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Comment There was a Google Tech Talk... (Score 2) 203

...about a trip to "mars". Summary:

"Presented by David D. Levine.

In January 2010 I spent two weeks at the Mars Desert Research Station, a simulated Mars base in the Utah desert. Although the Martian conditions were simulated, the science was real, as were the isolation, hostile environment, and problems faced by the six-person crew. Although my official title was Crew Journalist, I soon found myself repairing space suits, helping to keep the habitat running, and having interplanetary adventures I'd never before imagined. My talk on the experience is profusely illustrated with photographs and has gotten rave reviews. Please see for more information."

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 1) 960

That is true. Software developers don't know anything about maintaining a network and are probably a pain in the ass to support. But they do have special needs in that they need to be able to use the web freely, to try out software and keep their own up to date. They need to be able to have a nightly version of a browser updated and install the latest version of Node.js. When firewalls and policies get in the way the company is shooting itself in the foot.

Comment Re:What about iOS? (Score 2) 519

It is part of the core system. There are 3 ways you can use Mobile Safari: opening it, using an installed web app and through WebViews inside other apps. All of them are WebKit and to a certain level Mobile Safari. And Apple explicitly forbids the publication of browsers that don't use WebKit or that use another JavaScript runtime. That's why there's even talk about Firefox for jailbroken iOS devices.

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