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Comment The second graph shows reality (Score 1) 313

Take a look at the second graph to get a good dose of reality over ideology:
All it took was a very quick google image search.

If you spend anywhere near the amount of time you write about this stuff on actually learning about it we wouldn't need to have these discussions where I try hard to not write as if I am looking down on an idiot.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 313

With the greatest possible respect they had the fuel at the time for but pretended not to for pricing purposes. You know quite a bit about the topic - how about filling in those gaps instead of just winging it and then inflicting those guesses from nowhere on people?

S Australia was gas pipeline constrained back then

There is a vast amount more available than even five years ago so that is most definitely not the case.
The Australian system is a gross perversion of the sort of market you think it is. I had the misfortune of seeing it implemented in the 1990s and jumped ship into the resource sector via academia.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 313

That's not what the articles say.

I read them - they are content free expressions of intentions.
If you want to learn something go looking for an example of base load generators halted in the middle of the day to make way for windmills and solar. You won't find any and that will show you that you are just spreading a rather stupid lie.
Maybe you already know that since you seem to push hard for ideology over reality. Anything "green" whether it's a good idea or not gets attacked by you.
Machines don't have politics you goose.

Comment Re:CIA (Score 1) 332

The CIA had/has covert operations embedded within medical NGOs and Evan McMullin is an example of one of the agents doing covert operations with that as a cover.

It's the sort of stupid idea sure to backfire, which it already has to an extent in the years since it was exposed, and it's something the conspiracy nuts can point to as "proof" that AIDS was spread by the CIA via vaccination.

I'm not blaming McMullin for doing his job. The idiots that suggested such operations on the other hand should be locked up before they attempt something as stupid as that again.

Comment Re:Stick to tech news please (Score 1) 58

Since tech is at the root of a lot of global warming, and tech will likely figure prominently in any solutions we might come up with, and there's already a pretty big tech sector devoted to reducing greenhouse gas emissions - this IS a tech story, fucktard. Get your head out of your ass, and your ass out of Mom's basement.

Comment Re:I wanted to take a photo of my ballot (Score 1) 117

That 3% number is clearly nonsense. And you can contact the county offices to make sure your ballot was received and is in order (which I did).

My vote is overseas. They're counted at the same time as local votes. You're thinking of absentee ballots.

What state are you? Don't forget about the downballot races.

Comment Re:More convenient than two apps (Score 1) 40

If owner we could convince Whatsapp owner to stop pushing two god-damn-awful separate apps for Facebook and Messenger, neither of which are as useful as just Request Desktop Site in your mobile Chrome browser.

Seriously, Facebook is THE most uninstalled app on all the smartphones I've ever help people with. It consume space at ludicrous rates and yet does nothing better than a browser would, and every time you want to message, you have to load up an entirely different app anyway (presumably because the bloat would make it even bigger).

Comment Re: Nothing of significance (Score 1) 226

Big features that are missing:
* Text size adjustment that consistently works (a lot of the population has trouble reading on their phone).
* Better integration with cars for safety (cell phones still kill and injure a tremendous number of people when mixed with automobiles).
* Voice commands that work
* Ability to switch to gloved mode for colder climates
* Better ability to track battery and data usage on an app or task basis

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