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Comment Re:radical Islam (Score 1) 466

Look at more modern events.
A harsh regime in Egypt that banned political activity but allowed people to meet in mosques meant that when the regime changed the parties built around religion were the ones who had been meeting for years and were the only ones that had their shit together.
That part is almost an exact replay of Iran when the Shah was kicked out.

The first Russian conquests of Central Asia began as a result of

A well written history of the Romanov's came out recently. That and what seems like everything else indicates that Tsars had their eye on the area for generations but were too busy with other things.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 466

Then there's the 35% or so who believe that terrorism against the west is okay.

Roll things back a few years and there were plenty of Americans that thought terrorism against the UK was okay.
Senator Peter King is to this day proud of his funding of Irish Republican Army bombs.

It's their Peter Kings we have to watch out for and make things difficult for them to get their money to Daash and so on, but the rest who just grumble are as ignorable as all those people drinking beer and mentioning "the struggle" were.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 466

You can not be any other religion other than the one you were born into by your parents

That's the way it is being used, as a proxy for race. The flaw you have pointed out just doesn't matter in this situation. The important thing is apparently to have someone to attack who doesn't have the political power to stand up for themselves. It's the age old play of kicking a cripple in order to look "strong".

Comment Like a camera - the one you have (Score 1) 135

Like a camera - the best is the one you have when you want to use it.
Just go for something with the specs you want at the price you want, then do a quick google search to see if it's one of the rare things where the manufacturer has not supplied linux drivers or given the community enough info to write them.
The best choice IMHO for anything that doesn't have to do workstation computing is something that's now too slow to run Win8/10, shove a cheap SSD in it and it will just fly with 99% of linux applications. Remember that even Libreoffice runs fairly well on a Raspberry Pi and there is no recent laptop with specs that low.

If it's to run workstation software check with the software vendor about what OS they need - some laptops have problems with CentOS5 (2007) if the vendor doesn't like 6 (2010) or 7 (current).

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 171

It's the "religious" nutters who need to grow up while those you are calling "SJW's" probably go to burlesque shows.
I put "religious" in quotes since there are a lot of people who go around telling everyone how holy they are but if Jesus turned up they would call him a Commie and bang in the nails. The actual religious people who actually go around helping people probably couldn't care one way or another about issues of Playboy.

Comment Re:Then fix the problem (Score 1) 295

Obama "approved" these nuclear reactors by speaking in front of them

That open hostility you imagine was not there that day was it?

We should be building a new nuclear power plant every month in the USA

Economy of scale you goose - the "blind" bit seems spot on but the "seer" no so much. Learn about the topic before attempting to lecture the reader - if you want nukes you want them BIG so that you have shitloads of steam in one location and can get every lats little bit of energy out. The reactors themselves don't need to be big (eg. pebble bed) so long as you have a few of them within reach of your turbines.

but made no such other approvals since

And none denied either. The energy environment since 2010 has meant nobody has tried to put anything up for approval.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 77

Barclays Business Internet Banking.

The bank that's been running since 1690, forms a major part of UK and multinational banking, is listed on London and New York stock exchanges, and "was the most powerful transnational corporation in terms of ownership and thus corporate control over global financial stability and market competition".

We're not talking about your online personal account. We're talking about business accounts that require multiple smartcard authorisation to sign off on millions of pounds a year of salaries.

And yes, they STILL require IE / Firefox ESR, .NET Framework, and Gemalto ActiveX controls.

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