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Journal einstein's Journal: Slashdot Messaging Oddness 4

This is odd, I just recieved an email from slashdot indicating a friend has just posted a journal entry. That is all well and dandy, except I have the messaging system configured to only give me web messages. I double checked, and the settings are still set to web...

anyone else get this before? Cliff? Krow?

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Slashdot Messaging Oddness

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  • I'm wondering if we'll see a 'spam' article about slashdot...
  • Happened to me, too, last night. At around the same time, when I tried to get to /., functionality was limited. Couldn't get to anything past the main page, and the main page didn't show me as being logged in. My guess, someone musta been tinkering with the server or code last night. It happens.
  • Stop complaining, einstein. You know getting emails from Slashdot makes you all warm and fuzzy. ;)
  • I have it checked but I was going to complain about the ad.

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