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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 38

and they were the first to make an all-IC computer for the Minuteman missile, before NASA.

False; MIT IL ordered the Fairchild chips in 1962 and built a Block I AGC computer in 1963, Minuteman's IC-based D-37C computer was built in 1964. But in 1963, Apollo was consuming 60% of the world's combined IC production.

Comment Libtard thermometers (Score 1) 124

Thermometers are just tools of libtard propaganda. I mean, how can I possibly have a so-called "fever" if my feet are cold? Where are the peer-reviewed scientific papers that show thermometers aren't a hoax? And I don't mean in libtard fake "scientific" journals like Nature, but in legitimate journals like this one:

Trump needs to outlaw thermometers, is what.

Comment Re:policing taxes? (Score 1) 75

It may depend. In my country, there's the tax department under the Ministry of Finance that administers taxes and their collection and also detects irregularities, asks for corrections and optionally fines you, which I guess is similar to your IRS. But there's also a special police department whose purpose is fighting organized tax crime, since the Ministry of Finance officials are no trained crime fighters.

Comment Re: It's my house though (Score 2) 205

Suck it up.

No. Sucking it up is acquiescence and condoning the behavior. Work to influence others to behave better, and to show you're not like them, because unless enough people do, it will continue to affect you and yours, fair or not.
A black person who doesn't speak up against black people who behave in unacceptable ways is no better than a cop who doesn't speak up against police brutality or a white person who doesn't speak up against racism. You may not be required to, but if you don't, things will not change, and you won't garner a lot of sympathy. If you help sustain status quo, even by "sucking it up", you're part of the problem, not the solution.

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