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Comment Yes alarming (Score 1) 91

The earliest satellite in the constellation was launched only 5 years ago and is less than half way through it's minimum design life.

Yes failures have so far not knocked any satellites off line but only because of redundancy. There is no information as to if these failures are random or systematic. In either case the redundancy comes into play to prevent well controlled random errors most likely to occur as satellites approach end of life.

A 12.5% failure rate in the core components of a system that has been in place for less than half its design life is alarming by any metric. All the rubidium failures have occurred in satellites that are less than a quarter of the way into their design life.

On the upside, given the go live dates under EU law the rubidium clocks are covered under manufacturer warranty. But the shipping costs are going to be a bastard!

Comment Re:most of those reasons have in common (Score 1) 209

That's BS; most people pirate stuff because they don't want to pay

Oh but most people ARE paying. Between subscriptions, cable, licenses, blank media taxes, actual ticket sales etc we're paying a lot. Not only that but we're paying more than ever before with many such subscriptions rising at rates far higher than inflation for many years.

And then when the studios pull some "we still don't make enough money" bullshit the camels back breaks.

Some of us even pirate content we already own because we don't want to sit through fucking adverts on our blurays when our media centres can deliver a perfectly good downloaded file with significantly less hassle. Or that time I pirated Assassins Creed even though I had it because I was sick of being booted out of my game every time my internet connection blipped.

Comment Re:What is it about having money... (Score 1) 214

even if it contains a few parcels he doesn't own?

That depends. Do you spend money buying land when the title of pockets of land is unclear?

Maybe look into the details a bit and realise that no one is actually living on the land. Heck some of the people in the target of the suit are actually dead. It's not a privacy issue as no one has been on his land, and entirely a case of "I bought something, but there's a few little black marks no one can identify, aren't being taxed, and the government hasn't ownership of them, courts please clear the situation."

There are millions of such cases every year from the rich to the downright poor (my grandma sued her local government as they claimed ownership of a tree on her land that was apparently under natural protection ... except she planted it). I got sued by my neighbour because HER retaining wall was in a bad shape and she insisted it was my retaining wall because of the position of the fence.

Everyone's an asshole.

Comment Re:Verbal Marketing Diarrhea (Score 1) 129

5G is not correlated with "high power consumption." In fact, one of the main goals in research is lower battery (power) consumption.

Compared to networks designed specifically for IoT, it may as well be a 100W halogen bulb. 5G is an incremental improvement over LTE, but it's not designed or targetted for IoT, ultra low power devices that can sit a 1yr+ in the field without a battery change.

Comment Re:3D was a thing? (Score 1) 219

I paid something like $2500 to get my eyeballs lasered so I didn't have to wear glasses anymore.

I'm going to take a guess that you paid that money due to either a) you didn't like the look of glasses on your face, or b) you got sick of wearing them all the time.
Neither of which really come into play when we're talking about a movie.

Heck your entire comment: "I got corrective surgery so I don't need to wear corrective lenses, therefore I never want to wear something that adds a feature" is truly a bizarre train of thought.

I bought a car so I could drive to work, why should I go ice skating!

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 2) 219

I'm hoping 3D cinema are next to go.

Why hope for the death of something people enjoy? I was given the option of a 2D Rogue One screening. I chose the 3D one because I actually like it when done properly. What we really need is more choice rather than a battle of what people like.

Comment Re:Only half true article (Score 1) 256

Anyway, it's all been abandoned and reduced now, with approvals frozen and the reality of over-budget over-time current builds setting in.

Most of what China has done was put plants on hold pending the outcome of construction and testing of the AP1000 reactors. Post Fukushima it makes sense that you do one experimental thing, not 20 at a time.

Maybe read a Chinese newspaper sometime.

Comment Re:Pleasant surprise (Score 1) 256

I never believed China would be up to this. Great!

Would be up to what? They are basically at the tipping point having pushed their own pollution to a point where their most populated cities are choking on their own soot. China still wants to be the low cost world manufacturing leader, but you can't do that if you kill off the wealthy factory owners through lung cancer.

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