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Comment Re:Don't blame Pokemon GO (Score 1) 157

TFA does not make clear whether the women were crossing legally or jaywalking.

Irrelevant. This is a USA phenomenon. Most of the world if you hit a pedestrian you are liable regardless if the pedestrian was j-walking or not.

Mind you this is Japan we're talking about. You can be fined if you drive through a puddle and splash a pedestrian who isn't even on the road.

Comment Re:What kind of stupid ass reporting is this?! (Score 1) 126

Apple has wifi issues (I've encountered them too) - Android has toush screen issues, random reboots (random reboots?!?!) - therefore Android is better WTF?!

Device workey, vs device no workey. That's all. It doesn't matter if the phone can't connect to my wifi network, or bursts into flames and sets my dog on fire. Either way it's being sent back for replacement.

Comment Re:But will they ever be profitable? (Score 3, Insightful) 142

They are in a market where the bar is so low that anyone with a car and access to craigslist can set themselves up as a ride-hailing business

Except for that nasty thing called customers. The bar may look low, but when you're one person with a car and an app no one knows about, good luck competing with Uber.

Comment Re:Even pros don't tinker with every possible menu (Score 2) 152

There are hundreds of settings on an SLR camera that even a pro photographer isn't going to touch routinely if ever

Nearly all of those are buried in a specific submenu.

And there are settings they do use with some regularity that are hard to get at and/or difficult to customize

Subjective. Each setting on my camera that isn't hotkeyed to the thumbwheel is equally easy to customise and no more than 2 clicks of the d pad in.

The fact that they've learned to use a crap interface with the greatest possible efficiency doesn't change the fact that it's still crap.

The fact that you think an interface that exposes all options of a camera to the user in the field is crap doesn't change the fact that many people think it's perfectly good.

Even if only pros used it a better interface benefits them most of all.

Better in who's opinion? The wedding photographer who has two different bodies on his shoulder which now has menu settings that are different? Changing the menu structure would instantly see a revolt in professional circles. The fact that I picked up my new camera and straight away knew how to access every setting except for the video settings which I had never seen before is more of an indication of a "good interface" than any change you could come up with.

Probably >80% rarely if ever get touched even by the pros.

Which pro? Do you speak for all of them? There are settings I use that very few people would, such as adjusting the shutter delay mode. There are settings I've never touched but I know people who change them on a shot by shot basis.

There are a lot of features you could not possibly change faster than the time it takes to pull out a cell phone

You're assuming that I can get to my cell phone. Am carrying a cell phone, want to drag along a cell phone, am even able to access my cell phone (does it work at a underwaterdepth of 40m? My camera does?)

I'm not suggesting everything be offloaded but I think it's pretty safe to take something like the filename formatting out of the camera menu.

I'm glad you brought that up as an example. Nikon made that feature easier to access when they added more colour space modes to the D2H at the request of photographers. They also added quick shortcuts (hold down ? while turning on the camera) to quick advance the folder naming scheme because people were upset at how long it was taking to traverse through a menu to change the recording structure in the field.

And frankly the argument that every feature of a camera needs to be in a menu just doesn't match reality. NOBODY needs every possible feature of the camera on the little screen. NOBODY is going to change a lot of those settings "quickly while holding the camera with both hands". Some they will. Most they will not.

Thankyou for speaking for everyone. Not. And screw you for suggesting I need to carry something around with me and tether it to my camera to change a setting that you think I don't find important. Oh man I wish I was so ignorant to know everything better.

Comment Re:Menus on cameras are terrible (Score 1) 152

Buried settings with little rhyme or reason to them, clumsy navigation, poor descriptors, idiotic menu choices, etc.

So no reason you can discern, doesn't mean there's no reason for them to be where they are. On my camera they make perfectly logical sense to me.
Clumsy navigation? You mean like up down left right for all navigation from a tree that starts on the side, and only deviating to hitting ok if something is going to potentially effect stored data like a card format?
Poor descriptors, WTF, how would you describe something if not by the name of the feature?
Idiotic menu choices? Like putting all playback under playback, all recording choices under recording, all camera functionality under custom settings, and all hardware settings together under the spanner symbol?

Yeah maybe the problem isn't with camera menus.

Comment Re:I'm an amateur photographer but... (Score 2) 152

So? It's not the first camera with video. It's not the highest resolution camera, heck it's not the highest resolution in the 5D series. Everything else is borderline incremental.

Just because they released a camera that revolutionised the industry with some weird feature that most photographers still can't figure out why they have, doesn't mean that they should suddenly get ever little incremental advance advertised here.

This isn't news for nerds, and it's not stuff that matters. People interested in this probably have found out about it already.

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 1) 152

Today, that means something like Phase One's 100 megapixel medium format digital back. This lets us initially grab as many pixels as possible and then throw away the ones we don't want later.

Pffft Is that all?

But really it's a lot of naval gazing and penis compensation. High-end reprographic work hasn't gotten any better in the past 5-10 years. The same arguments were made back when medium format backs were 30mpxl and DSLRs were 8mpxl. The same argument is being made now. Interestingly the pictures are still the same quality which really puts the whole "*really* need" thing into perspective.

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 1) 152

However there is. High pixels density means smaller photosites, and the amount of light they can receive per second is lower - thus needs increased accuracy and improved technology to handle low-light condition (it seems it's the case here).

This is the same argument that was used when Nikon came out with their 36mpxl sensor. It turned out to be not relevant at all in the field, and turned out to also be quite wrong when you start processing photos for noise reduction. An oversampled photo can have more effective oversampling than an undersampled one. It turns out to be quite the net win in terms of final image quality.

Anyway this isn't news. 36mpxl isn't exciting. Nikon has had this for years. The Canon 5DSR is 50mpxl and Canon showed a prototype 120mxpl camera a while back too.

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 3, Insightful) 152

True but the image will always suffer from less thermal noise on an equivalent sensor with larger photosites.

We don't need to have this argument again. We had it a few years ago when Nikon released a 36mpxl camera. Canon people shouted from the hilltops that it will be noisy crap, they were wrong and Nikon's cameras ended up besting them by a large margin as a result.

You can do far more with noise distributed over an oversampled image than you can do with a perfectly sampled image that has less noise. Yes in raw physics the larger photosites win. But when applying image processing to get the results you want the higher resolution wins, especially since having the extra resolution allows you to do all sorts of fancy other things.

Comment Re:Solution: Buy legislators. All of them. (Score 1) 186

Well, I cherry picked the high end devices, yes

So did I. Point is, high end / low end it doesn't matter. Good / bad companies matter.

I agree with what you're saying, there are bad companies that don't follow through with advertised features / improvements. Just the way you said it implied that it was some global scam that everyone was involved in which is not the case.

Well, Canon for the camera.

Aww man. As Nikon shooter I'm going to have to mark you as a foe now on Slashdot. ;-)

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