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Comment Re:easily made up in peripherals. (Score 1) 465

Restoring a mac is nothing short of corporate witchcraft?

What? Copy a backup (and bootable) image to the hard drive and you're done. No digging into the Registry. NO sacrificing goats or chickens (management gets made because they're vegetarians).

About the only satanist thing I've done restoring a Mac is to draw a pentagram. USB drives can be pretty slow and I get bored easily.

Comment Re:My personal Mac anecdote (Score 1) 465

Gee, I have, lets see, a 2008 MacPro that's still running strong, a 2011 17 inch MBP that had a motherboard failure that Apple replaced in 2015. For free. A 2009 15 inch MBP that worked well until my wife's Jack Russel Terror spilled a Grande Latte on (never feed JRTs expresso....). The used replacement is still going strong. I have a one year old iMac that is just silently working.

I have a lot of issues with Apple. Both the Mac Pro and the 17 incher are really getting old and Apple's support of the apparently small market that likes powerful computers is rapidly waning in favor of this weird approach to making computers thinner as the populace widens.

But hardware support and build quality isn't among Apple's big problems despite the Sturm Und Drang this and every other Internet forum engenders.

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 465

Next time you do that, save everyone time and money and get grandma an iPad (or Android equivalent, it really doesn't make much of a difference). Back it up to iCloud (well, the iPad, Android users have to let the NSA do it). About the only thing you're going to have to worry about is replacing the power cord when it gets lost.

Comment Same for small plane crashes (Score 1) 259

The media are all over small plane crashes much the same way, giving a highly distorted view of just how safe aviation is. Aviation organizations like AOPA have started to get on the media's case about this.

If they reported car crashes with the same enthusiasm the "news" would be nothing but car crashes.


Comment Re:That's, for better or worse, for a court to dec (Score 1) 215

Without copyright law, someone else could grab my novel and start printing/selling their own copies of it.

You should look into Creator Endorsed.

Only asshole people will buy from a rip-off publisher. But asshole people will also elect a government that will enact things like a DMCA, so they're going to screw society either way as long as they have the government stick to wield. Not having the government-enforced copyright also eliminates problems like this Samsung* one, so you get multiple benefits from that strategy. It's risk-management, not risk-avoidance.

* guess whose phones I won't be buying again in the future?

Comment Re:Let's see what it really costs and what you get (Score 1) 21

I see $25-40 as a tough sell.

Yeah, I was paying that for all the channels I could watch on Dish Network, and I killed it because I didn't need yet another bill when the Internet has so much free and interesting content. And that was five years ago - why can't Google undercut that by half since they don't have to maintain a fleet of satellites and special hardware?

TV is for people who like the TV format now. There are just many other options than there were in the past and many people have rejected the TV programming model as uninteresting, given [better] options. But TV people will pay a lot of money for their preferred entertainment.

Comment Re: Uneducated voters, yay! (Score 2, Interesting) 409

There's a great study out showing that educated voters tend to prefer Hillary (and then Stein and Johnson on the upper end as levels max out).

The funny thing about the study though is that a plumber running his own business with a dozen employees is "uneducated" while a Ph.D. in Gender Studies working the counter at Panera is "educated".

YMMV, read the fine print .

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