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Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 385

Actually, it's a spec for all cables. Apple often violates their own specs (see the Lightning-to-USB C cable you linked) but prohibit 3rd parties from doing official versions. Yes, you can get cables that are USB A on one end and Lightning/USB micro B on the other, but those are not Apple-approved. Per the accessories spec, a cable can only have two connectors on it, only certain combinations of connectors are allowed, and the connectors must be used only for their original purpose (no repurposing connectors).

Comment Re: The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 0) 676

No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong. - Albert Einstein

When you have an experiment (newly recorded data) that shows a model is wrong, it's wrong. Even if the vast majority of scientists still believe it to be right. Just takes one fact to tank a theory... That's the crux of the matter, many have hung their entire careers on building a model that has been shown, time and again, to be wrong. And rather than do the scientifically honest thing and toss the model and correct fundamental flaws in it (such as ignoring the impact of clouds and water vapor), they attack the facts that counter their model, and try to demonize those who present the facts..

Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 385

Thank you for that. I develop hardware for lots of platforms, and often find these little things in the specs. I'm sure it's an oversight on Apple's part, but per their own spec - you cannot make a Lightning to USB C cable and pass Apple cert. It's kind of crazy, but having worked a bit with them in the past, it's not unexpected. The different divisions have slowly drifted further and further apart in terms of coordination, so you get these kinds of specs where they say there are only certain cable connections allowed.

Another one is that connectors can only be used for their original intent, so you cannot repurpose a micro HDMI cable for a non-AV application even if it works great (meaning - new connector time!). And you technically cannot have more than one connector per end of cable, so no splitter cables are allowed, or those "back-to-back type B/type A" connectors on one end. Those all fail the spec. It's really pretty draconian, unfortunately. Makes developing hardware for the iOS platform a bit of a pain... :)

No laws are broken when you use a 3rd party "non approved" cable, but then again it's not allowed per Apple so who knows what that would do to any warranty claims that might arise later. You used a non-approved/authorized cable? Sorry, we cannot help you with your connector fail.

Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 385

Grey markets exist for MFi chips - especially those Chinese units. Don't see the Kensington, Logitech, and other name-brand cables, do you? Just the Chinese knock-off units. Go check the Apple spec - it's not allowed. Doesn't mean you can't buy some grey market chips and build the cables, but Apple says you can't. My guess is you can't look it up because you don't have access to the MFi Developer network, and thus have to just go by your fanboidom for Apple, rather than the real facts about the Apple spec.

Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 385

Cool, go check out Apple Accessory Interface Specification revs 20-24 (that I know of, I think that includes the latest one but a new one is out pretty soon) and you'll see that it explicitly prohibits 3rd parties from doing USB-C to Lightning connectors. Apple will not allow a Lightning connector to anything other than a Micro USB Type B or full size Type A connector. Oh, and you have to follow that spec if you want to pass through Apple Certification Testing to get your Lightning chips. Doesn't surprise me that Apple bans others from doing it (via their specs and tests) and they do it themselves...

Oh, and BT certification testing is typically a 45-60 day effort. I've only done it a dozen times or so...

Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 385

Apple used Broadcom chips earlier, if they are doing their own - it's already in production (been taped out probably 3-4 months ago) well ahead of the spec release or approval. I would be very surprised if they did 5.0 support for the iPhone 7. Next generation? Sure - but then, everyone else will probably do the same thing as Broadcom, CSR, Qualcomm, Nordic will all have 5.0 chipsets out and in production.

And yes, OSX supports AptX which is why it is so frustrating doing headphones! With Apple, you have two different high-end CODECs to support. But then what do you expect from a company that released a USB-C only laptop and have a spec in-place (and stil there) that prohibits USB-C to Lightning cables - meaning you cannot make a cable that can directly plug your iOS device into their laptop (you must use a USB-C to Micro-USB, then a micro-USB to Lightning cable combination).

Comment Re:I-Beams (Score 3, Interesting) 222

Making a phone thicker adds minimal structural material. Only around the edges. More volume internally, but actual structural material increase is negligible. Stiffness of the phone increases with the cube of thickness, so a small increase in thickness = more volume = infinitesimal increase in structural material = massive increase in stiffness. And you can put more battery in that extra volume, too...

Going from an 8mm thick phone to a 10mm thick phone may increase structural materials by 5%, but you gain 73% more stiffness and 25% more internal volume.

Comment Re:Defective by Design (Score 1, Informative) 222

Samsung Pay is the most supported option out there, as it works with any mag stripe reader. Not just those with NFC in your network... I've never seen a place that will take ApplePay buy NOT Samsung Pay - and I've seen hundreds of places where Samsung Pay works and they do not have NFC so no Apple or Google Pay. If you want convenient payments, go for Samsung Pay - it will work everywhere you use Apple Pay now, and literally hundreds of thousands of places that Apple Pay will not.

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