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Comment Re:What I don't understand... (Score 1) 394

How do you know the person in a pilot's uniform is actually a pilot? If pilots get less screening, you create incentive for an attacker to try to sneak in using that lower security route. Maybe identify a pilot that you or one of your allies looks a bit like, waylay him the night before and steal his uniform and ID. You might not be able to actually fly the plane, or even taxi it to the runway, but you can certainly smuggle explosives or weapons in to hand off to "passengers" planning on hijacking a plane.

Heck, you don't even need to fake being a pilot. If you can find a pilot who is willing to participate in murder, be it for religion or money, but who personally would rather not die or be caught, well, they can help! Just smuggle weapons or explosives in through the low security pilot line, hand them off, then head off to your job.

Of course this is all security theater given that ground crew and other people in the secure area receive little to no screening at all. It's much easier to fake being ground crew.

Comment Re:It's the other way around actually.. (Score 1) 1020


Yes, and the woman automatically is believed to be telling the truth....

Associated Press:

On Dec. 8, 2008, a bleeding woman ran from Sowell's house and told a police officer that Sowell had punched her, choked her and tried to rape her, the lawsuit says. Police have said Sowell was released without being charged because a detective felt the woman was not credible.

At that point in time, Sowell had murdered 6 women. After being freed without charge, he would go on to murder 5 more.

Comment Vacation time is constant (Score 1) 610

Generally speaking, vacation time is roughly, somewhere around 3-4 weeks per year. If a company offers you that much, people tend to be happier and more honest. If a company offers less, morale falls and people take the remainder as fake sick leave, because they feel they deserve it. It leads to disrespect for management. And since people value their sick leave to use as vacation, they're much more likely to come in to work while sick, spreading illness and decreasing productivity throughout the company. Too little vacation is a false economy for a company. (Yes, there are naturally exceptions.)

Comment Re:It's the other way around actually.. (Score 1) 1020

Yes, and the woman automatically is believed to be telling the truth and if the defendant calls her a liar, he's just an evil man.

In the court of public opinion, sometimes. It helps if the accuser is more sympathetic. But there is usually plenty of room for some victim blaming. People are willing to blame 13-year-old girls for being raped by 43-year-old men!

In those pesky actual courts, where people can do jail time and end up on sex offender registries, no, we're still using beyond a reasonable doubt as the test. Hey, remember the Duke Lacrosse team?

It's no secret that girls in middle school / high school do this from time to time to get rid of teachers

It's also no secret that boys in high school occasionally show up with guns and threaten people. Life's not risk free. But both events are rare.

But no, you have a vendetta against all men (what, get turned down a lot by guys you like?)

There are two possible assumptions you're making about my sex and sexuality. Both are wrong. But thanks for playing! Also, bonus points for the ad hominem attack.

Women are legally granted all power in any interaction with men.

Hyperbole much?

You're so deep into your privilege, that very modest changes in society toward equality seem like massive threats. They really aren't. Chill out. The benefits of being male continue to be pretty significant.

Comment Re:It's the other way around actually.. (Score 1) 1020

How did this subthread start? You, quoting and replying to the following:

But if the accusations should turn out to be correct, and the leaks also correct, it doesn't appear to be rape as in forcing the women to have sex, but turning consensual sex into a "rougher" and "degrading" sex.

Sex that started consensual, then turned into something else. Something non-consensual. If people are into rough or degrading sex and everyone involved is into it, go wild! But from context it's pretty clear that example was no longer consensual. Assuming the partner had reason to understand it was no longer consensual, it's rape.

Secondly, only a very small percentage of women in the US are raped (I forget the exact number, something like 3%) - so no, it's not a "very real risk".

I'm impressed with your ability to yield that 1 in 50 women might be raped, to know several women who have been raped, but it's "not a 'very real risk'".

Then there's the fact that between false rape plus people expanding the definition of rape to include "you later regretted it", yes, guys definitely have to worry about being falsely accused of rape since being accused means that you're automatically guilty (regardless of verdict) and must register as a sex offender, etc. Your life is DONE if you're falsely accused.

Have you considered emigrating to another country? Whatever hellhole you're in where people found not-guilty must register as a sex offender must be pretty terrible. Here in the United States, that's certainly not true. Also, you might appreciate that in the US the whole "beyond a reasonable doubt" thing makes rape extremely hard to successfully prosecute, since "date rape," typically is a he-said-she-said thing.

Despite knowing several women who have been raped, you're mostly worried about highly unlikely things that might happen to you. The recipe for not getting charged with rape is simple: No means no, stop means stop, don't fuck crazy people.

all the matters is the end result of male submission to the vastly superior females.

"Hey, maybe non-consensual sex is rape." "Waaaaaah, I'm being oppressed!"

Comment Re:It's the other way around actually.. (Score 1) 1020

Boo-fucking-hoo. You're male and enjoy a hell of a lot of unearned privilege. Including, apparently, the privilege to be able to suggest in public that non-consensual sex is similar to having a friend drink all your beer and not be shunned. The risk of you facing sexual assault of any sort is negligible. (Tip: avoid prison.) For a woman it's a very real risk. It's going to understandably color their interactions with men, and that includes concerns about being forced into sexual acts they don't want. That you clearly have no idea how emotionally scarring it can be to be forced into a sexual act you don't want really. You have no idea how much pervasive victim blaming pressures women into quietly accepting unwanted sexual acts. You don't worry about all that; it's a female problem. You're free to assume that it's rare and not that serious. That frees you up to fret about for more rare cases, like false rape accusations, which is obviously more important because, well, it might impact you!

