger who commutes in from San Jose, I have no problems eating at the Panda Express on El Camino and Cambridge in Palo Alto.

Comment Re:If you were here... (Score 1) 111

None of which work well enough to allow for a density increase.

Until more people get out of their cars to use public transit, there's isn't enough demand to upgrade existing infrastructure for higher density. One reason for building mixed developments along the major transit lines is to simulate the demand.

Comment Re:Facebook (Score 1) 111

Palo Alto, VA, maybe?


The company I work for is located on the East Coast. At one point, they got confused between Palo Alto, CA, and Palo Alto, VA. They sent a team out to Palo Alto, VA, and found empty fields. I told management on the conference call that places in different states can have the same name.

Comment Re:If you were here... (Score 1) 111

The bigger problem is the lack of transit, which is necessary to enable the density increase.

Palo Alto has plenty of transit systems: Caltrain, VTA, Dumbarton Express, Stanford Shuttles and employer buses (Google/VMware).

And with the county spending on Bart to San Jose and ignoring Mountain View, PA, etc. it doesn't seem like that will change.

BART was originally supposed to encircle the San Francisco Bay Area, but the Peninsula route got nixed in the 1970's and the San Jose route is 30+ years late. The only major transit system upgrade through Mountain View and Palo Alto is the electrician of Caltrain.

Comment Re:How hard is this to do? (Score 1) 132

POS software I never wanted, came installed with the phone and it f**ing turns on, starts Word up periodically, full mic access, full camera access, sends data to Microsoft, another couple of hundred KB today. F**ing Samsung, I am not buying your smartphones ever again. NEVER bundle crapware, especially Microsoft crapware.

That's Android for you.

Comment Re:No productivity gain here, move along (Score 4, Informative) 132

I worked at a company before the dot com bust where the managers installed desktop monitoring software. One day my manager ran into my cube to inform me that I shouldn't be browsing Amazon on company time. Only then did he realized that I was eating a breakfast burrito and browsing the Internet on my break, which is acceptable under company policy, and I told him to bugger off. Most of the employees figured out that the company next door had an open wireless access point. Just about everyone got a wireless PDA to browse the Internet.

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