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The 2000 Beanies

Journal einstein's Journal: Lots of stuff 1

I was told I've been neglecting my Slashdot journal entries. Really, my day to day rambling have just been moved to But, a brief recap of the last month or so.

Wedding went smoothly, with only a minor and entertaining mishap with the ring bearer.

He went up the isle without his pillow with the fake rings on it, he got up front, realized he forgot it, ran back, my bride told him he didn't need it, and he ran back up front and announced "They said I don't need it." Cute kid. He's gonna be a menace (if he isn't already) when he gets a little older.

The honeymoon on St. Lucia was amazing. The all day flying there and back was not.

The island is barely bigger than Manhattan, but with something like 80% of the land being a rain forest reserve, so we got to see the major sights in a few days, and then relax on the beach for the rest of our time there.

Then we came home on June 30th, and closed on a house July 29th.

Meg's been a trooper^wtrouper and handled most of the moving stuff.

Also, she's got a teach gig lined up for next year, so the dual incomes will be nice.

Hmm. what else. Oh, I'm working on wiring the house with cat6 so I can work on my MythTV setup. Gonna need to save up some bank before I get too heavily involved in that.

Pictures from wedding and honeymoon should be on this weekend, probably after our trip to IKEA on Saturday.

This good enough Sillypixie?

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Lots of stuff

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  • Thanks e!

    I really needed that, I was feeling very anxious, it was like the scenes in the Dukes of Hazzard where the General Lee has jumped a ramp over the river, but in mid-air the scene freezes and the merlehaggardesque voice says "I don't know if the boys are gonna get themselves outta this one" ... just imagine if they never came back from commercial, that's exactly how I was feeling...

    But everything is better now...



Vitamin C deficiency is apauling.