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Comment Re:"A Russian cyberattack that targeted Democratic (Score 1) 285

I'm more apt to believe that the IT guy Killed in early July that WikiLeaks has a reward for his killers was actually the source of the leaks. What IT guy wouldn't have had motive given the DNC's position on H1B, who was also in a key position in IT to get ALL the emails, and who died in a clear hit, and not mugging since nothing was stolen? I hear ghosts of the 90's coming back which was my main issue with Clinton back in 08.

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1, Flamebait) 639

Highly unlikely the Sheriff in the small town farming communities is actually going to help without a court order declaring the farmer does not own the tractor the Sheriff is probably going to default to Right of Possession, and Right of First Sales. If you expect a small town Sheriff to understand the complexities of an internet styled licencing agreement you're making the wrong bet. He's more likely to understand that taking the tractor away would cause HIS small towns economy to collapse.

Comment Only Seen It Done Once (Score 1) 151

My Coworker did this on Windows 8. This was done mostly so that he could get used to the OS long before others started using it so he could field questions if need be. However, this was done after a full system backup, image, which allowed him to back out of it a few days later after he had enough of the Iron Maiden. If you don't do this to your primary device you've defeated the purpose of a Preview Edition. If you don't use the preview regularly then you're not actually Previewing it, and the only device you're going to use regularly is your Primary Device. In the past I've used duel booting for this myself, but Windows has made that difficult over the years.

Comment If we truly are offended (Score 1) 482

There are two options this should cause, but wont. Option A is that all of her American IT staff could just quit, and refuse to work for her. Force her to use those H1B visa people to run her campaign. Option B would be to be the best IT staff the world has ever seen. Put in triple redundant backups of everything. When congress requests X Y or Z scandal's emails there will be a Nixonian level of data minus those conspicuous missing minutes.

Comment Re:What? (Score 5, Interesting) 293

Facebook's US user-base is about 160 Million, and the US Population is about 300 Million. So over half of the US population is on Facebook, and once you remove children too young for it it becomes ever so much easier to account for those who don't have Facebook like myself. That should be considered to be most of the US internet, and I don't so much care for the usage outside for that given this topic is a US issue not a Europe, or Asia issue. Given the Size, and function of Facebook perhaps its time to consider weather or not it should fall under the FCC Broadcast Ownership Laws meant to stop a single entity from gaining this level of control over the general population. Sure their servers and private owner ship just like a newspaper. If it's so much "Just Like A Newspaper" then treat them like it legally.

Comment Re:The Last Part is Important (Score 1) 95

Then perhaps they should consider adopting a standard that can adhere to HIPPA privacy rules, and provide a way to re-verify the analysis. Otherwise the research half of the fMRI scans are utilizing HIPAA as a shield to protect their conclusions. I work in Study Research that has to adhere to HIPAA rules, and there is quite a bit that can be included in a dataset sanitized of identity information. Otherwise no one would have their study retracted due to fraud because they could hide the dataset from scrutiny.

Comment The Last Part is Important (Score 4, Insightful) 95

The researchers used published fMRI results, and along the way they swipe the fMRI community for their “lamentable archiving and data-sharing practices” that prevent most of the discipline's body of work being re-analysed.

So the raw data isn't being saved so that someone else can independently verify the results. No checking the computers math, no checking the researchers settings on the machine. Just blanket trust for the people and the machine, and purging of any way of poking holes in someones findings. Even if this wasn't caused by a software bug the lack of archiving the raw dataset so that it can be rerun when software improvements are made is just infuriating.

Comment Context Might Be Important Here (Score 2) 309

Sure hacking my computer might sound Orwellian. However, in this case it was a Child Porn Tor site that had been busted. The site was left up, but with malware on the site. This is the equivalent of the cops allowing an illegal drug shop to stay open and just put GPS devices in all the Weed they sell. Doesn't sound like the Cops are allowed to hack you just because you have a PC once your read a bit of the story past the summery.

Comment What was the code anyways? (Score 2) 396

I just want to know what level of crazy this person really was. Did he really have a novel piece of code, and just didn't know how to deal with the loss. Or are we dealing with a nutcase who saw a fellow student use a linked list the same way he did, and assumed that they must have gotten it from the teacher.

Comment Re:Most publishing is privately owned (Score 1) 147

One pushes a narrative they want the other pushes a narrative they'd rather not have. Narrative A) Push any Anti Trump Message. Narrative B) Suppress any message showing strained relationships between the US and Russia. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out which platform is the source of both Narratives.

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