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Comment Re:Well duh. (Score 1) 116

Testosterone is a cost you have to pay for the survival of the species, it has only bad effects on the long term

Uh, what bad effects does natural testosterone have? Wikipedia seems to think the opposite:

maintaining normal testosterone levels in elderly men has been shown to improve many parameters that are thought to reduce cardiovascular disease risk, such as increased lean body mass, decreased visceral fat mass, decreased total cholesterol, and glycemic control

Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 1) 388

because poor people have trouble affording real estate anymore, especially in the larger cities, and are stuck renting for most or all of their lives whereas in the 80s it was still relatively expected that you'd own a home by your early-to-mid 30s and back in the 50s during the post-war boom it was just taken as a near guarantee that you'd get your white picket fences

The worst part is when people complain about that, and also oppose new construction. Prices will go up whenever there isn't enough housing. That is true no matter how much inequality there is.

Comment Re:Dating culture needs to change first (Score 2) 96

Where some women believe you talking to her is harassment if she isn't interested.

Maybe you should take the hint. I find it annoying when someone talks to me when I'm clearly not interested, but maybe I'm unusual.

Actually, my reference was to the act of talking to the woman ever, at all. I saw a Q and A session where a group of women were asked if talking to a woman was sexual harassment if she wasn't interested - Most said yes. Because the simple act of talking to a woman is not saying you want to screw her, and women have been taught that any male who isn't gay wants to screw her. Sad when they look at the world obsessed with the thought that everyone wants to screw them. And you needn't worry, unless I have been properly introduced, I will not speak to a woman at all. Even then, it is to say "hello" and no more. I wonder if ignoring women is a form of sexual harassment?

Comment Re:Can't be that bad. (Score 2) 96

You can deduct a *lot* from tracking a user these days. Especially with all the data smartphone apps offer up to their suppliers. You basically have a more complete and trustworthy personal profile of a person than the person could probably even willingly give themselves.

But here's the rub. While these things go after compatibility and look for similarities, there is something to be said for differences as well. I'm coming up on my 40th anniversary, yet my wife and I are almost ridiculously different. We are roughly the same IQ, but she is very people oriented and sociable. Has a ton of friends. One of te most friendly people you'll meet, with a slightly dirty sense of humor.

Me, First of all, I'm kind of irritating, and hyper analytical. I have just a few close friends, and until I analyze a person, am very reticent with them. I'm an outside person, she only is when on vacation. I'm a bit of a thrill seeker, she isn't. We are seriously opposite But we actually use these differences rather than insist that the other be like we are.

She wants us to try one of these dating services because she says we'd be the last two people they would hook up together.

Comment Re:Dating culture needs to change first (Score 1) 96

People are the problem, not the match-making system.

And people are having some issues with meeting other people. Long hours at work, limited opportunities in bars, which was never a good idea except for quickies anyhow, and the modern environment Where some women believe you talking to her is harassment if she isn't interested.

So a system where the first step - the expressed interest of the woman - is pretty handy for both sexes,

Comment How far they have fallen (Score 4, Insightful) 52

Remember when HP could compare their products to the actual competition (from the same era, no less) and come out looking... competitive? They have to compare their printer to a fictional dot matrix (what was that actually, anyway?) in order to make it look like something you'd want to buy?

I really should have gone into advertising.

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