Christ. You're a poster child for male privilege and rape culture.

If you're having sex, and your partner says "Stop it," "Don't do that," or something similar, then you're done, stop. If you keep going, the sexual activity has crossed from consensual to non-consensual and you've become, at best, a sexual assailant, but more likely a rapist. It's nice and simple. There are a few minor edge cases (no fucking crazy people, arrange safe words in advance if necessary), but it's really not that hard.

Comment Re:It's the other way around actually.. (Score 1) 1020

Consent is not a binary switch that once enabled is always enabled. "Hey, let's have sex," does mean you've signed up for anything. You always have the right to say, "Woah, okay, this is not cool. We're done." At that point your partner has to stop. If your partner is all frustrated because they're turned on, well, that's what masturbation is for, so no whining. If your partner continues onward in spite of being told to stop, congratulations, your partner is a rapist!

(Mind you, I make no judgment about Assange's case. We all lack enough facts.)

Comment Re:Neither forgotten or out of print. (Score 2) 721

"Copyright gives the author - and his heirs - an exclusive and constitutionally protected right..."

The constitution guarantees a number of rights, including freedom of speech and religion. Interestingly, it never guarantees me a right to copyright. The bit about copyright is the constitution grants Congress the power to create copyright, but Congress is no more compelled to protect copyright than they are to issue letters of marque, which the same section of the constitution also provides for. Congress could, theoretically, eliminate copyright tomorrow and it would be legal.

Comment Re:That long ago? (Score 1) 721

Hooking copyright to your lifespan suggests that the value of your work depends on your age, health, and luck. That seems wrong. If I write a book when I'm 20 and live to be 80, my book is apparently worth 130 years of copyright. If I write a book when I'm 80 and die the next day, my book is only worth 70 years of copyright? How is that a good idea or fair on any level?

Fixed length copyrights make a hell of a lot more sense. Let's say 70 years. At 70 years you have plenty of time for your heirs to enjoy it if you die "soon" thereafter. Almost no one will outlive their copyrights, and if they do, well, they had 70 damn years to create a second work.

Furthermore, life plus seventy? Really? Your children will, in all likelyhood, be dead before the copyright expires. Do your grandchildren and great grandchildren really need a government granted monopoly on something they didn't create? Maybe they should get off their asses and get jobs, or maybe create something new themselves.

Comment Re:Hmmm, don't really like the guys tone (Score 1) 473

Totally! Because when I play with other randomly-matched, pseudoanonymous gamers online, I'm always stuck that they're universally thoughtful, polite people. Wow, from the noise everyone makes, you'd think that online gaming was dominated by immature, racist, sexist, homophobic, assholes who delight in trolling. I remember just yesterday playing against Neeg4hk1ll4h yesterday and seeing his swastika and thinking, "I appreciate it when a polite British young man* tries to spread the Buddhist word of peace." (* That he was a young man was obvious from his speech. I learned that he was British and polite when repeatedly offered me a cigarettes and bundles of sticks.")

Comment Running software uses power, Film at 11! (Score 1) 509

So... running software uses power. This is news, somehow? Other things that will shorten your battery life: Playing games, running poorly written software that spin-waits on input, video encoding, that stupid dancing tree USB thing. Yes, Flash is an inefficient pig. Lots of software is. Get FlashBlock or NoScript so you can run it when you want it (to see, say, a video or play a game) while avoiding it otherwise (99% of the crap on the web).

Comment Android piracy well controlled! (Score 1) 510

Whenever people study people using infringing copies of software on PC platforms, they report something like 90% of copies are infringing. Thus, with "an overall piracy rate of over 67%," we can conclude that Android copyright infringement is remarkably well controlled, and app publishers should be grateful. (Admittedly, it's worse than iOS apps, which might see a 50% infringement rate, but another way of putting it is: Apple put up far more aggressive barriers to copyright infringement costing the, in the process made iOS less useful to customers and more hostile to development, and still only lowered the rate from 67% to 50%.

And, of course, the old rule applies: Those infringing your copyright aren't your customers. If you've made good software, are selling it as a reasonable price, and it's conveniently available, it's unlikely that anything you can do will improve your profits. Sure, you might reduce the number of infringing copies in use, but you'll have spent money accomplishing that for minimal to no additional sales. Worry about your customers, not those violating your copyright.

Comment Re:As a loyal customer (Score 2, Insightful) 276

Part of why I love GOG is that I don't need to trust them. There is no DRM. I'm free to make my own backups and never visit their site again after purchasing a game. It doesn't matter if they go crazy and pull stupid stunts like this. It doesn't matter if they get bought out. It doesn't matter if the game's copyright holder gets into a snit and pulls the title. I still have my backup. This is as it should be.

Yes, it was a stupid stunt. But a rational consumer has to assume that eventually every business is going to try and screw you. Take defensive measures. Prefer businesses that don't need your trust beyond a single transaction. I remain satisified with my purchases from GOG, and I hope they pick up more classic games I'd love to play.

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