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Comment Re:do people really talk to their phones? (Score 2, Insightful) 197

Everyone I know who does it, does it for stupid trivial shit and it still fails. It seems to be ineffective and greatly annoys those around them, but they don't seem to care when people are angrily looking at them for yelling "set timer for 10 minutes" 7 times.
Happens to android and iOS users

Comment Re:Tour de Cheat? (Score 1) 158

Doping in cycling has been around since the very beginning. It predates the TdF.
It's pretty much ingrained in the sport itself. Where as doping in other sports came later in their history.

I think the association with cheating in cycling seems more prevalent due to the history and the exposure. I'm not certain that cycling has more cheating than any other sport.

Comment The problem with internet rating and reviews (Score 1) 858

See this is the problem with ratings and reviews on the internet.
I'm only likely to fairly rate the things that I'm interested in and therefor receive recommendations based on those ratings, so often I don't get recommendations for legitimately good things that I wouldn't otherwise watch since most of my ratings are within my areas of interest. On the other hand.
If for some reason I do watch something, but is generally out of my area of interest and I don't like it based on being predisposed to not liking it and I do rate it poorly, who does that serve?

While I do know there are malicious bad raters on the internet and very likely ones driven by a gender bias, I don't think that is necessarily the problem here. I feel the problem is our human nature to not care about the things we don't care about.

Comment Can't buy tickets for the Shrine Circus (Score 1) 321
buying anything from the likely thousands of people in the world with the name Isis.

OFAC really isn't this dumb, this processor just is. Most OFAC scrubbing software only flags or blocks transactions and it is up to the financial institution to manually vet the transaction after any required reporting. The false positive rate in OFAC name matching is often listed as 50+%.

Comment Content (Score 1) 143

Perhaps if my local public stations offered more content than cartalk returns and prairie home companion for hours on end, they wouldn't have people listening to NPR content directly(podcast/app/other station streams). Oh and 14 hours a day of chamber music, yea for some reason one of the stations feels the need to live by the stuffy public radio stereotype.
We had a decent station that offered a mix of modern music and public radio content, but one of the other public radio stations bought it and switched it to music only.

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