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Journal Journal: What is the point?

So, Why do you give me a check box to disable ads if YOU ARE GOING TO DISPLAY ADS ANYWAYS?

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Journal Journal: Meh, don't bother reading it's just a rant

What the FUCK are Facefuck and Shitter icons doing next to everything now? I can't find an option to turn them off. I'll use either when I'm cold and dead.

Like I said I'm just ranting. Just woke up, coffee is brewing, and I hate Facefuck and Shitter.

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Journal Journal: Thought of the Day 2

If 'No one wants to look dumb' then why does that dorky kid with the guitar DO those horrible MSN commercials?

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Journal Journal: Moderation on Slashdot - Why do you care? 5

Does anyone really care how they are moderated? Sure, I chuckle at some of the mods-on-crack or mods-with-an-agenda things I see, both mods done to my posts and those done to others. At the end of the day why does it matter?

What is your posting philosophy? I post when I want with what I want and have never cared how I get moderated. Does anyone actually try to post in ways/times/places that will result in high moderation?

Ok, my coffee break is over. I need to get back to work. Bye.

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Journal Journal: We need a new Moderation type 1

We really need a -1 (Fanboi) mod on Slashdot. Fanbois abuse the moderation system as it is by modding down legitimate posts critical of [fill in the blank as applicable]. Let's give people who take Moderation a bit more seriously a tool to fight this.

It could be -1 (Fanboi) or -1 (Zealot) or whatever, but a discrete moderation class is called for here I think.

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Journal Journal: Too funny

So what banner ad do I see today when I hit up Slashdot? A Microsoft ad, but not just any, it's a link to their 'facts' about Windows and Linux.

Am I the only person who sees the irony in this, given the procilvities of the vast (or at least more vocal) majority of Slashdot?

Journal Journal: Popups on Slashdot?

Ok, for the past few days I get the occaisional popup ad on Slashdot. Why do I find that ironic? I know the site exists to make money, and as a good capitalist I have no qualms with that. I have to wonder if it's necessary for them to run popup ads though, especially given the sentiment against them in the Slashdot community. Hmmm.

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Journal Journal: Office Moves

Ok, today I move my office for the second time in two months. We're moving just down the hall on the same floor in the same building.

This is on a campus of 3,000 people (HQ). We are moving 900 people this quarter! Can anyone out there say inefficiency!!!???

This is just a rant to get it off of my chest. Since part of my responsibility here is managing the IT techs, these moves cause us all kinds of headaches. Not to mention my personal inconvenience (and that of all the other people moving around).

So now I sit here, waiting for the movers to move my furniture. I'm not allowed to move anything myself except my laptop (safety rules).

This process of moving almost a third of the campus in three months time reminds me of those kid's puzzles with the numbers 1 through 15 on little plastic tiles, and one blank spot. You know the ones I'm talking about. Shuffle the pieces around until you get it right.

In a typical (for many corporations)showing of poor communication, nobody bothered to tell the higher ups how much this would all cost. Heh.

Ok, I'm done ranting now. It is my journal after all. This might not be a bad place to rant!


Journal Journal: Mr. Rodgers Dies

In other news, Fred Rodgers died this morning. I'm sure the Slashdot community will mourn his passing.

Seriously, I never really liked his show as a kid, but there is no denying how many lives he touched over the years. It was even bigger news here in Pittsburgh where he lived and worked. So long Fred, and thanks for all the puppets.

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Journal Journal: Blog?

Aren't these journals just blogs? Then again, I guess Slashdot itself is a big huge blog. Most blogs are useless, as is this journal post.

I've never bothered to use this thing before (the journal). Perhaps I should start. There have been many times that I've thought of things that I would like to share with Slashdot that either don't get accepted as articles, or don't fit anywhere and would be woefully offtopic. In my journal, nothing is off topic ;)

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