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Comment Re: the smell of E-6 in the morning (Score 1) 213

Nikon did get stuck in the "we are a photo camera company. video is a gimmick" and they lost the cine market to Canon, Sony and Panasonic.
Many loyal nikon owners switched to Canon when Nikon decided it couldn't be bothered with adding GOOD video features to their cameras, and not the novelty video clips they still shoot. Yes, Nikons now shoot 4K but... you can't change the aperture while recording. That's just lame.

Comment Re:Never fast enough will lead to disaster. (Score 2) 90

Except my phone often can't keep up with my usage. I work 9 to 6 and get home with 50% battery or less, even if I don't use it much. Then maybe I need to go out, do some extra work, or even dinner outside. I don't use my phone while I have dinner, but I wouldn't want to have 30% battery or less if I have an accident or something. Or like when I got the call at 2AM that my uncle had died and had to stay up all night with my mom and aunt while the family made funeral arrangements.

Or maybe I live in the third world where a storm often knocks power out and my UPS only lasts for 30 minutes.

So yeah, I LOVE the Turbo Charge on my Moto X that can recharge to 100% in less than 1 hour.

Comment Re: Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

Currently I use regular clear "varnish" spray (the kind you would use for wood) and it works fine. The problem is that oxygen penetrates paper from behind too: I sprayed the front of a print and placed a piece of clear tape on the back. Many months later the ink behind the tape faded less.

About using pigment: two problems. First, Epson heads don't work with pigment ink (at least not the 1430W which are exactly the same heads I had on an R220 10 years ago). Second, photo paper doesn't work with pigment either. The water evaporates but the pigment is just dry dust on top of the photo paper. This is the reason why my HP K8600 didn't use black for photo paper. If you forced it to (selecting regular paper on the driver), you got the "powder" problem. Pigment black for the HP was something else though.

HP was always far better than Epson when printing black text. My HP 692C printed much better text than my cousin's Epson 440 in 1996. And this was still true in 2006, and still is in 2016.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

i have a Stylus Photo 1430W (Artisan 1430 in the US) and I use it with an aftermarket CISS. It's fantastic. Only recently I've had to clear the ink pad counter (after adding a bottle for discard ink, which i regularly empty). It has printed at least 400 A3+ pages (good luck finding an A3+ color laser).

6-ink also looks beautiful. The gamut is wider than what you can do with CMYK toner. But these prints fade like NOW. I mean, even with original Epson ink, the print fades in weeks (!!!) unless the paper is protected from air. It's actually air what destroys these prints, light not so much.

Comment Re:Welcome to the 3rd world (Score 1) 71

I don't know what shitty slum you stayed at when you visited Argentina and tried to save a few bucks staying with AirBNB... but I've lived here all my life and I have never heard of pipes clogging because of toilet paper. We flush paper down the toilet where I live.

Of course, that's when we actually use toilet paper. I use the bidet.

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