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Comment Re:Not until the laws are changed (Score 4, Informative) 136

Any employee taking this option is a fool. They would be voluntarily giving up the (sometimes meager) benefits of being defined as a full time employee under US law. Great for Amazon, terrible for the employee.

Under 32 hours and the law would say no benefits are required. Amazon is actually giving them a straight ratio of benefits instead of dropping them to part-time. It's the opposite of a dickish move, as far as the law is concerned (and Amazon is showing that the law need not dictate when businesses are competing for employees).

There are probably many parents who will jump at this kind of opportunity (plus others who want to start a business, do more volunteering, or just have more leisure time).

Comment Re:Speed or density? (Score 1) 127

Or cheaper. We've been hearing about SSD under 30 cents a GB "real soon now" for, what, five years now? At ten cents it replaces hard drives in all small capacities. The slope still puts that many years out.

Maybe 3DXpoint will depress the NAND prices for existing fab utilization next year. Here's hoping.

Comment Re:chain of custody (Score 1) 87

Well it's interesting since the iDevices don't store a fingerprint. They store a hash of the results of a fingerprint sensor. It's not like they can reconstruct a real fingerprint and send it to the FBI. For it to be useful in a forensic sense it the perp would have to put her finger on an 'Apple fingerprint hash device' whose internals were open enough to satisfy a well heeled defense team and Apple use the device to say this person was or was not the person who fingered the phone at a certain time. Sounds like a lot of hassle to go through for Apple just to add a bit of evidence to a criminal case for a couple hundred dollar device with a cracked screen.

Also sounds pretty clunky for a misdemeanor theft case. Mostly, police departments would like you to just talk to your insurance company and forget the phone.

Comment Here we go again... (Score 2) 41

>"will walk you through the process of using a text message to confirm your mobile device as a secondary layer of security for your PSN account"

Please realize that all this is, is a way for businesses to capture your mobile phone number and then abuse it with marketing. Almost GUARANTEED. Any "security" that requires you to disclose your phone number is a HORRIBLE idea.

Comment Re:So global warming started... TSARKON reports (Score 1) 662

And your point? CO2 was at 1950 ppm, and the temperature was only 3 deg Celsius hotter. Full stop. Period. That is a fact. Not a "factoid" ... a motherfucking fact.

So, from this one data point, we can fully conclude that having CO2 at 1950 ppm will *always* result in a planet that is 3C warmer than today? I think that the parent was making the point that a whole fuckton of variables have changed in and around the planet in the intervening 200 million years, so it is making an apples to oranges comparison.

Here, I'll give you an example of this reasoning. Last winter, while standing outside with my coat on, I was cold. Therefore, if I want to cool off on a hot summer day, I should go outside and put my coat on. After all, I had my coat on before and felt cold, which is a *fact*, a motherfucking fact.

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