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Comment Re:What about my 5C? (Score 1) 29

I took my 3-years old 5 to the Apple store (UK) last year with a swollen battery that was pushing the screen out of the bezel. I was expecting a repair bill, but was surprised that that they agreed to replace it for free. I was so pleased I bought a 6S for myself and gave the 5 to my wife to replace her ageing 3Gs. Everyone happy - including Apple!

Comment Re: What? (Score 2) 209

Looking further into it: You're right, his assets were frozen but enough was eventually released to meet the bail requirements. I've almost no doubt he did way was alleged - indeed it's said he modified one of his orders 7.5M times. What I'd like to know is how is this different from any other high frequency trading?

Comment They've always cried wolf (Score 2) 125

I still occasionally play vinyl that I purchased in the 60's onwards. It's amusing to see the paper sleeves printed "home taping is illegal and it's killing music".

Things happen in cycles - there's no steady state - unfortunately the negative always makes better news than the positive. Glad this positive made some news channels, although I suspect the record industry would rather have kept it quiet - spread the doom and gloom.

Comment I'm not blind but (Score 1) 69

Even though it's a long long time ago, I can still remember learning algebra at school. I could mostly "see" the answers by looking at the questions. When asked to show my workings, I was often at a loss, and suspected of cheating. This took me just as far as quadratics when I had to start doing things the laborious way. I wonder whether my visual cortex was at work - because -

I've had a life-long interest in writing systems. IMO Japanese being the most complex and Georgian the most beautiful.

BTW I HATE emoji but I love unicode.

Comment Re:flawed assumption on all this (Score 1) 190

Indeed. The 50% of my acquaintentces who have iPhones take no notice of the update availability - it's just an irritation. The phone does what they want and that's it. Occasionally I'm asked whether it's a problem not to update. I say "probably not, for the sake of fixing an unlikely exploit, it'll slow down your phone". I always update, betas included, but that's because the phone is more than a tool to me (yea ok;-) the technology development is interesting to me.

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