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Journal einstein's Journal: Attempt at Journal, take 2 4

well, I had a nice long journal entry written, but I had to click on a link for something for work(darn work!) and lost it all. and I don't feel like typing it all in again, you're going to get the brief synopsis

did everyone remember to do their tax? I'm getting a nice refund, and trying to convince myself not to buy a laptop I don't need.

Meg graduates soon! Moving in with her at the house at the river, which will be great cause I'll be with her, it's a really nice house and we'll save money, but I'll have a longer commute to work, and I can't get broadband (other than satellite, bleh)

Work is good, will be calming down some now that tax season is over, which will be a pleasant change. my contract runs out on friday the 25th, but have no fear, I get picked up as a perm. employee on monday the 28th. w00t! same job, better pay, better benefits. looking forward to using that tuition reimbursement.

Meg's brother Dan is still recovering from his car accident, and physically he's never been better, but the last few months he's having real mental troubles.. very violent dillusions.. and Meg's mom has decided she can no longer take care of him on her own, so he's been placed in a nice facility where they're working on meds to get him stabilized, but it's been rough. one more thing on that kid's plate. he's been through so much. hopefully this is just one more step on his way to recovery. It seems whenever he faces a big challenge, what is needed to overcome it presents itself, so hopefully, this is just one more thing.

lunch time.

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Attempt at Journal, take 2

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  • I demand that you re-type the original journal entry. I will not be cheapened by a synopsis. Show us some respect!
    • actually, after I finished, I think the synopsis makes more sense and is easier to follow. It's probably better this way.
  • That happened to me the very first time I tried to make a journal entry, and I was trying to include links. For whatever reason, it lost the whole page, page and a half that I had written. It frustrated me so much I didn't try to write a journal entry for another 5 months....

    Anyhow, your entry turned out fine, it's like the saying, "Short, but sweet".

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