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Comment Re:They need more censorship (Score 1) 84

Well I didn't get banned for my opinions. I got some assholes but I just blocked them like an adult.

So, you went through the trouble of getting in line for a account, then signing up for an account, then logging in, before enjoying your freedom of speech?

So why not sign up for a Slashdot account and login so your opinion can be taken for more than pure horseshit? You know, like an adult.

Comment Place and manner (Score 1) 152

The lawsuit says publishing a voted ballot on social media can be a powerful form of political expression.

Sorry. Campaigning by the voting booths or threatening to hurt people who don't vote or who do vote differently from you would also be some powerful forms of political expression, but all those are also prohibited by lawful place and manner restrictions on free speech.

There are certain places where no public expression is allowed, and the voting booth is one of them, unless your 'selfie' is to expose some newsworthy thing, and not, say, what your votes were....

In other words.... campaigning, or taking selfies is prohibited, regardless of the content of your message or who you voted for, so it's not a particular restriction based on content of your message, so it's not considered an infringement on free speech rights.

Comment Re:How could you fall for this? (Score 1) 58

I have a hard time mustering sympathy for those who fall for rather obvious scams, unless they have mental health issues, in which case why aren't they taken care of and protected? Falling for a scam like this might be a good indication that a person needs a guardian.

That's not an excuse for the scammers, though - round them up, and put them in a cell with Sanford Wallace and Oleg Nikolaenko.

Comment Re:Vote-flipping Evidence (Score 2) 152

There are already a lot of videos circulating that show vote-flipping, where you vote for A, but the machine records B. Making selfies illegal would make the evidence that this has happeened inadmissable in court.

Are you a cop by any chance? Because you do not understand the rules of evidence. Evidence gathered by a citizen during the commission of a crime is still admissible in court. It's evidence gathered by a police officer that isn't.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 1004

You need some sort of hybrid approach, where you convince easiest 99% of people to be peaceful, but retain enough military capability to dissuade the remaining stubborn 1% from doing anything nuts. Which is more or less what we're doing today.

Rather less, I should think. What we're doing today is radicalizing 1% with bombings, drone strikes, interference with democratic elections, etc etc so that we can have excuses for endless war.

Comment Re:Love the new FCC (Score 2) 45

I think the FCC caught these companies off guard.... the broadband providers weren't expecting to be regulated, so
they didn't make the right investments in getting the regulators bought off, and ensuring cronies were appointed to the
commissions: Also, an opportunity has not yet presented itself to get FCC board people replaced;
these folks are in for an entire administration, and it would take something like a new president coming into office,
to give major carriers a shot at re-populating the board with their own people.....

I expect things will be dramatically different in the upcoming years, as the broadband providers
make larger investments in buying more politicians, and getting laws changed through congressional lobbying, and
more influence in the selection of FCC commissioners through bought-and-paid-for government executives.

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