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Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 307

What is worse, is that those who work in health research often do not grasp what happens to structured logical reasoning when even one 'falsehood' creeps in. All papers whose conclusions depend upon papers with these errors must be considered suspect until checked, for example. Otherwise you are simply gambling that no errors are present. This is playing Russian Roulette with patients' lives when done in the context of the health system.

Comment Re:Stratfor is a bad example (Score 1) 94

That may be true but it's a bit disgusting how they opportunisticly stirred up so much hype and fear of crackers afterwards despite being involved themselves.
If nothing else it's making the tinfoil types think that the only thing powerful enough to mess about with "the establishment" is the government itself.

Comment Re:LaTeX (Score 1) 307

Web pages or PDFs are a powerpoint replacement. That shit should just die because if the content is any good it's going to have to be converted into something else later anyway.
So while "simpress" does the powerpoint slide construction task you are probably better off doing a "save as PDF" from it instead of using it as a presentation tool. If you want video effects make a video file with something purpose made - powerpoint and simpress suck at both video style presentations and static documents paged through as slides. They are a "view once" format as distinct from being able to present and then give people who want another look the PDF that will work on their phones/tablets/everything.

Comment Re:It was user error, not a spreadsheet problem .. (Score 0) 307

You again? Well I suppose after the "beige box is a hard drive" type definition of an operating system you'd be here to spread other bits of weirdness normally dispelled by computing 101.

Here is why for those without the background.
Typed variables in a database completely eliminate this issue.

If the users had used a database, even one of the MS ones (one of which newbies can deal with within a week), that would have solved it which was the poster above's point that you were unable to grasp.

If the researchers couldn't manage this do you really think they could have used a database

Of course they fucking could - how condescending can you get? These are scientists not the "beige box is a hard drive" crowd.

Comment Re:Front Door Access (Score 1) 179

And you're still defending your misreading of what I said

If you didn't mean what you wrote then I suggest writing what you do mean instead. That will avoid a bit of confusion.
It looks very much like you are slamming anyone that pays attention to publicly available information on the NSA as "ignorant". Did you really mean something other than that?

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