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Comment Re:GPS Satellites (Score 1) 9

i.e. when the controller of the satellite system deliberately reports false satellite location results to fuck up the calculated GPS position?

That would screw with all receivers receiving the signal, or at least with any that aren't smart enough, which would be the majority. With lots of stuff dependent on these things, how would you propose to do this without major costs? Start with the police all over the country suddenly being called to all ankle monitor wearers in the country at once.

Comment Re:Cost savings? (Score 1) 9

That depends. Can the refueler itself be reused, for example? If you had something like Falcon 9 launching a "dumb tank" that the refueler itself would rendezvous with, the costs might be reasonable. You might be able to lift ~15 tonnes of bulk material for ~$50M-60M this way.

Also, spy sats always faced the problem of limited fuel reserves, and re-launching a KH-11 or equivalent surely can't involve cost savings compared to refueling.

Comment Re:Stop quotng our facts to prove your point (Score 1) 158

Northern Hemisphere temperatures have plummeted in the last six months proving global warming is fake news.

And, given that there is far more land mass in the northern hemisphere it seems obvious that global temperatures have plummeted also.

Who wants to be the one to break it to him?

Comment Re: Stop calling it "skepticism". (Score 1) 158

I can contribute to this discussion, but I have to post anonymously for reasons that will be obvious. I work at a major research institution along the east coast. I am paid well, well into six figures, as a climate researcher. My job is to fabricate data, but to make it believable enough that people accept our research is true. I can assure you that most climate research, like my own, is fabricated and completely false.

My favorite part of this is that this numbskull thinks there's a climate scientist who makes six figures.

Comment Re: Stop calling it "skepticism". (Score 3, Informative) 158

I work at a major research institution along the east coast. I am paid well, well into six figures, as a climate researcher. My job is to fabricate data

I don't want to give my real name for reasons that would be obvious, but I am Stephen Hawking and I just gave it to your mom in the butt.

Comment Re:Global Warming seems lesser since Trump (Score 2, Funny) 158

We've just seen the hottest November on satellite record.

You believe those leftard satellites and liberal thermometers? kek.

There is no real evidence for the laws of physics, just conjecture by Soros-funded so-called "scientists". It's all an SJW marxist plot, and the brave journalists at Breitbart have confirmed this, but of course, you don't want to see the truth because it doesn't fit your fact-based agenda.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 732

Seems like a nice and kind fellow with a few odd ideas.

You're being too generous. I realize you try to see the best in people, Ol, but,

He said he believed prison makes people gay.

He said that Obamacare was worse than slavery.

He said the Big Bang is a “fairy tale” and the notion of evolution was encouraged by the devil.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 732

You people are really getting bad.

"You people"?

You have no respect for anyone who disagrees with you

When someone says that biblical Joseph built the pyramids to store grain, it's not a "disagreement". It's a delusion.

It's like saying you disagree with a guy who says he's Napoleon Bonaparte.

Comment Re:Wish they'd looked into this sooner (Score 1) 59

I listened to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead and pretty much anything loud. Including concerts. And I play electric guitar.
Yet I lie awake at night because a neighbor snores, or the aquarium fish flips its fin at the other side of the house, or the blood coursing through my veins, or the hum of a lamp, or even cats walking across the carpet in the room above mine.
If anything, listening to so much loud music has made me overly sensitive, and I have to sleep with ear plugs. Not that it helps when the birds start chirping outside early in the morning.

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 260

Please describe this arena that code competes in and the rules of said competition. I don't recall any job I've done where we created more than one chunk of code to perform the same task and set them into competition.

Others create code that your code competes with. Unless you've cornered the market, you are always in a deadly competition, whether you realize it or not.

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