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Submission + - Doomsday Vault Begins Deep Freeze

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "Construction is now complete on the Doomsday Vault built 120 meters inside a sandstone mountain on Spitsbergen Island with dual blast-proof doors, motion sensors, two airlocks, and walls of steel-reinforced concrete one meter thick and engineers have begun the two-month process of cooling the vault down to -18 C. Also called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, the vault will house seeds from all known varieties of key food crops to safeguard the world's crops from future disasters, such as nuclear wars, asteroids or dangerous climate change. "The seed vault is the perfect place for keeping seeds safe for centuries," said Cary Fowler, the Trust's executive director. Spitsbergen, about 1120 km from the north pole, was considered ideal due to its lack of tectonic activity and its permafrost to aid preservation. The seed vault will not flood even if Greenland's ice sheet melts, which some estimate would increase sea levels by seven meters. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributed 30 million dollars to help developing countries send seeds of "critical" food crops to the vault."

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