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The Internet

Journal Journal: Multiply? 2

Anyone still reading this thing? I just signed up at Multiply to track some of you down, my name there is jrishel. Most of my posting is still at rishel.org, and it doesn't look like Multiply has a way to pick up content from wordpress... am I wrong?


Journal Journal: Pissed About the Election Results?

I wrote the following at my blog a few minutes ago:

I've spent all day in shock. I was sure we'd tell the rest of the world that we didn't want to be led and represented by the lying warmonger who's going to be in power for the next 4 years. I was proven wrong. Another 4 years of our civil liberties being walked all over, and some very scary supreme court appointments are sure to happen.

So, what do I do now? My first political action post election? I'm becoming a member of the ACLU. I have a feeling we'll need them now more than ever.

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Journal Journal: PuhLuuUUUG!

think my journal has been abandoned? well, it basically has. http://rishel.org now has all my ramblings.

don't worry, I still read journals here, but I prefer the control I get with my own setup

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: Lots of stuff 1

I was told I've been neglecting my Slashdot journal entries. Really, my day to day rambling have just been moved to http://rishel.org. But, a brief recap of the last month or so.

Wedding went smoothly, with only a minor and entertaining mishap with the ring bearer.

He went up the isle without his pillow with the fake rings on it, he got up front, realized he forgot it, ran back, my bride told him he didn't need it, and he ran back up front and announced "They said I don't need it." Cute kid. He's gonna be a menace (if he isn't already) when he gets a little older.

The honeymoon on St. Lucia was amazing. The all day flying there and back was not.

The island is barely bigger than Manhattan, but with something like 80% of the land being a rain forest reserve, so we got to see the major sights in a few days, and then relax on the beach for the rest of our time there.

Then we came home on June 30th, and closed on a house July 29th.

Meg's been a trooper^wtrouper and handled most of the moving stuff.

Also, she's got a teach gig lined up for next year, so the dual incomes will be nice.

Hmm. what else. Oh, I'm working on wiring the house with cat6 so I can work on my MythTV setup. Gonna need to save up some bank before I get too heavily involved in that.

Pictures from wedding and honeymoon should be on rishel.org this weekend, probably after our trip to IKEA on Saturday.

This good enough Sillypixie?

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Journal Journal: Rehersal Dinner and see ya! 4

We had the rehersal and rehersal dinner today, and all went well. Getting hitched tomorrow and then off to a caribean paradise for 10 days. More write ups when I get back in July! Wish us luck!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Specialization? 1

Perfessor Multigeek's latest journal got me thinking.. my response to the journal is reproduced below:

  • Obvious Ones:
  • Troubleshooting. It's my job when it comes to computers, but I'm also good at engines, and gadgets in general.
  • Communication. Verbal or written, I have to do a lot of this for work as well.
  • Less Obvious:
  • Animal Husbandry. I grew up on a small farm with cattle, sheep, a few horses and various poultry. Helped with many a breach birth.
  • Horticulture. Give me .25 acres of decent soil and some tools, and I keep a family feed all summer and fall.
  • Perserving Food. Extra food from the garden? Great, lets can it and put it in the root cellar to get us through winter.
  • Basic Carpentry/Building. Spend enough time working for Habitat for Humanity, you pick up a few things.
  • Basic Elctrician work. Before you put on that drywall, you'll want to wire the place with electric, phone lines and data. I'm a little rusty, so no guarantees that it'll be up to code.
  • Marksmanship. Pretty handy with a Bow and arrow. Guns too, for that matter.
  • Butchering. Well, either you raised it or you hunted it, but if you want to eat it, someone has to know how to cut it into pieces that will fit on the grill.
  • Cooking. I make a mean spaghetti sauce. my barbeque is quite good. I grill. Don't ask me to bake things.

This is all I can come up with before lunch. This whole discussion reminds me of this:

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects. - Robert Heinlein

last time I read this quote, I think counted 13 of these I could do. I'm now at 15, not sure what I added though.

So, how are you doing?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Page 23 (This is required) 3

you're supposed to do the follow:

Grab the nearest book.
Turn to page 23.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

here I go:

The Linux system thinks you have a terminal that can display only uppercase characters.

Source: A Practical Guide to Linux, by Mark G. Sobell, Published by Addison Wesley, 1997


Journal Journal: Watch This Space (Updated!) 8

More to come...

Update:well, I had something planned, but I got home and my PC's powersupply died in the hurricane, so, yes, I am a horrible tease.

Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: TV thingie? Moving, still... 2

I seem to remember a journal entry a few months about about a gadget that lets you share a A/V signal and redirects a remote to another TV, either through the power lines in the house, or over 2.4Ghz spectrum... anyone remembe who posted it? FK? Technolust? I don't remember, but I want one!

Moving is coming along.. got all the big stuff, and all the medium stuff moved, tomorrow I hope to finish packing up small things and throwing out stuff. I'm such a pack rat that moving ( and having to throw things out) hurts. Oh well. After the old place is cleared out, time to give it a good scrubbing. If this place wasn't owned by my parents, I'd be seriously tempted to not try and get my non-existant security deposit back.

Then the joy of unpacking at the new place. A whole other JE, I'm sure.

anyway, who's got the primo linkage for that gadget?


Journal Journal: Moving, Broadband, No TV, Sick

My conversion to a full time, regular employee with T. Rowe Price completed on the 28th. Yesterday, the 3rd, I moved the majority of my stuff into the river house, thanks to the help from Lacaid,Escher, and Malaclypse.

I will probably be staying at my currently place until I either I can get the DirecTV into my name, so I can get the horrible, overpriced, only thing available, internet connection, or after Meg graduates (May 10th!), which ever happens first. I figure after a week of fighting with this I'll be so sick of it's horrible performance that I'll ask my new neighbors if they want to go in sharing a T1 connection over wi-fi. Apparently, from what the phone company tells me, I can get a 512k/s frac T1 line for $600 a month. If I can convince 12 people to share that with me, it will surely be more bearable than fighting with the whole speed of light latency issue.

So, I'm in a house with not much more than a network connection, a few computers, and one washing machine load worth of clothes. The lack of TV seems to actually make me get things done. who knew. It's a little harder to entertain myself, but I'm actually being productive. I've been getting a lot done on my parents' website (Be fore warned: thar be sheep there!) and making some changes to my own site. I hope I figure out a colo solution so I can continue to host those sites.

Oh, and moving seems to have giving me a horrible head cold, so I didn't make it to church or to go play deadlands.. but I'm all drugged up and feeling a bit better.

Welp, back to coding.


Journal Journal: Attempt at Journal, take 2 4

well, I had a nice long journal entry written, but I had to click on a link for something for work(darn work!) and lost it all. and I don't feel like typing it all in again, you're going to get the brief synopsis

did everyone remember to do their tax? I'm getting a nice refund, and trying to convince myself not to buy a laptop I don't need.

Meg graduates soon! Moving in with her at the house at the river, which will be great cause I'll be with her, it's a really nice house and we'll save money, but I'll have a longer commute to work, and I can't get broadband (other than satellite, bleh)

Work is good, will be calming down some now that tax season is over, which will be a pleasant change. my contract runs out on friday the 25th, but have no fear, I get picked up as a perm. employee on monday the 28th. w00t! same job, better pay, better benefits. looking forward to using that tuition reimbursement.

Meg's brother Dan is still recovering from his car accident, and physically he's never been better, but the last few months he's having real mental troubles.. very violent dillusions.. and Meg's mom has decided she can no longer take care of him on her own, so he's been placed in a nice facility where they're working on meds to get him stabilized, but it's been rough. one more thing on that kid's plate. he's been through so much. hopefully this is just one more step on his way to recovery. It seems whenever he faces a big challenge, what is needed to overcome it presents itself, so hopefully, this is just one more thing.

lunch time.


Journal Journal: She said... 11

Yes. She had no clue it was coming. All in all a success. I've now got to drive home through this snowy mess. Thanks for all the well wishing :)


Journal Journal: Marriage Proposal 9

Here is the setup, Driving out to where the PA Turnpike meets 79. Meg's roommate is driving her down from Slippery Rock, and then we're going to a really nice hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, and have dinner at a nice resturant. Meg knows this much. What she doesn't know is I plan on popping the question.

Oh, Boy, I'm actually doing this. Since I bought the ring, It has been very hard not mention it to her while I talk on the phone, because, it's hard to fit many other thoughts in my mind at the same time. I think I am going to manage pulling this off without her expecting a thing until she actually sees the ring box. I'm nervous, I'm sure she'll say yes, at least I think I'm sure :) And my dad said he'd come pick up my broken shell if she says no.

  so I got that going for me.

well, enough babbling, I need to get on the road. Wish me luck!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Slashdot Messaging Oddness 4

This is odd, I just recieved an email from slashdot indicating a friend has just posted a journal entry. That is all well and dandy, except I have the messaging system configured to only give me web messages. I double checked, and the settings are still set to web...

anyone else get this before? Cliff? Krow?

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