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Submission + - Old DOS games inspires visual artist's work (

farrellj writes: For all you old DOS Gaming fans!

Here is what the artist has to say about the micro-paintings:
"The 90s were the golden age of graphic adventures for LucasArts, Westwood Studios, Sierra and many more. These were games written by playful geeks for geeks – entertainment for the emergent technocracy that was daring, quirky and intelligent.

To commemorate early PC gaming heroes and heroines, I’ve created this series of tiny paintings of some of my favourite DOS games."

Check it out here:

Submission + - Uber Faces $410 Million Dollar Canadian Class Action Suit (

farrellj writes: A class action suite has been filed by the Taxi and Limo drivers and owners in the Province of Ontario in Canada against Uber, claiming $400 Million Canadian dollars in compensatory damages, $10 million in punitive damages. They claim that Uber is violation the Ontario Highway Traffic Act that covers taxis and limos, and have caused them to lost money. They also seek an injunction against Uber operating in Ontario.

Submission + - The Ottawa Linux Symposium needs your help! Two weeks left! (

farrellj writes: The Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS) has been a fixture on the Linux community for the better part of two decades, and at the helm Andrew Hutton has been doing wonderful work in putting together the event year after year. But he needs help, as costs have slowly crept up, and bushwhacked him financially.

Here is what Jon maddog Hall says"
"The economy, along with what we will call an “unfortunate sponsor situation”, has forced a financial burden on the main producer of the event. In a last ditch attempt to keep the event alive, he has turned to an Indiegogo “crowd-sourcing” project to help raise awareness to the situation and to raise funds for the next event. He has created a page with “perks”, which include discounts to future OLS symposia, assuming they happen.
For those of you who have gone in the past, and for those of you that want to go in the future, think about donating a bit of money to help get this symposium back on its feet. Even the smallest donation on the site will show potential sponsors that symposium like this are important.

The Ottawa Linux Symposium has been a major player over the years in bringing many of the main people behind Linux together, and many major developments have come out of the face-to-face time this event has provided to the community. It would be a shame to let it slide away...please help if you can!

Submission + - GPS Patent Troll takes it on the chin! (

farrellj writes: Dovden Investments, labelled as a Patent Troll by many, got more than they bargained for when they went after Ottawa developer Larry Dunkelman. Mr. Dunkelman wrote BusBuddy, an app that takes GPS and scheduling data from OC Transpo, the local city bus service, and predicts when the bus you are waiting for will actually arrive. But when Dovden came along and asked for $10,000, as a "licensing" fee, Dunkelman got angry, and decided to fight. He hired an ace intellectual property and started chipping away at the company's claims...very successfully! And it went so good that Dovden has discontinued the suit, probably for fear of having a precedent established against them, and are now being chased by Dunkelman and his lawyer for legal costs. But Dovden has worse problems...the Canadian Urban Transit Association, representing transit agencies national wide, has filed suit to have Dovden's patents declared invalid!

Submission + - Prof crowdfunds the creation of a free college textbook (

farrellj writes: College professor Dr. Brendan Myers is crowdfunding the creation of a free textbook on critical thinking for the class he teaches. He is not impressed with the cost of college textbooks.

“Two years ago, a few students in my class told me they didn’t buy the textbook for my critical thinking class,” said Brendan Myers, a philosophy professor at Gatineau’s Heritage College CEGEP, “because they had to choose between the book and eating that month.”

His Kickstarter campaign has been remarkably successful so far, who would have thought such a text would be so popular! There is a huge potential for this type of initiative in creating free text books by crowdfunding their initial production. The academic textbook market is a closed one, and attempts like this and others discussed here on Slashdot can dramatically reduce the high cost of college texts.


Submission + - Ars Technica's misleading headlines (

farrellj writes: "The headline ITFA is grossly misleading. One would think it was from The Onion or the National Inquirer...but it's from a supposedly reputable news source Ars Technica. You be the judge, and if you don't like it, please complain to the editors at Ars Technica:

"Free as in (taking away your) freedom: the Linux of botnets arrives""


Submission + - Canadian judge rules domain names are property (

farrellj writes: "A recent decision in the Ontario Appeals court has ruled in favour of Tucows, saying that domain names are considered property, rather than being a license. This has major ramifications for a people both inside and outside Canada, doubly so since Tucows is a major domain registrar. This ruling comes from a very high court, which means that any appeal must go to the Supreme Court of Canada. So there is a good chance this ruling will stand."

Submission + - Did France test a missile off the coast of Canada? (

farrellj writes: According to reports from the south coast of the island of Newfoundland, it looks like missiles were fired from the vicinity of French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon which are just 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) off the Canadian coast. This would not be the first time this has happened. Two years ago, France tested missiles off the coast of Canada without getting permission from Canada before hand. This could be another case of that. The Prime Minister's Office is claiming that they were just model rockets by lauched by amateur rocketry enthusiasts. I may not be one, but I knew some, and I am sure that minus 15 degree Celsius with windy conditions are *not* suitable launching conditions for even the most hardy amateur rocketry fans!
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - London Stock Exchange Goes Linux! (

farrellj writes: As mentioned before here on Slashdot, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) has been looking to replace it's Windows/.Net based trading system for a while now. What wasn't expected was that not only would they turn to Linux to replace it, but would actually *buy* a company and bring development in-house, rather than outsourcing! The company that the LSE has bought is a Sri Lankan developer MillenniumIT, which has developed a trading system based upon Linux and Solaris. Among the many benefits of the new system that comes from using Linux is an order of magnitude increase in trading speed from 2.7 milliseconds using Windows/.Net to 0.4 milliseconds using Linux-based system. Enjoy all of the details from the Fine Article here.

Submission + - EMI only selling CDs to Mega-Chains from now on

farrellj writes: "Record company EMI has been notifying all of the non-Mega-Chain music stores that it wholesales to that they will no longer be able to buy EMI CDs from EMI, and will have to buy product from Mega-Chains like Walmart according to reports at Zero Paid among others. This means that if you wanted to a CD from an EMI artist you will have to go to Walmart or HMV...or if you non-Mega-Chain store has it, it will be because *they* bought it at Walmart, and paid retail it will cost that much more to buy at your local store. Independent Record store customers are some of the most loyal music buyers around. You are not going to find the back catalog, what used to be the staple of the music business, at your local Walmart, but you probably will at your local Independent Record store. EMI's move will now mean that unless the music you want is new, or a classic album, and on the EMI label, you won't be able to find it anywhere. That will give a lot of people the justification to hit the P2P networks for EMI music that they can't get any more through legal channels. As well, it will discourage new artists from signing with EMI, since they will not get the full distribution they want. One wonders when the Music Business is going to run out of feet to shoot?"

Submission + - Is PALM.COM down?

farrellj writes: Since last night, I have not be able to connect to Palm's website, from Canada since around 11 pm Eastern last night (Jan 22). Am I the only person with this problem? I've tried both through my home system (Teksavvy DSL) and the system at work, which is backboned into the US, and neither will bring up I've tried both Firefox and IE. Does hate me, or is this a more general problem.
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Submission + - Dell to close it's call center in Ottawa, Canada

farrellj writes: "Well, after closing it's Edmonton, Alberta call center last year, Dell announced today it will also close it's Ottawa, Ontario call center. Five hundred techs were layed off immediately, and the remainder will be let go by mid-summer. This comes after building a new Ottawa facility adjacent to the existing building and promises of hiring 1,500 last year. It all unraveled toward the end of 2007 with the decision to close the Edmonton facility, and then the cancellation of the Ottawa expansion. CBC has coverage here, and the Globe & Mail here."

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