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Submission + - Privacy Commissioner of Canada Rules Bell's Targeted Ad Program Violates the Law (

An anonymous reader writes: The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has released the long-awaited decision on Bell's targeted ads program. The Commissioner's press release soft-pedals the outcome — "Bell advertising program raises privacy concerns" — but the decision is clear: Bell's so-called relevant ads program violates Canadian privacy law. As Michael Geist explains, the key issue in the case focused on whether Bell should be permitted to use an opt-out consent mechanism in which its millions of customers are all included in targeted advertising unless they take pro-active steps to opt-out, or if an opt-in consent model is more appropriate. The Commissioner ruled that opt-in consent is needed, but Bell is refusing to comply with the ruling.

Submission + - GPS Patent Troll takes it on the chin! (

farrellj writes: Dovden Investments, labelled as a Patent Troll by many, got more than they bargained for when they went after Ottawa developer Larry Dunkelman. Mr. Dunkelman wrote BusBuddy, an app that takes GPS and scheduling data from OC Transpo, the local city bus service, and predicts when the bus you are waiting for will actually arrive. But when Dovden came along and asked for $10,000, as a "licensing" fee, Dunkelman got angry, and decided to fight. He hired an ace intellectual property and started chipping away at the company's claims...very successfully! And it went so good that Dovden has discontinued the suit, probably for fear of having a precedent established against them, and are now being chased by Dunkelman and his lawyer for legal costs. But Dovden has worse problems...the Canadian Urban Transit Association, representing transit agencies national wide, has filed suit to have Dovden's patents declared invalid!

Submission + - NASA, SpaceX Complete Design Review of Dragon (

jamstar7 writes:

NASA partner Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has completed an important design review of the crewed version of its Dragon spacecraft. The concept baseline review presented NASA with the primary and secondary design elements of its Dragon capsule designed to carry astronauts into low Earth orbit, including the International Space Station.

SpaceX is one of several companies working to develop crew transportation capabilities under the Commercial Crew Development Round 2 (CCDev2) agreement with NASA's Commercial Crew Program (CCP). Through CCDev2, NASA is helping the private sector develop and test new spacecraft and rockets with the goal of making commercial human spaceflight services available to commercial and government customers.

The review was started on June 12, 2012. It's part of the process to meet requirements to get the Dragon man-rated in order to get crew to the ISS and beyond. Without the man-rating, all they'll ever be able to do is cargo launches. Man-rating will also allow them to qualify for insurance for manned flights.


Submission + - Canadian judge rules domain names are property (

farrellj writes: "A recent decision in the Ontario Appeals court has ruled in favour of Tucows, saying that domain names are considered property, rather than being a license. This has major ramifications for a people both inside and outside Canada, doubly so since Tucows is a major domain registrar. This ruling comes from a very high court, which means that any appeal must go to the Supreme Court of Canada. So there is a good chance this ruling will stand."

Submission + - Sony’s hunting down more hackers (

xstahsie writes: Thought Sony’s done looking for hackers? Nope! The company is now looking for other hackers involved, which includes Cantero, Peter, Bushing, Segher, hermesEOL, kmeaw, Waninkoko, grafchokolo and Kakaroto. They will subpoena various websites including YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, and Slashdot to find these hackers. New court documents are made available below.

Submission + - Meta Torrent Search Engine (

bombinko writes: isn't just another torrent SE, it belongs to the new generation of search engines which provide its users with relevant results in no time, including info about torrent itself, categories, descriptions available etc.

Submission + - New Zealand to Launch First Private Space Rocket (

RobGoldsmith writes: Private New Zealand aerospace company Rocket Lab completed its final ground-based test today and is now ready to launch New Zealand into the space race with its Atea-1 launch vehicle. The first high altitude launch of Atea-1 is scheduled for the end of November this year. Once Atea-1 has successfully concluded the development phase it will be the first privately built rocket launched from the Southern Hemisphere to enter space. Read this article to see a new CGI movie and get more information on the launch!

EMI Only Selling CDs To Mega-Chains From Now On 334

farrellj writes "According to Zeropaid, record company EMI has been notifying small music stores that they will no longer be able to buy EMI CDs from EMI, and will have to buy product from mega-chains like Walmart. Independent record store customers are some of the most loyal music buyers around. You are not going to find the back catalog, what used to be the staple of the music business, at your local Walmart. One wonders when the music business is going to run out of feet to shoot?"

Submission + - Prosecutors criticized in pop-up porn case (

An anonymous reader writes: Thirteen months after a judge threw out a jury's verdict against former substitute teacher Julie Amero, supporters of the accused woman have turned up the heat on Connecticut prosecutors to drop all charges. While the judge vacated the ruling, and gave the prosecutors the option of retrying the case, the state's attorneys have put the case on the back burning, leaving Amero in limbo. We've covered this story before, but now the defendant seems to be sitting in limbo while the prosecutors sit on their hands. This makes me sick, yet another case of malware asshats getting away scott free while the real people of society clean up after them. There's a petition online now seeking justice for the innocent school teacher.
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Submission + - Dell to close it's call center in Ottawa, Canada

farrellj writes: "Well, after closing it's Edmonton, Alberta call center last year, Dell announced today it will also close it's Ottawa, Ontario call center. Five hundred techs were layed off immediately, and the remainder will be let go by mid-summer. This comes after building a new Ottawa facility adjacent to the existing building and promises of hiring 1,500 last year. It all unraveled toward the end of 2007 with the decision to close the Edmonton facility, and then the cancellation of the Ottawa expansion. CBC has coverage here, and the Globe & Mail here."
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Submission + - Think Your Job Won't Go Overseas? Think Again

An anonymous reader writes: CNBC reports that more than a quarter of US employers who are offshoring jobs expect more of their high-skill positions to be shipped overseas. The list of jobs incuded are computer programmers, sales managers, general managers, human resources personnel, software developers, system analysts, customer service representatives, marketing personnel and graphic designers.

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