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Comment Re:The end of Netgear? (Score 2) 147

This has been going on for decades. What they will do is string a customer along until they EOL the hardware so they do not have to fix the firmware problem anymore and move on to making the next piece of crap. Really people, there is ZERO reason you should be buying anything with the Netgear name new *or* used. An attorney general somewhere needs to make an example of them.


Nintendo NX Will Be Officially Revealed Tomorrow ( 35

An anonymous reader quotes a report from GameSpot: Nintendo confirmed this evening that it will broadcast new details about the company's next big console on Thursday, October 20 at 7am PT | 10am ET. We don't yet know how long it'll be. We don't know if we'll see games or hardware. But it's going to be exciting. Notably, Nintendo calls the announcement a "trailer" and not a full direct presentation. But regardless, we'll update this page tomorrow with a link to whatever Nintendo unveils. While we've known about the NX for quite a while, Nintendo has been stoic on any specific details. Back in 2015, the device was rumored to be a console/handheld hybrid, and current speculation says the device will use cartridges. But no matter what it looks like, Nintendo has confirmed two things: it's slated to launch in March of 2017, and it will be able to play the upcoming Zelda game Breath of the Wild. Nintendo of America tweeted about the big news earlier today, alongside a picture of Mario: "Be among the first to discover #NX. Watch the Preview Trailer at 7am PT/10am ET!"

Comment Re:Awaiting Galaxy 8 (Score 1) 251

They'll just make a permanent fix for the problem and issue a new version of the phone.

Nerds understand things this way, the general public is too far detached. The going theory (from the likes of marketwatch) is that they will discontinue the Note line altogether because there has been so much damage to the brand at this point. Which I think would be truly unfortunate for all the phablet lovers out there.

Comment Re:cool link (Score 1) 251

Samsung should retool the G7 to contain two or three smaller 'proven' Lion battery packages

That would be the definition of "cells." Putting cells together make a "battery." Whether they put batteries together or separately would not make a large difference imo. Where Samsung may have gone wrong is not making the battery removable and instead relying on new speed-charging circuitry that is bound to heat up a battery quickly. Perhaps the entirety of the circuitry needs to draw less current. The engineering discussion about the Note7 at Samsung right now must be very interesting.

Comment Not really (Score 5, Interesting) 256

Everything is not rosy with Walmart's penchant to do away with workers. One thing is an exploding crime problem at their stores because there is not enough personnel around. Who wants to go shopping in a crime zone? That and a popular local Walmart has an extremely hard time keeping the store shelves stocked. It's wonderful to have low prices, but I usually am wasting my time going there only to see empty shelves.

So disposing of workers only goes so far. I simply do not believe that our android workers will arrive in the near future to mitigate these problems created by lack of workers.

The Courts

SCO vs. IBM Battle Over Linux May Finally Be Over ( 231

JG0LD writes with this news from Network World: A breach-of-contract and copyright lawsuit filed nearly 13 years ago by a successor company to business Linux vendor Caldera International against IBM may be drawing to a close at last, after a U.S. District Court judge issued an order in favor of the latter company earlier this week.
Here's the decision itself (PDF). Also at The Register.

Comment Re:That's okay, though, 'cause it's LG... (Score 1) 39 should be patched by early February. In the year 2245.

And this is why LG is losing me as a customer. They drag their feet with every single security update, probably to "encourage" owners to upgrade. You'd think that they could afford to hire someone just to take care of the occasional security patch and update. That and they should be sued for their phones overheating because of the 810 processor. As good as the LG G4's camera is, Samsung's is on par with it and other's are catching up as well.

Comment NEWS is now Controlled by Progressives (Score 0) 395

Conventional wisdom is warrantless wiretapping is expected by the ilk of Cheney.

If conservatives were in the administration, the NEWS would be pissed. The wailing would not stop.

Instead, we are ostensibly being coached to accept warrantless wiretapping

through the Associated Press and poll results from ordinary americans

We are in bizarro world

Comment CORE LIE:they were not classified at the time (Score 1) 261

CORE LIE:they were not classified at the time they were sent to Clinton's personal email

Either through codependency or conspiracy, news media overlooks perception of wrongdoing up to criminal levels.

SUPPORTING LIE:These sort of things are too complicated for the public and press to understand

the emperor's new clothes are beautiful.

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