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Comment Re: Ahh (Score 1) 66

From one device, you're right. From a few tens of thousands or more, it does, and the costs of storing it all on the server add up very quickly. Even if it's only 9.6Kb/s (enough for telephony), ten thousand users adds up to around 100MB/s, or about 7.7 TB/day. With a million users, that's a pretty difficult cost to justify.

Comment Re:So the next botnet will be Audi cars (Score 2) 99

Police Lieutenant: Captain, we think every Audi in the city has been taken over by a virus.
Police Captain: Are you certain.
Police Lieutenant: Well they're ignoring all traffic lights, driving less than an inch off the car in front of them, constantly on the wrong side of the road, beeping aggressively and going dangerous speeds down country lanes.
Police Captain: Yes... But how do you know know they've been taken over by a virus.
Police Lieutenant: They're offering me a good deal on a new Toyota.

Comment Re:Theft by another name.. (Score 1) 37

When will we start cracking down and throwing some CEO's in prison for theft for these sorts of practices? Instead they get to walk away with a declaration of no guilt, write off the payback and go on about their business: figuring out the next scam.

That is expressly why they invented limited liability companies. Its not just to protect investors from financial mistakes, but to protect the perpetrators from legal ones.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 252

The Texas miracle is a lot like the Celtic tiger.

Ireland attracted businesses with a lot of tax concessions (and conveniently forgetting to collect some taxes) and now the Irish workers are paying a lot of tax. It worked for a little while when the market was doing extremely well... Then the market started doing just OK and it was revealed for the complete failure it was. They're now dependent on the rest of Europe to stay afloat and Irish are flooding everywhere else in Europe to do jobs because there aren't that many jobs left in Ireland and those that are left in Ireland aren't paying very well.

However what was being discussed by the OP was setting a flat rate for corporate tax lower than the current rate and eliminating all concessions and deductions. Companies only pay 10%... but they always pay 10%, no more or less. This approach has been demonstrated to be successful in smaller countries with high levels of tax evasion. Yet to see if it scales but its worth a try compared to our current, stupidly complex corporate taxation systems.

Comment Re:I may be old, but... (Score 1) 66

At least my Lincoln Logs never spied on me.

And I'm so old that when I was five and told my dad I wanted Lincoln Logs for Christmas, he handed me a hand axe, a piece of flint and some beef jerky and dropped me off in the woods. I was out there in my little jammies in the middle of December and let me tell you, it got so cold I had to kill a deer and crawl inside to keep from freezing to death. It was like something out of The Revenant.

Yeah, I had a rough childhood, let me tell you.

Bah, you were pampered.

Every year I asked my dad for a .303 bullet. He slap me, then toss me a block of brass and some cordite, I had to mill my own Christmas present and I used to shoot myself in the foot with that .303 every year on Christmas morning... We didn't have no deer to crawl inside of and keep warm, we had to burn the remains of our hopes and dreams to keep warm then eat snow and tree bark for supper... And we were grateful for it.

Try to tell kids that these days and they'll never believe you.

Comment Re:For the love of God no (Score 1) 99

Listening to folks yell into their phones passing by or in a restaurant is bad enough, imagine sitting next to one for an eight hour flight. :|

With no way to escape it.

Would almost be worth opening the door and jumping to your death from 30,000 feet. . . .

If they allow phone calls on aircraft I can easily see the rate of air rage incidents increasing by an order of magnitude.

Comment Re:defense versus health and human services. (Score 1) 424

80 Americans were killed in terrorist attacks from 2004 to 2013. the US defense budget in 2015 was 637 billion dollars. However, The US Health and Human Services budget for 2015 is 1.3 trillion dollars. How is it we as a nation can outspend ourselves as the largest military power in the world, and still be faced with a declining life expectency rate?

Maybe it's your entire health care system that is broken.

The UK spends far less on the NHS and even the Brits widely accept that that is one of the more expensive health care systems. They also admit that it's quite good (which it is).

Then again, the UK govt fined Pfizer £83 million for overcharging the NHS by 2600% where as this kind of behaviour isn't just tolerated in the US, it's encouraged.

Comment Re: Ahh (Score 1) 66

Typically, these things use a very low-power DSP to recognise the pattern of plosives and sonorants that match the trigger word. They keep a very small ring buffer of audio and wake up a more power-hungry chip if there's a possible match. They won't record all of the audio, because it would be too power hungry and they won't stream it all to a remote server because the bandwidth costs would be too high.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 252

And California would be sucking pretty badly without Silicon Valley too.

Without Silicon Valley, California would still have Hollywood, which adds a lot to the state's economy. California would look pretty bad if you took out San Francisco, Los Angeles, and their surrounding areas, but most states would look pretty bad if you took away 75% of their population.

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