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Comment hipocracy (Score 1) 144

Ask the military to operate without encryption. If they don't die of laughter they probably tuned you out entirely.

How exactly do we protect online shopping carts without encryption?

Or is it OK to protect those things and just not OK to protect person to person communication?

Comment Not Abuse (Score 1) 231

1. requiring manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and Google's Chrome browser and requiring them to set Google Search as default search service on their devices, as a condition to license certain Google proprietary apps;

That's a good thing. It creates a uniform user experience. You are free to install other search and browsers, just don't make them default.

2. preventing manufacturers from selling smart mobile devices running on competing operating systems based on the Android open source code;

OK, that one is B.S.

3. giving financial incentives to manufacturers and mobile network operators on condition that they exclusively pre-install Google Search on their devices.

What's the harm there? Users are still able to install whatever they want.

How do they feel about developers not being able to put programs that compete with Apple built in apps onto the app store? Though I believe that's more lenient than it used to be. I'm still annoyed that I can't get Wifi Analyzer in iOS because it uses an undocumented API.

Comment Re:Valid Action (Score 1) 623

You do I care if they profit off of Trump? I don't buy anything made under a Trump brand. If somebody is going to buy something Trump let Amazon profit off of it. That helps me by keeping Amazon afloat.

It's fine to ask Amazon not to promote anything Trump, but you have no right to demand they stop selling it. It anything isn't clearly labeled then slap a review on it showing that it's a Trump item and buyer beware. An educated buyer is a good thing.

If it were something extreme enough then you threaten to stop using the retailer. If Trump was marketing baby seal eyes I'd be on board, but he's just an everyday asshole. There are lots of those in C-level positions. I wouldn't buy anything if I took a hard stance on that.

Comment Re:Less moving parts. (Score 1) 107

In addition, you can easily change language and get that language's keyboard.
No area to catch crumbs when you're eating over it (and we know you do).
It is probably better at resisting a spill/splash.

I had a similar idea years ago, though I essentially called for a toughscreen (a-la ipad) with a clear keyboard over it. So you could have any image projected up to the key's surface but you'd have a physical tactile surface to touch type on. That way you can tell what key you're on by touch, yet you could have any image on the key. That could be fantastic for gaming where your M key might have an image of a map so you could easily know what it's function is.
The difficult part to overcome would probably be viewing angle. The other would be cost vs your plane ol' keyboard.

Comment Re:I couldn't figure out how it worked. (Score 1) 359

I second this. The interface is not intuitive, though I would argue that for most iDevices. They are really only intuitive once you learn how to use them, or in other words easy to remember how to use.

I got the apple watch for free. I wasn't thrilled to find that it required a connection to an iphone, but I used the opportunity to get a new phone. By contrast the pebble I was wearing will work with android or iphone.

I have the original Pebble Steel, so I'm not speaking for the Pebble Time. I also haven't tried any other android wear.

Apple watch: Pros
  • + The speaker phone is cool
  • + dictating a text is cool (works like it does from your phone)
  • + I prefer the sounds and wrist tap it does to the pebble


  • - the 1 day batter life. (it does have a low power mode that just tells time)
  • - not waterproof
  • - 350-ish
  • - I had to google how to put it into DND mode (do not disturb) [this falls into the "easy once you know how" category]
  • - display is not always on (you need to flick your wrist to see the time)
  • - the watch fits more comfortably than the original blocky pebble, but the skin sensor doesn't breathe which irritates my skin

Pebble: Pros

  • + 1 week batter life (awesome for vacation)
  • + display is always on
  • + water resistant, so you can swim with it
  • + under 150-ish


  • - no heartbeat monitor (tho things like run track record distance over time, etc)
  • - I would some times miss a notification due to missing the wrist tap (I don't think it has a speaker)
  • - no mic, you can't dictate to/through it

PS: my ULs and LIs are not displaying, nor is my text color, so I'm going to be lazy and adjust minimally.

Comment Re:You still need to get in.. (Score 1) 293

If your friend/spouse/tow truck brings a new battery but you can't open the hood to install it because the release is inside the car. Yet you can't get inside the car because you need power to open the door. What do you do hotshot? Do you say F this and break the glass? It's a lot better option the have a mechanical key and put 1 key hole on the driver's door. If you never use it that's fine.

Comment Re:The internation aviation standard is feet. (Score 1) 76

Yes, I wish the US would get their heads out of their collective asses and make the switch. The medical industry and the military have used the metric system for years.

I personally think we should have both numbers just about everywhere (they're already on food) but noticeably absent from speed limit signs. If we condition people for a period of time then the switch won't be so painful, but if we continue to do as little as possible we'll never do it.

Comment Re:Treadmill desks for posture (Score 1) 134

This is essentially what i came to say. My chiropractor will tell you that the standing desk certainly works for me. When I first got it I set it at a height and never sat down again. I've actually raised it a few increments because I was standing straighter.
I don't have a treadmill though. I've thought about it, but I feel that the noise would annoy me.

Comment Re:planned obsolescence (Score 1) 381

The danger to Apple as I see it is one of perception -- there are now two classes of unrepairable, use-awhile-and-throw-away devices -- the high end, boutique, trendy brushed aluminum Apple products, and the extreme low end, bubble pack, by-the-register, impulse items. When people start associating the two, things could go badly.

Nice observation. I think that's one of the reasons Apple keeps their boutique pricing - to reduce the likelihood of that association.

Comment Lies (Score 3, Insightful) 381

If they wanted what they claim they wanted then they could simply show a warning that "certified parts were detected" or a "tamper detected" every time the phone boots, or more annoyingly every time it wakes.
What they really want is for you to come suck from their teat any time you need help with their device so they can enjoy the cash flow and laugh all the way to the bank with their 18 billion in profits.

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