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Submission + - Did Alternative Medicine Contribute to Steve Jobs' ( 9

ideonexus writes: "An aspect of Steve Jobs' battle with cancer that the media has been glossing over is the fact that Jobs' spent nine months pursuing alternative therapies to treat his tumor before finally having it surgically removed as modern medicine recommended. Jobs' particular form of pancreatic cancer was very treatable and had a high survival rate, but his delay in seeking professional medical treatment moved him into the low survival rate group.

This raises the question, how could someone as wealthy and intelligent as Steve Jobs do something so foolish as to completely disregard modern medicine in treating such a life-threatening disease? And how much money did Jobs' "naturopath" make off of prescribing a clinically-unproven diet that delayed an effective treatment and dramatically reduced his chances of survival?"


Submission + - Hackers Get Valid Google SSL Cert ( 1

Trailrunner7 writes: A certificate authority in the Netherlands issued a valid SSL wildcard certificate for Google to a third party in July, leading to concerns that attackers may have been using the certificate to route sensitive traffic through their own servers, capturing it and compromising user data in the process. The certificate was revoked by the CA, DigiNotar, after the problem came to light Monday.

The attack appears to have been targeting Gmail users specifically. Some users trying to reach the Gmail servers over HTTPS found that their traffic was being rerouted through servers that shouldn't have been part of the equation. On Monday afternoon, security researcher Moxie Marlinspike checked the signatures on the certificate for the suspicious server, which had been posted to Pastebin and elsewhere on the Web, and found that the certificate was in fact valid. The attack is especially problematic because the certificate is a wildcard cert, meaning it is valid for any of Google's domains that use SSL.

Submission + - Motorola Droid X Bugs worse than Antennagate ( 1

i4u writes: When the serious iPhone 4 antenna design flaw hit the blogosphere, there was a media explosion and Apple hate campaign almost like we've never seen before. Yet, one of the most high-profile Android phones to date has much more significant, extremely crippling glitches that still haven't been fixed, and no one is really calling for action.
When the Droid X got its update to Android 2.2, almost immediately users began reporting issues of phones crashing, screen display bugs, and apps becoming completely unusable. In addition, it became impossible to download any new apps because the Android Market completely vanished.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - My 3G adventures with the iPad (

GMGruman writes: So you want to use an iPad as a lightweight laptop replacement, as well as a GPS navigator and all-around mobile companion. Is AT&T's 3G network up to the task, or should you stick to Wi-Fi hotspots or get a MiFi to use someone else's 3G network? What if you travel abroad? InfoWorld's Galen Gruman has taken his iPad far and wide to find the answers in this 3G travelogue.

Comment Re:WHO CARES ABOUT REDHAT ??? (Score 1) 384

Look for that to change. Red Hat told us a year ago that Xen was dead and being phased out. If Oracle wishes to continue to use RHEL code with tweaks they will be moving to KVM. I doubt they want to go through the bother of messing with Xen if it's removed in RHEL.

Oracle has had their own independent Xen implementation that they ship as Oracle VM.
And Sun's Xen uses Solaris as the dom0.
No Red Hat Xen.


Submission + - Rocket creates 1000 new pieces of space junk

MattSparkes writes: "A Russian rocket exploded in orbit on monday, creating 1000 new pieces of space junk. It is one of the worst space debris events ever recorded, the amount created being roughly on par with China's recent test. Researchers are not yet certain what may have caused it to explode; It could have been hit by a micrometeoroid, or corrosion or mechanical failure of the rocket body could have caused the fuel and oxidiser to come into contact, leading to an explosion. 2006 was an especially bad year in terms of satellite break-ups, with eight objects breaking up in orbit."

Submission + - Study shows file sharing has no effect on CD sales

jibjibjib writes: "Ars Technica reports that a study by Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Koleman Strumpf, recently published in the Journal of Political Economy, shows that file sharing is not responsible for declining CD sales figures.

The study, entitled "The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales: An Empirical Analysis," claims that "a one-standard-deviation increase in file sharing reduces an album's weekly sales by a mere 368 copies, an effect that is too small to be statistically distinguishable from zero.""

Submission + - MS dirty tricks archive trickles back to life

networkBoy writes: The register is carrying a blurb about the dirty tricks of microsoft archive going off-line, and being pulled from It appears that several individuals have the pieces to the puzzle and are looking for hosting sources. Maybe the /. community can help here? archive_not_lost/

The 3,000 document archive from the Comes antitrust trial, which disappeared from the web abruptly when Microsoft settled the case last week, is beginning to trickle back into view. A week ago the site was placed under password protection, Microsoft withdrew its own account of events, and so-called internet "archive" apparently also pulled its mirror.

Submission + - Multiple phone numbers assigned to 1 cell phone?

n2art2 writes: "I'm looking for a solution to the problem of having multiple cell phones. I would like to be able to combine 4 cell phones into one. I can't just get rid of the phone numbers, because they are all important for different business needs. I could forward 3 of the numbers to the 4th phone. . . that that can get expensive, and is not all that effective. I would prefer to have the ability with 1 phone, to have 4 inbound numbers attached to it. Is this something that is possible, or available? What are your suggestions?"

Submission + - Email Security (gmail, yahoo etc...)

utefan001 writes: Many of us have email accounts that contain some level of sensitive data. A simple security measure that gmail could provide (but doesn't) is a log file of the date and time of the previous successful logins. Why doesn't any of the big online email providers have something like this? Some type of two-factor login would be good, but RSA type solutions still can fail using man in the middle attacks. gelabs-phishing-emails-outnumber-virus-trojan-emai l-attacks
United States

Submission + - Are we stuck with CYA homeland security?

netbuzz writes: "Security expert Bruce Schneier suggests this morning that "there might not be a solution" to our post-9/11 penchant for making domestic anti-terrorism decisions based on the basic human desire to cover one's backside. He might be right. But shouldn't we at least try to figure out a better way? For example, wouldn't "Commonsense Homeland Security" be a winning political banner, not a risky one? Aren't we sick and tired of taking our shoes off at the airport? 6"

Submission + - Rocket Explodes, Makes More Space Junk

anthemaniac writes: A Russian satellite launch that went awry last year left a booster rocket loaded with fuel up there. Well, it exploded. Now there's more than 1,000 new pieces of space debris. An animation shows the debris seen from Australia. NASA says they're not worried about any of it hitting the space station or affecting the next shuttle launch.

Submission + - Xbox 360, Playstation 3, & Wii: Power Consumpt

Ant writes: "This HardCOREware review reports that the current video game console war takes an interesting twist as the power consumption levels of each of the three new consoles (Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), and Microsoft Xbox 360) were explored. Video game playback, DVD playback (not in Wii), and other console functions were tested. Seen on Digg."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux Performance Metrics

Robert Stinnett writes: "In this months issue of MeasureIT from the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) they present an interesting article on virtualizing Linux servers on a zSeries system. The author shows how you can recapture idle CPU cycles by growing and shrinking the Linux footprint as needed to do away with otherwise wasted cycles and give them back to other virtual sessions running on the system. An interesting read at how to approach topics such as virtualization in your organization by looking at the capacity planning and metrics behind it — even if you don't use a zSeries (mainframe)."

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