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Comment Torn (Score 1) 215

I love programming. I also love computer science as a branch of science, art, engineering, and foremost - for me - mathematics. I feel sad about how much of the world's most innovative code - written by some of the worlds most talented people - is hidden away. We can't share it, argue over it, formalize it, scrutinize it, experiment on it, prove it or improve it; and that seems like a loss. On the other hand, I will probably be a software engineer when I get out of university and I would like to think that whatever I put my heart, sweat and tears into will be protected. I want to make money out of it. It would be nice if software companies and their technical staff could form some sort of agreement by which anything that might be technologically or mathematically significant could be submitted to a third party to be examined and formalized. This is just an idea that I had on the spur of this moment. The point is that it would be nice if we could guard our property but share your discoveries.

Comment Re:Once a week? (Score 5, Insightful) 352

What a waste of years of relationship it would be to cut my immediate family out of my life! I lived with them for the first 18 years of my life and they did everything they could to give me the best chances in life. I know that I will never have a relationship with anyone, excluding, perhaps, a life partner and my own offspring, like the relationships I have with my brother and sister and parents. And I know that my parents probably won't be around for the rest of my life. So I do my best to call a every few days.

Comment Why is this so rare? (Score 1) 478

I don't know much about biology. But can anyone explain why so few animals exhibit asexual reproduction? Has it "just not happened", or are there factors that make it unlikely for particular instances of it to be successful, or is it a suboptimal way of doing things in terms of continuation of a species?

Comment Re:Mac vs. PC (Score 0, Offtopic) 453

A mac is a personal computer. PC stands for personal computer. Can we please stop using the terms as if they are mutually exclusive?

I can tell you are an old-school Mac fan from the 1980's - pre-Jobs '90s from the pedantry. Now please go tell Apple what you just told us since they just finished a years long "Mac vs. PC" ad campaign that flies in the face of what you just said. I'm not even going to bother with the YouTube links at this point.

LOL. Actually I'm 20 years old. And the only computers I've ever owned are a Dell laptop that has run a variety of different Windows and Linuxs, and a home built gaming machine that dual boots Linux and Widows. But nice try.

Comment Re:Mac vs. PC (Score 1, Insightful) 453

Can we please stop using the terms as if they are mutually exclusive?

No. They're in the vernacular now. Can't speak for other languages, but in English, to say "My PC is busted" generally means "My windows PC is busted." "My mac is busted" is straightforward. When further differentiation is required on the PC front we say "My Linux PC is busted" (although more than likely, we'd say "My Linux Box is busted.") A parallel is saying "I'm American" - While not technically correct, this is understood in the vernacular to mean "I'm a citizen of the United States." Canadians like me have to say "I'm Canadian" even though I live in the Americas. It's the understood vernacular.

Yeah I know, you have a point. I guess I'm just stubborn and obsessed with semantics. If I was Canadian, I would happily say that I was from America, and let people interpret it however they like. But the term "American", when referring to people, is quite exclusively reserved for referring to people from the USA. At least that's my understanding of it."PC", on the other hand, is not used exclusively to refer to a personal computer running Microsoft Windows. It can just as easily refer to any personal computer. One of the meanings is logical and useful, the other one isn't. Not that I really mind. I sort of enjoy calling Macs PCs and then watching the inevitable rage or confusion that follows.

Comment Mac vs. PC (Score 3, Insightful) 453

A mac is a personal computer. PC stands for personal computer. Can we please stop using the terms as if they are mutually exclusive? It makes you sound ignorant, and renders the term "personal computer" useless as a means of differentiating a computer for personal use from any other kind of computer. K thanks.

Comment Re:Nuclear Power! (Score 1) 317

I've often wondered why we have compact portable atomic bombs, but no compact portable atomic generators. Perhaps now some will finally be developed! Besides, I can't imagine that solar panels would be a good idea at an FOB. I mean, big square shiny targets? Not good. And they really work poorly when disguised with that camo netting stuff.

No, I'm thinking that some portable nuke plants are in order here. Even something that has to be mounted on a semi flatbed is going to be more useful than a solar panel. At least the flatbed could be rolled into a large trench and covered with camo netting and guarded by dirt and sandbag berms.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't some radiation leak from such a device, making it just as easily detected as a pile of solar panels?

Comment Re:WD40 (Score 1) 597

Eucalyptus oil works amazingly well and smells quite nice. Can you get it in the Northern Hemisphere? I'd be careful with it on piano gloss (I'm assuming piano gloss finish plastics are made of acrylics), but I think it would be ok.
Nail polish remover is not a good idea. I once got it on my aunties antique dining table. The table was coated with an acrylic resin. Needless to say, I felt pretty terrible.

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