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Comment Context Might Be Important Here (Score 2) 301

Sure hacking my computer might sound Orwellian. However, in this case it was a Child Porn Tor site that had been busted. The site was left up, but with malware on the site. This is the equivalent of the cops allowing an illegal drug shop to stay open and just put GPS devices in all the Weed they sell. Doesn't sound like the Cops are allowed to hack you just because you have a PC once your read a bit of the story past the summery.

Comment What was the code anyways? (Score 2) 396

I just want to know what level of crazy this person really was. Did he really have a novel piece of code, and just didn't know how to deal with the loss. Or are we dealing with a nutcase who saw a fellow student use a linked list the same way he did, and assumed that they must have gotten it from the teacher.

Comment Re:Most publishing is privately owned (Score 1) 147

One pushes a narrative they want the other pushes a narrative they'd rather not have. Narrative A) Push any Anti Trump Message. Narrative B) Suppress any message showing strained relationships between the US and Russia. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out which platform is the source of both Narratives.

Comment Target Audience or Actual Audiance (Score 1) 858

Sorry but they've assumed that Men didn't watch Sex in the City. They're using "Sailormoon is for Girls" logic. Sorry, but 55 year old men may actually have been a part of their actual audiance. Not like I believe DailyMail, but I certainly don't believe a "study" that didn't even bother to figure out the actual viewership of Sex in the City and rather assumed that Men didn't watch it.

Comment Nit Picking (Score 1) 280

SAT scores still show males performing better at math. This PISA test appears to only have data on kids at the age of 15. Which is unfortunate because that means the vast majority of girls are done with Puberty at 14, but a significant portion of boys that started puberty at 14 are sill in stupid puberty stage. Maybe if this test was done on a range of age groups and displayed the same gap, but no it's just 15 year old kids.

Comment Re:Frivolous lawsuit (Score 1) 496

By your logic Incentivising Murder wouldn't be wrong. Giving people Money, incentive, for murder is wrong. Giving people Sex, incentive, for murder is wrong. Giving people Candy, incentive, for murder is wrong. And giving people a Hug, incentive, for murder is wrong. Just because the Murderer is responsible for their own actions doesn't make the person who incentivised them not in some way responsible.

Comment If you don't use it then how do you know it works? (Score 1) 194

If we waited to use this kind of technology for the next 9/11 style attack then how do you even know that it works? Testing? Sure lets trust that it works in the perfect ideal test scenario. From my perspective it's more interesting that this tech was used in a real world condition against a relativity easy target to track, and failed. If it failed against this one guy, it'll have a good chance at failing in a more serious condition where the target is actively avoiding the system. If the failure really was due to the system being inept then maybe it should be scrapped, not because it's 'unethical', but because it doesn't really work causing us to rely on it in a serious scenario where it wont work.

Comment Re:It's wildly unlikely we should exist (Score 1) 267

Sorry, but using the logic I presented you'd have to go with what was already defined by Cantor. Both sets are countable thus they are equal. There are exactly the same number of Prime Numbers as there are Natural Numbers. For your assertion to be true you'd have to assume that Space was an Uncountable Infinite like Real Numbers and weather or not Space is like that or now is still debated between Finitists, and Infinitiests. As for expecting logic from Adams, I did not. I was pointing out why you thinking he did a good job in describing the problem was in error. As for people who've actually described the problem aptly I'd cite Fermi, but he leaves it with a paradox meaning most of our pessimistic assumptions must be wrong, but which ones are wrong is always the problem.

Comment Re:It's wildly unlikely we should exist (Score 2) 267

Douglas Adams logic is simply a fail. Just Substitute Worlds for Numbers, and inhabited worlds with Prime Numbers.

“It is known that there are an infinite number of Numbers... However, not every one of them is Prime. Therefore, there must be a finite number of Prime Numbers... From this it follows that the population of Prime Numbers is also zero, and that any Prime Number you may meet from time to time are merely the products of a deranged imagination."

The Truth is there is an Infinite Number of Prime Numbers in spite of there being space between them. The question really is whether or not the odds of intelligent life is comparable to Prime Number, or to the occurrence of a single solitary number. Also the 1 divided by Infinite is infinitesimal not nothing as Adams asserts assuming you're not a blaspheming finitist. And if you are a blasphemer 1 divided my infinite is nonsensical.

Comment Re:Still Not Buying (Score 1) 317

I'm being an Honest Dissenter. As for "Citing Myself" I take it you're incapable of reading the post. I cited NASA for the Stratospheric Optical Depth, NOAA for the Global Historical Climatology Network Dataset so that Anyone could pull the data for themselves, NASA's 2008 report on Solar Activity along with their Prediction that Cycle 24 would be unusually strong. The US Geological Survey from 1949 to note for anyone bold enough to pull the evaporation data prior to 1950 would see an anomaly cause by a bad collection practice that the report addressed. Stanford for their dataset dealing with the Suns Magnetic Strength. And finally Myself once for a graph of the evaporation effect that you could render yourself with the GHCN dataset, but that since you're too lazy to even read you couldn't even figure that out.

Comment Re:Still Not Buying (Score 1) 317

Your comment proves the point entirely. Rather than argue with facts and data of which I've presented plenty had you read the thread. Rather, you'd resort to jailing of dissenters. It's no surprise when that's your position that people with the data showing the problem remain silent rather than place their live, careers, and family in the wake of your wrath over reason.

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