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Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 1, Insightful) 449

Actually it was the curtailing of greed from the New Deal until just before Reagan was elected that created the middle class. Before and after that the middle class has always been wasting away as inequality was left unchecked to maximize itself, as it naturally does. The greed was curtailed due to political pressure from a credible communist rival. We need to learn to curtail greed once more to restore the middle class.

Comment Don't the Chinese have the concept of codewords? (Score 1) 76

I find it hard to believe that these simple keyword filters have much effect IRL, they'd be trivially defeated by codewords which would be easy to update when the codewords get banned. Here are some freebies in case they're needed:

Falun Gong = Fallen Gong

Southern Weekend = Leftymag

Tiananmen Square / June 4th Incident = Shoot n' squish day

Comment Re:Twitter, aka @Jack, doesn't care about hate spe (Score 1) 1044

I can see how these would appear openly racist under a "colorblind" view of race relations - a view which ignores context and history, and under which the "find and replace" test is seen as an infallible, almost mathematical tool which zeroes out cultural biases to objectively measure the racism of a statement.

But it's not. The problem is that the "cultural biases" it zeroes out ARE the context and history. For example, prejudice against white people is both much more rare and, in almost all societies, vastly less damaging than prejudice against other races because of the position of dominance and privilege whites enjoy in nearly all societies. In some societies the imbalance is so great that to equate prejudice against whites to prejudice against other races is to trivialize most forms of prejudice.

To look at another one of his posts, a "black tears" cup is vastly worse than a "white tears" cup in the US for example, because the former is an insult to injury, celebrating a dominant position. The latter on the other hand, is merely a distasteful joke because of the same dominant position of whites. It's like a poor person owning a "1%er Tears" cup.

Comment Re:Own your vote (Score 1) 1044

I have two words for anyone who denies Trump's racism: "Gonzalo Curiel." Recent. Clear-cut. Racism.

Trump won't be reelected in 2020, no chance in hell. The US economy will be in tatters, the idiots who didn't go out and vote against him this year will be furious, the idiots who voted for him this year will be just as furious, and on top of that, there's a good chance Trump would've got himself impeached by that point and would be out of the running.

His time in office will serve as a valuable, and costly, lesson.

Comment Don't use the Tor browser on a darknet! (Score 2) 55

It probably seems crazy to tell you not to use the official darknet browser on a darknet, but sadly the Tor browser is the top attack vector used by law enforcement against darknet users. It's the biggest target by far. You have to roll your own darknet browser. It's a PITA but otherwise, every exploit in the TLA's books is going to be aimed at you. Also it should go without saying that your browser should be running in a Linux VM whose state is discarded on shutdown, and ideally you should have a firewall setup that blocks all outgoing traffic not going to the darknet proxy address.

Comment Re:Amazing over-reaction of the left, like 8 years (Score 1) 586

I think setting a reasonable ceiling is a great idea. Inequality will maximize if left unbounded (we can already fit the people who colliectively own half the world's wealth into a double-decker bus, and nobody would have to stand), and making it possible for people to make millions of dollars a year encourages economically damaging behavior like cash hoarding and tax haven usage. If that money can't be put into executive pay it will be pushed into other areas including pay for the middle and lower classes, who will spend most of the money immediately instead of letting it pile up in a foreign bank account.

The impossibility of reaching perfect equality is no reason to abandon all efforts at improving the situation. We can't prevent all murders but we still try to minimize them. Everyone doesn't have to be made "above average" but allowing them to make a decent enough living to support themselves and a family is a good start.

Comment Re:Black Mirror (Score 1) 204

That doesn't make you immortal, it just means that after you die some robot gets to take over your life.

I thought the same thing (technically a VM instance rather than a robot). You need to suspend your disbelief for the episode and imagine that consciousness will be transferred to the VM even though it's just a copy of the original human, who is dead. Quite different to playing in San Junipero with a VR headset. The only way of digitizing a human mind that might work is replacing neurons one at a time with nanomachines. That way consciousness wouldn't be interrupted and it could be possible to "teleport" the consciousness, to use VMware terminology.

The same problem applies to Star Trek's transporters which are a combination cloning machine & suicide booth.

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