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Comment Re:troll... (Score 3, Interesting) 288

Actually, public transit is heavily utilized here in the Seattle area and many people support the plan for more rapid transit options over the bridge because as it stands now, due to congestion, the buses are stuck in gridlock with everyone else. More dedicated lanes for buses means less sitting in traffic and now that the light rail is complete, people are already anxious to see its extension both north and east over Lake Washington. Finishing the bridge rapidly will only increase the costs to add rail to the eastside later (or more likely cause it to not happen at all, devaluing the light rail as a transit option for many) instead of just doing it now while they are already going to to be rebuilding.

Comment Re:Too bad we don't have rules to deal with this (Score 1) 839

The yield sign is there to indicate that the driver moving in that direction should slow down when approaching the intersection and give way to traffic that is in the processing of crossing. These are useful for thoroughfares that have frequent cross traffic in order to make it safer for cars to cross the roadway.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but (Score 1) 262

For those who can't access the article, here is the information about how the system "learns":

Dr. Shih’s patients at the Mayo Clinic were asked to look at a computer screen containing a 6-by-6 matrix with a single alphanumeric character inside each square. Every time the square with a certain letter flashed, the patient focused on it and a computer application recorded the brain's response to the flashing letter. The computer software calibrated the system with the individual patient's specific brain wave patterns. When the patient then focused on a letter, the letter appeared on the screen. "We were able to consistently predict the desired letters for our patients at or near 100 percent accuracy," Shih explains. "While this is comparable to other researchers' results with EEGs, this approach is more localized and can potentially provide a faster communication rate.”

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 249

The difference VZW is highlighting is exactly what AT&T wants to keep quiet- smartphones will work a lot better in many areas on VZW.

This is very true. My workplace has two different corporate cellular plans, one through AT&T and one through VZW. I had a smartphone on the AT&T network and data coverage truly was very spotty and slow. Since I swapped for a phone on Verizon the data coverage has been far more consistent and much faster. For the record, I live and work in a metropolitan area where most carriers would be expected to have thorough coverage, yet only Verizon gets consistent coverage in and around the city.


Submission + - Adobe Flash cookies pose vexing privacy questions (

BobB-nw writes: Adobe's Flash program is being used on heavily trafficked Web sites to collect information on how people navigate those sites even if people believe they've restricted the data collection, according to a new study by researchers from UC Berkeley and several other schools. The study comes as the U.S. government is evaluating how it uses cookies on its own Web sites. Adobe's Flash program plug-in, which is used to view multimedia content and is installed on millions of computers worldwide, also stores cookies for user preferences such as the volume level of a video, wrote the researchers. The Flash cookie in some cases will recreate, or "respawn" cookies, jeopardizing the privacy the user had attempted to preserve. Many of the top 100 Web sites will respawn HTTP cookies, the researchers wrote.

Comment It's all about the concepts (Score 1) 160

I think for the age range you are targeting, the style of game that would have the most educational value (as in that something is actually learned and reinforced) works around putting understanding of concepts to use to solve problems within the game. The biggest problem for many students is being taught concepts but not how to apply them or use them to critically think through a challenge. If the game centered around having to discover and then apply scientific ideas/concepts to navigate through the game to reach various goals, then students would not just learn random facts or trivia, but would actually gain experience in critical thinking and application of abstract information.

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