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Comment Re:If we're following protocol (Score 1) 302

On top of it, Trump is "going around" the traditional media. He's not relying upon them to carry his water, to be "his kingmaker". He's not spending hundreds of millions of dollars with them. Trump is cutting of a source of revenue - and he's making them irrelevant. If he wins, the old approach of "hundreds of millions in ad buys is needed to win" and "you must suck up/play ball with all the traditional media stars" goes away. They lose their power AND revenue. THAT'S a threat.

Comment Re:If we're following protocol (Score 2, Insightful) 302

What if the journalists believe that the stuff shouldn't be leaked at all, because it hurts "their team"? Most mainstream journalists are completely ignoring the Wikileaks posts not because of "personal and private stuff" but because it's damaging for Hillary. Scrubbing would just allow further ignoring of the truth.

Comment Re:You just explained why Macs cost less (Score 1) 490

Name a modern schematic capture/PCB layout package that runs on OSX. OrCAD, PADS/PCB, or Altium (used by Apple) all run on Windows only. There are a few, tiny hobbyist programs, but nothing mainstream that paying customers would want.

Name a 3D parametric CAD package that runs on OSX. Solidworks, NX, Creo (used by Apple) all run on Windows only. There are a few, tiny hobbyist programs, but nothing mainstream that paying customers would want.

Oh, and OSX is about 6% of the total market. That's a strong 2nd place to the ~92% Windows market share! But at least it's ahead of Linux so you go that going for you...

Comment Re:6.8 Billion (Score 4, Interesting) 333

About 3 Ivanpah power stations ($2.2 billion), which produces about 1/10th the amount of power of this new plant. So this new nuclear plant represents about a 3X increase in output-per-dollar spent on construction - and the power costs about 1/10th as much as well, meaning over a 40 year lifespan, the nuclear plant will produce it's power for $78 billion less than Ivanpah.

Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

And that revenue is around 11% of their total revenue, and less than their service revenue. It's low on the totem pole of where Apple's priorities lie. You don't need to look any further than where they put their efforts (iPhones, iTunes, App stores, services) to realize they turned away from it because it's lot as high of margin and compared to the other streams of revenue - it's small.

Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

Apple is no longer a computer company. They are a mobile devices platform company. They keep Macs and OSX around simply as a way to finance the development platform for iOS. When you make more from service contracts than from selling a product - that product is essentially irrelevant from a revenue standpoint. It's only value is the toolset needed to make iOS apps. That's why Apple essentially ignores the entire Mac line - it doesn't matter, financially.

Comment Re:working to offset expansion of the money supply (Score 0) 403

Check my numbers and what I posted - not what you made up. Spending was $3.3 trillion and there are 125 million workers. I wrote $26,400 per worker - that number is correct. Check the US Treasury link I included - national debt rose by $1.423 trillion for FY2016 (10/1/15 to 9/30/16). The numbers are there, if you want to actually look at them. The "Obama Economy" is a farce - it's a disaster.

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