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Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 1) 333

The early smart phones (android 1-2) were getting there, I had one that would last 3-4 days between charges.

The current generation of smartphones will happily last a week or even long in low power mode. You can't have everything all at once but the option is there for you.

The option wasn't there for Nokia. They couldn't browse the web. And if they could they would have been flat within a couple of hours, not one day.

Comment Re:The Saudi government is barbaric (Score 1) 195

If you're a petroleum engineer then you should realise the incredible power that the Saudis and their cheap oil have over the expensive and hard to process North American crap. Heck the entire industry and countries all over the world breathed a collective sigh of relief at the announcement from OPEC this week.

The dynamic has changed ... slightly. Not radically. You couldn't even remotely use the word "radically". Heck since we lifted sanctions on Iran we saw how little influence we really have and the past 2 years has seen oil and gas in the USA suffer greatly as a result of strategic decisions from OPEC nations.

Comment Re:What did he do? (Score 2, Insightful) 195

Because it's easy.

You're going for facetious but you're right on point. It IS that easy. The world is a small tiny place. Until we start colonising Mars we're barely 30h worth of travel distance from anyone at any given time. If the goal is to simply get away from a shithole, heck you can do that in 4-5 hours for most of them.

I personally really don't understand the obsession people have with a place. It's just a place. There are many places in the world each with their own benefits. If one isn't completely happy with where they are, go someplace else.

By the way, greetings from the Netherlands. An awesome country which I didn't grow up in, don't have any family in and don't have a genetic line relating back to. I do miss my sister, so I called her up a few days ago and then booked a flight. Going to have a fun weekend abroad next week.

Comment Re:You don't need to go offline. (Score 1) 154

Just quit "social" media.

Implying that there's a single part of being connected that is contributing to him neglecting things outside of his online life? Social media is just a very small part of a very large internet. I probably spend a whole 5min on Facebook every other day, that doesn't make me any less of an online hermit who ignores a lot of what goes on around me.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a WoW raid* to get to.

*I don't really but this alone should give you some indication that any single part of the internet is not a problem.

Comment Re:Goodbye, internet! (Score 1) 284

The US is all about free speech, free flow of ideas, etc - much more so than any other country on Earth.

You mean free speech agreeing with a corporate agenda, and free flow of ideas that suit the people in power.

I think the US were the first to persecute people linking to content of others for commercial reasons. I think the US were the first to persecute someone for putting a 3D model online for download. I think the US were the first to seize domains at the request of a dying industry. Certainly it was the US who proposed a model that allows a corporation to nuke any content you put online without establishing guilt, and it's definitely the US who is prosecuting people abroad, extraditing people who aren't US citizens and don't live in the US, and freezing assets that aren't controlled in the US solely at the request of a corporation in the US.

The USA government provides free speech laws.
The internet is not controlled by the USA government.

Comment Re:Perfect malware delivery system (Score 1) 97

The only ones who get these typically-useless/out-of-locational-context alerts anyways are people with smartphones.

Conjecture, nothing to do with technology. I've received one such alert, for a chemical plant on fire a few streets away. A quick survey of people I know showed it was only given to people within the immediate vicinity. The fact that some idiots misuse it has nothing to do with the technology.

Good luck warning Grandma or the poor with this waste of tax money who don't and likely will never have a smartphone.

Yeah 76% of the people in my country have smartphones. 2/3rds of Americans have smartphones. Using this features is such a waste of taxpayer dollars because ... errr... wait what else do you propose can instantly get in contact with that proportion of a population with location context? Because it seems to be about the most cost efficient targeted alert system available.

Comment Re:Click farm (Score 1) 87

You just described every piece of media ever used, ever. I wrote a book just to get people to buy it and read it. Warner Brothers made that movie just to get people to go and watch it. Someone writes a blog in the hope to get page impressions.

Just seeing a big number and using the word "farm" doesn't make your comment insightful and doesn't make The Washington Posts' any different to what it has always been.

Comment Re:Refused to hand over "evidence" (Score 1) 86

Yes some random person claims a company is trying to destroy evidence while filing suit against them. No ulterior motive what so ever. No sireee.

Common sense would be realising that you don't need the device to file a claim against the company and realising that if they can't produce the device in court that it would work very VERY strongly in your favour.

But oh hey look corporation = evil so let's just throw common sense out the window and side with the guy making the fishy claim.

Comment Re:Refused to hand over "evidence" (Score 1) 86

Mr. Burnt Fingers: Yeah, not going to do that. This is going to the police as evidence because I need to file charges against you so that I can sue you. I am not handing over the only evidence that it is your fault to someone who may have ulterior motives.

Yeah laughable. The world doesn't work that way. You don't need the device as evidence in your suit against them, and it will actually work against you in this regard. All you're doing is pissing away your chance at settlement and compensation.

Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 1) 443

I suggest you try, "Officer, I didn't see the sign" the next time you're pulled over for running a stop sign.

Something that will get you let off for intentionally running a stop sign. Unfortunately being inattentive on the road falls under reckless driving and is against the law in its own right and the police officer really won't give a shit what he writes the fine out for providing it's an equal amount.

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