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Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 2) 137

Actually it's worse... or rather stupider. He offered to fix it (which really is just involves filling out and submitting a web form) if school settled a lawsuit for $200,000.

Now let's assume this guy is totally in the right as far as the claims in his lawsuit are concerned. That doesn't give him the right to hold his employers' systems hostage until he gets what he wants. Those systems still belong to them.

What was he thinking? Of course the courts are going to order him to hand over the metaphorical keys to the system. And the judge isn't likely to be sympathetic after this. On top fo that any future prospective employer is going to find out about this the instant they google "Triano Williams".

Based on the levels of stupidity and assholery displayed here, I'd be amazed if he weren't in the wrong.

Comment Re:Share and Enjoy! (Score 1) 170

Consider the alternate. Which other parts of you body are you content to smear your faeces over and then consider clean with simply wipe with a piece of paper. Hell, you wash your hands and law mandates you wash you hands if you work in a kitchen and that was with a piece of paper between your hands and you faeces, yet you are content with your non-self cleaning butthole and surrounding contaminated regions. Get used to it, the change is very likely to spread no matter how much the dead tree ass wipe companies fight it. Logically it should be compulsory in food preparation areas and hospitals, no so much for the butt but for the hands.

Comment Re:Stargate programme?? (Score 1) 70

Most of that stuff went off balance sheet for uses other than was intended, extortion and investments ie managing the funds of criminals with the off balance sheet CIA hedge funds taking a substantial portion of the profits and the targets accepting making very large deposits because they get some returns and it is better than nothing and losing all their ill gotten gains, also tied into some very disturbing sexual practices part of the extortion and partners in high crimes thing.

Comment Re:Start the clock (Score 1) 187

Only invisible if you are one eyed and blind. Flooded New York, melty Alaska, eroded coastlines world wide etc. I mean see the ice, see no ice, not invisible. NASA do monitor temperature via the infrared spectrum, so not invisible either. What you are really saying is it does not affect you personally at this time and screw everyone else you don't care, you want more of everything right now, not just more, but you want it all. You here much but all you listen to is your own greed.

Comment Re:Schitzophrenic Labor Dept. (Score 1) 188

I would bet my last dollar that quite of few of those 'Asians' (so why is it Asians versus 'white people' rather than Europeans). are paid quite a lot more than they seem to be. So where is that extra money coming from, why from those foreign agencies who hire and train them, just before they apply for the job working on US computer infrastructure. I'll bet there are so many secret features buried so deep they will never be able to find them all, US corporate greed serving the US as always, as cheaply as possible to maximise profits and fuck the consequences.

Nobody trusts the US any more, not one tiny little bit and as such they all will be looking to place sleeper agents as deeply as possible in US digital infrastructure, no just agents, the software and hardware they insert into US digital infrastructure that remains long after the agent has left and this will have been going on for some time. Thanks US corporate greed, revenge for the NSAs shenanigans in other countries would not be possible without you.

Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1) 137

As a ex-employee he is fully entitled to be a big a dick as he wants with regard to his ex-employer. Not a good idea as it damages you image for future employment but you are now free and the company can only suspend payments to you. What was on the notebook or not on the notebook is truly imaginary.

The reality is google were the dicks for not promptly and properly assessing the case and returning service. The claim should be against google and not the ex-employee. The university in turn should wake up to itself and properly manage it's services to students, clearly working through google is a really, really bad idea.

I give you a hint, ex-employer asks me for anything after termination and quote for consultation services will be provided including the upfront payment demand for the cost of the call, no freebies, not one seconds worth.

Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score 4, Interesting) 193

It seems everyone is jumping the gun on announcements, even Julian. No acceptance of extradition can be made until the US as applied for extradition with specified crimes and substantiated evidence. With the current state of US politics clearly under the destructive influence of finance corporations and arms industry, pretty much any charge would be made, no matter how spurious, with the intent of extended life threatening imprisonment drawn out by a purposefully extended trial process designed to be it's own punishment ie years or prison under the worst possible conditions, whilst the trial drags on and on and on.

So Assange needs to correct his statement to, I am waiting for the US secret punishments via corrupt prosecutions to come clean with the secret warrants. Ideally Assange should return to Australia, as an Australian and should the US wish to attempt extradition, they can do so in the Australian legal system. Assange has a legal responsibility to ensure that in legal relations between Australia and the USA, that the USA is forced to adhere to the principles of Australian law when seeking application of law from within Australia.

Julian has a moral responsibility to ensure that the US government is forced to treat with Australian citizens under Australian law. So out of the UK and back to Australia and then lets see what will happen. Will the UK want him back, will Sweden seek extradition, will the US just slink away too embarrassed to put their claim before the Australian high court (I am sure there are others that the US wants to drag out of Australia for persecution via corrupt prosecution, for which they are also to cowardly to put before a real court for an extradition claim).

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 762

Actually legally literally speaking, the power is really narrow and only covers "Offenses against the United States", so that narrows down crimes to crimes against the state and not crimes against it citizens. This especially in light of the US system where citizens press charges for offences against the citizens, rather than other countries where the state presses charges for crimes against it's citizens. Yet not one person prosecuted for all the crimes Manning exposed, not one person, corruption personified in Barrack Huesein Obama the president who was thwarted from starting world war three.

Comment Re:Politically driven pseudo-science garbage (Score 1) 187

Solar output in fact has decreased since the early 60s.

Also according to the Milankovitch cycles we should be in the middle of a cooling period, although the actual effect is quite complex (e.g. it makes a difference whether perihelion occurs in the austral or boreal summer). So it is also possible that we might be in for slight warming over the next twenty thousand years. But even if we were in for dramatic warming due to orbital resonance, that would be on the order of 0.1C/century, much lower than the changes we've observed.

You left out volcanoes, which are a natural source of CO2 (as well as cooling particulates).

If you add up all the known sources of natural climate variation you end up with no warming trend since 1900 (source).

Comment Re:Where are the error bars? (Score 3, Informative) 187

What Geoffrey said. It's easy enough to pull the instrumental record global average data into a spreadsheet and plot it; I've done it several times myself.

Also be aware of what error bars can and cannot tell you. You can't tell about the statistical significance of trends just by comparing adjacent years with error bars. It's the wrong statistical test to talk about decades-long tends. You might never ever see a year which is statistically significantly warmer than a prior year at some level of confidence, yet have a trend which over a decade or more hits that confidence level.

Comment People have a crude form of telepathy. (Score 1) 127

Not actual radio-like telepathy like in sci-fi stories, but an inbuilt capacity to actually experience what our brains think other people are experiencing.

One of the classic experiments like this is to get a subject wearing goggles to identify with a mannequin. Of course this is artificially induced; we didn't evolve in a world with 3D goggles and cameras. But there is a condition called "mirror-touch synesthesia" in which this occurs naturally, in which people spontaneously experience what someone else is experiencing.

The parallel element I see is the brain somehow generates a sensation without an appropriate physical input, and the phenomenon of mirror touch synesthesia suggests to me this isn't just a curious bug in our brain architecture. The 1.6% of people who report spontaneous mirror synesthesia also score higher than the general population on measures of empathy. I suspect it may also be linked in some way to our ability to learn by copying what others do.

This is a really exciting time in neuroscience, and synesthesia seems like an interesting target for DIY brain hackers. Mirror-type synesthesia particularly so because it's easy to induce. The rubber hand illusion is probably the easiest dramatic effect to produce at home.

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