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Comment Re:== vs =, | vs ||, variable/pointer dereference (Score 1) 80

Every language I can think of has a common single-character bug. Many Microsoft SQL users routinely leave off the semicolon which terminates a statement. Sometimes that results in buggy behavior right away, sometimes not until two years later when a change is made to the *proceeding* statement.

I once accidentally put a semicolon after an "if" statement in PHP. The website ran fine for years until one day when there were no articles for the little box this code was behind. That day the whole website ate shit. At least it was an easy fix!

Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 1) 905

It's going to blow up in his face so bad at some point that he'll have to start fresh on a new platform where he'll have to watch what he says.

He's very much like Jeremy Clarkson. He likes to make edgy borderline racist jokes, and you can do that on your own blog, but you can only get away with doing that on a commercial mainstream show for so long before your ass gets the boot.

Welcome to capitalism, tip your waitress (so she can eat) and try the gruel!

Comment Re:Mention Russia Today and Fox News, but not CNN? (Score 1) 405

No, the problem is that the American right has gone absolutely stark raving mad in the last couple of years and lives in a fictional alternate reality now. It's crazy uncle, tinfoil hat, Dale Gribble thinking with a mean streak, gone mainstream. They use false equivalence arguments whenever their animosity with truth and reality is mentioned. They've reached levels of hypocrisy that border on doublethink. Anyone on the right who doesn't see it is a part of it.

The outright rejection of facts and the categorical hatred and dismissal of any news sources other than select far-right rags are hallmarks of the new loony right. The alt-right is just an influential radical splinter of this new ideology which seems to have consumed a vast majority of US conservatives. The minority of non-loons on the right are the ones now called "cuckservatives" rightly shitting their pants at the scariest post-WW2 political movement.

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