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Comment Re:Sampling Bias (Score 1) 252

The Media was much more guarded than Mr. "I won in a landslide of a negative margin in raw votes!" so you know who you should be snarking at, if you had some sense.

Guarded? The media was so "Guarded" that it was in tears, and shock by 9 PM. They all failed to read the stats correctly. Most polling had both of them well within the Margin of Error. The State polling was so bad that you were dealing with 5+ MOE being treated as if it had 1 point MOE with a 5 point lead which in fact they were all within the MOE and far too close to estimate states going to Hillary with their "Blue Wall" nonsense. They'd honestly convinced themselves by election night that it was impossible for any Republican to ever win again. Then you had the flood of bad polling. NBC believed that their Survey Monkey Poll was somehow newsworthy with a 1 percent MOE totally ignoring Selection and Mode Bias.

Comment Sampling Bias (Score 4, Insightful) 252

Sorry but the survey only lists that it was an online survey. How was this sample selected, and where if the response rate? Since I see no delineation between Sample Size and Completes I assume this was just a meaningless web survey that wasted their time weighting data that has no meaning because it's missing critical data points. This is how the media got deluded into believing Hillary was destined to win VS Trump. Honestly, if you're going to include a methods section then give me a bit more meat.

Comment Original content (Score 1) 145

Producing their own original content was a smart more for Netflix. Everybody knows that their streaming movie selection sucks nowadays and you have to get the old fashioned DVDs in the mail for a decent choice. But for streaming TV shows of good quality it's a pretty good deal, especially since they allow people to share accounts. In fact they say the subscriber model for TV goes some way to explaining the rising quality of scripted TV in certain areas. Shows like Kings were really good but didn't do so well on conventional TV and didn't last very long. But Game of Thrones and the like lend themselves to long-term storytelling, and cord-cutting binge-watching streamers love that shit.

(I still think House of Cards shouldn't have been re-made though, I loved the British original and find the American version unwatchable.)

Comment Re:Shudder. (Score 1) 189

That's all fine and dandy until the day comes at MSFT stops maintaining the WSL subsystem and/or lets subtle incompatibilities creep in.

Bring it up with Microsoft? What do Windows app developers do when Wine doesn't run their application correctly?

How does it compare to offering a build linked against the Cygwin library?

Zero extra work and no need for a separate box or VM, and a Windows licence, to test the build.

Comment Re:oh yes I DID! (Score 1) 210

So you don't black hole those IPs and hosts at the router/firewall level?

How will you ever know if you got them all? Malware authors have evolved techniques like rotating their C&C to different IPs based upon to the current UTC time. Microsoft has 20+ million IPs to pick from, and those are just the ones with their name on them. You can't block them all without taking out all of Azure, which hosts lots of legit non-MS services.

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