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Comment "Microsoft responds..." (Score 5, Funny) 144

"Microsoft responds..."

We have no idea what would lead Jeremy Archibald Plevin of 2217 Sand Fort Terrace, Blivet Michigan, whose social security number is 555-666-7777, and who only has $9,472 in his bank account and that $100 savings bond his grandfather gave him when he turned 13, and tends to watch an average of 17.3 cat videos per month, and whose favorite search term is 'midget porn' (seriously, Jeremy?1?) to make such unfounded accusations. However, we'd like to assure you, they are unfounded.

Comment I'm OK if they are forced to use it for = 5G (Score 1) 64

I'm OK if they are forced to use it for >= 5G... if they won't provide 5G willingly, and are holding it hostage to a crippled net neutrality: sorry: I guess you don't get new spectrum.

And yes, I'm aware, that most of the asses in the /. article are European, but some of them are the same companies in both the U.S. and Europe.

Comment Re:How about having a user accessable mem card slo (Score 2) 235

It's not only Apple. My Nexus from Google doesn't have a memory slot either. Why!?

You got sent the one without the slot because you are on the "don't slot list". You probably dropped you phone in the toilet while in a drunken stupor at some point in the past (that's how most people end up on the "don't slot list").

Comment Re:I doubt legal action. (Score 3, Informative) 43

I see it as a play to make sure all those ISPs give google a node on their network, so it will continue to be a device to ISP network test. Google can throw the speed test into Android and pretty much guarantee that they have nodes in all ISPs and make it mighty hard for a competitor (search, ads or youtube) to enter the market.

I think your idea is fundamentally flawed.

A single speed test node on an ISP network would have exactly the same effect as the ISP's current configuration of having a speed test node on their own network.

Further, a single Google node or even a full two racks aren't enough to provide local to the ISP's network all of the Google services, let alone all the Google services used by all the ISP's customers. A "unit of Google" is far too large to fit anywhere short of a full datacenter.

Finally, Google actually runs its own Internet, including transatlantic and other undersea fiber lines. The only place it touches the actual Internet is at peering locations, in order to externalize the services it provides to consumers.

So there really is no benefit to Google for the architecture you are suggesting they are trying to emplace.

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