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Comment Re:three reasons: (Score 1) 196

Exorbitant fees for tickets and concessions price most of them well outside the range of the 18-24 demographic.

I just spent $13 to see John Wick 2 (good movie by the way). I paid $3 to upgrade to a comfort seat.

The 18-24 demographic have no problem downing $10 worth of alcohol in 20min at a pub, not to mention over priced whateverthehell that thing they serve at starbucks is (I dare not call it coffee). Ticket prices are not their concern.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 196

Perhaps if there was something worth watching...
Something other than re-hashed comic books perhaps...

Oh darling, check what's actually playing rather that getting your movie listings from the Marvel fan site.
My local cinema chain is currently offering over 60 different movies in my city and the next one over this week alone. A single one is based on a comic book, Logan, and that was a damn good movie.

Comment Re:18 to 24 year-olds are broke (Score 2) 196

Sure. For the same price I can watch it on a substandard screen with substandard sound on a less comfortable seat (remember movies are too expensive so imagine the shit state of my home entertainment system).

As for arseholes, maybe you're generalising, or maybe you live in a really shit neighbourhood but people who talk during a movie typically get kicked out of the cinema where I live, and I've never seen it happen because people in general aren't arseholes.

Comment Re:What I want back (Score 1) 253

That's weird. Neither I, nor most other kids had too many issues with learning them.

Congratulations, you should write that on a certificate. In the mean time we have dramatically shifted the level of involvement of the population with computers. Maybe not everyone is as gifted as you. Well given you're on slashdot, a special interest forum for the technically minded I can almost assure you that your own personal experience is in no way representative of the people who now use computers.

Comment Re:What I want back (Score 1) 253

The good old days of menus which filled up an entire screen with shit most people never use? Yeah i remember the bad old days. Those days computers were considered complicated, users of computers were considered nerds, and rightly so for the bloody degree or certifications you need to show you were able to use one.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 1) 208

The rights of buyers

You're assuming someone buys something. They don't. They license rights to display content. That has been upheld in various courts around the world already.

Consumers have no rights enshrined in law what so ever when discussing media.

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