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Submission + - Young Children Are Attending Smartphone Rehab As Concerns Grow Over Screen Time (

An anonymous reader writes: Children refusing to put down their phones is a common flashpoint in many homes, with a third of British children aged 12 to 15 admitting they do not have a good balance between screen time and other activities. But in the U.S., the problem has become so severe for some families that children as young as 13 are being treated for digital technology addiction. One "smartphone rehab" center near Seattle has started offering residential “intensive recovery programs” for teenagers who have trouble controlling their use of electronic devices. The Restart Life Center says parents have been asking it to offer courses of treatment to their children for more than eight years. Hilarie Cash, the Center's founder, told Sky News smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices can be so stimulating and entertaining that they “override all those natural instincts that children actually have for movement and exploration and social interaction."

Submission + - Burger King Won't Take Hint; Alters TV Ad to Evade Google's Block ( 1

ewhac writes: Earlier this week, Burger King released a broadcast television ad that opened with an actor saying, "Ok, Google: What is The Whopper?" thereby triggering any Google Home device in hearing range to respond to the injected request with the first line from the Whopper's Wikipedia page. Google very properly responded to the injection attack by fingerprinting the sound sample and blocking it from triggering responses. However, it seems Burger King and/or its ad agency are either unwilling or congenitally incapable of getting the hint, and has released an altered version of the ad to evade Google's block. According to spokesperson Dara Schopp, BK regards the ad as a success, as it has increased the brand's "social conversation" on Twitter by some 300%. It seems that Burger King thinks that malware-laden advertising infesting Web pages is a perfectly wonderful idea (in principle, at least), and taken it to the next level by reaching through your TV speakers and directly messing with your digital devices. You may wish to consider alternate vendors for your burger needs.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 2) 331

Comment Re:Googles days as the golden child for nerds is o (Score 1) 91

I think we saw that in action today. I guess Google Now has been rebranded, adjusted, integrated, and redesigned into Google Assistant?

I believe they announced Assistant back in May at I/O 2016. It seems like a rebrand with additional functionality tacked on.

Comment Re:Popular for the moment (Score 1) 174

I've played Ingress since early beta phase, and have seen many people leave, and then many more come. For instance, in beta there were only 8 player levels. People got to 8, realized there was no real endgame beyond that, and left. And then Niantic added levels up to 16, added missions, First Saturdays, events, lots of new game concepts, and so on, and years later it's still really active. In the earlier days Niantic was really underfunded and was slow to market for new features.

Comment the phone reports it (Score 2, Informative) 228

Are they just going to have a few hardcoded presets(phone, tablet, TV?) that use the same architectural foundation? Will it be a single 'windowing' mechanism that follows certain layout rules that result in different effects based on screen size and DPI?

Android has been doing this for a while, choosing at runtime which resources to serve up based on DPI. The source tree of an Android app has 3 'drawable' directories under res/ (drawable-ldpi, drawable-mdpi, and drawable-hdpi) and it picks the best one for each situation.

Comment G+ games (Score 3, Interesting) 154

Games on G+ can also reward you for spamming/recruiting your friends. Angry Birds on G+ for example will keep levels locked until you and your friends have a cumulative total of stars to unlock them, so naturally you want to get more people playing. Another game lets you ask for hearts to continue gameplay and equally you can donate hearts. The difference here though is people in your circles will not see all this game stuff unless they are also in their games stream.

Comment public posts (Score 1) 154

I don't know anyone who makes public posts. That's kind of the entire point, which you appear to have missed

There are many I've found who use G+ as they use Twitter, IOW all public posts, like a broadcasting station/soapbox. I find what you say to be generally true of most other users though (including myself). I post daily but you wouldn't know it from my profile.

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