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Internet Explorer

Reports of IE Hijacking NXDOMAINs, Routing To Bing 230

Jaeden Stormes writes "We just started getting word of a new browser hijack from our sales force. 'Some site called Bing?' they said. Sure enough, since the patches last night, their IE6 and IE7 installations are now routing all NXDOMAINs to Bing. Try it out — put in something like" We've had mixed results here confirming this: one report that up-to-date IE8 behaves as described. Others tried installing all offered updates to systems running IE6 and IE7 and got no hijacking.
Update: 08/11 23:24 GMT by KD : Readers are reporting that it's not Bing that comes up for a nonexistent domain, it's the user's default search engine (noting that at least one Microsoft update in the past changed the default to Bing). There may be nothing new here.

Touchpad Patent Holder Tsera Sues Just About Everyone 168

eldavojohn writes "Okay, well, maybe not everyone but more than twenty companies (including Apple, Qualcomm, Motorola and Microsoft) are being sued for a generic patent that reads: 'Apparatus and methods for controlling a portable electronic device, such as an MP3 player; portable radio, voice recorder, or portable CD player are disclosed. A touchpad is mounted on the housing of the device, and a user enters commands by tracing patterns with his finger on a surface of the touchpad. No immediate visual feedback is provided as a command pattern is traced, and the user does not need to view the device to enter commands.' Sounds like their may be a few companies using that technology. The suit was filed on July 15th in the favoritest place ever to file patent claim lawsuits: Texas Eastern District Court. It's a pretty classic patent troll; they've been holding this patent since 2003 and they just noticed now that everyone and his dog are using touchpads to control portable electronic devices."

Comment Re:Technological solution to a social problem (Score 1) 80

When I was much younger, my mother could sit down and write up a grocery list to feed a family of 9 for a week- and do it in the order she would be going thru the store aisles- by memory alone! Now she gets frustrated because things get moved around, or aren't carried anymore- and she's only buying for 2.

Comment Re:Survey says.... (Score 1) 821

I work at a hospital, and doctors will go out and buy their own laptops without asking us for advice first-then they bring them to us and expect us to make them work on the hospital network. They get a little unhappy when we tell then their Vista Home notebook isn't compatible, and they will have to spend another $200 to upgrade to Ultimate. I like what I have seen of Windows 7 so far, but I was really hoping they would cut down on the number of editions available.

Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 1) 855

Swear to God this just happened today!!!! While at lunch, our network guys got a call that the network was down at one of our locations about a mile away. They stopped by on their way back from lunch, of course the network was up and running. Turns out the power had just come back up after a 2 hour outage.

Comment Re:Who would want the pirated version? (Score 1) 898

No, but that would be fun. I have to reboot each time I want to switch OS's. I loaded VMplayer, and tried 2 different Ubuntu images in my XP load, but neither would run..I think they had problems with my hardware. I wanted to play with Server 2008 as well, but the only appliance that VMplayer has for it is out of trial period time.

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