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Journal einstein's Journal: Moving, Broadband, No TV, Sick

My conversion to a full time, regular employee with T. Rowe Price completed on the 28th. Yesterday, the 3rd, I moved the majority of my stuff into the river house, thanks to the help from Lacaid,Escher, and Malaclypse.

I will probably be staying at my currently place until I either I can get the DirecTV into my name, so I can get the horrible, overpriced, only thing available, internet connection, or after Meg graduates (May 10th!), which ever happens first. I figure after a week of fighting with this I'll be so sick of it's horrible performance that I'll ask my new neighbors if they want to go in sharing a T1 connection over wi-fi. Apparently, from what the phone company tells me, I can get a 512k/s frac T1 line for $600 a month. If I can convince 12 people to share that with me, it will surely be more bearable than fighting with the whole speed of light latency issue.

So, I'm in a house with not much more than a network connection, a few computers, and one washing machine load worth of clothes. The lack of TV seems to actually make me get things done. who knew. It's a little harder to entertain myself, but I'm actually being productive. I've been getting a lot done on my parents' website (Be fore warned: thar be sheep there!) and making some changes to my own site. I hope I figure out a colo solution so I can continue to host those sites.

Oh, and moving seems to have giving me a horrible head cold, so I didn't make it to church or to go play deadlands.. but I'm all drugged up and feeling a bit better.

Welp, back to coding.

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Moving, Broadband, No TV, Sick

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