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Comment It is *MY* phone... not yours... (Score 1) 39

As long as we, the consumers have FULL CONTROL over what alerts we get. We should have the ability to turn off/on whatever we want. If you (the government) want to have them on by default for new devices, fine; but we should be able to decide how and what to get. Don't act like you (the government) have some *right* to communicate with our devices in any way you choose.

For example, I don't give a **** about amber alerts, there are days I am not out in the public and it serves no purpose but to annoy me. And I have apps that already give me CORRECT weather alerts. The ones through the carrier's forced app were always WRONG- scaring the crap out of me or waking me from sleep with super-loud sirens and stuff for things HUNDREDS of miles away that posed zero threat.

Comment Re:No return trips? (Score 1) 486

So 200+ ships at billions of dollars each? Yeah, that's gonna happen.

The US spent more than that dropping bombs on the Middle East, not benefit was achieved by the effort, and almost nobody wanted it.

Imagine if all the people on Earth actually wanted something and we could effectively solve the coordination problem (coming soon to a blockchain near you)

Comment Re:Only when it costs them money. (Score 1) 114

There are a few options but all of them require high-jacking IoT devices.

If I were feeling more energetic I'd pull out some comments from here I left a decade ago talking about a guild of Internet engineers and a trust system where certified operators could send cryptographically-signed messages upstream to shut off attacking ports (or requests to do so - that's a local detail).

Yes, we're decentralized, and that's good, but we also need to cooperate.

When homeowners get their Internet shut off because their IoT is attacking and they have to call a local tech to diagnose the problem and pull out the offending light bulb before it's turned back on, suddenly everybody will demand secure light bulbs (except us 'luddites' who are still using dumb dishwashers because we know that complexity breaks).

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