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Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 192

... I'd prefer it if it was all white though because of the heat, ...

You do realise that they wear black because it's cooler? I thought not. The heat on the loose fabric creates convective air currents that bring in cool(er) air from below.

Personally I have no negative views about any clothing except when it's used as a declaration that the wearer is better (in any way) than anyone else. Unfortunately many clothes are worn with that as a goal, be it religious (I'll be in heaven - you'll be in hell) or wealth (you are pond-life for not being able to afford clothes like this).

Comment Re:I hate it when companies decide what's good for (Score 1) 284

I agree with your sentiment, but with qualifications. A short group of frames from a violent movie cannot be compared with that from porn. The violent movie relies on a storyline and a run-up to make it for effect - a flash frame of a bloody corpse doesn't create that level of fear or abhorrence. Whereas a single frame of porn can shock a young mind. And when I say porn, I don't mean the kind of thing that's blocked by public websites - the human body (which is entirely innocent) - I mean particular interactions between humans that a young mind has yet to experience because his/her mind has not developed the need or interest in it.

Comment Experts are usually wrong when.. (Score 5, Interesting) 609

their answers are taken out of context or cherry picked by non-experts - often the people with an agenda.

In general I would rather have experts in charge than careerists - who account for 90% of politicians.

Having said that I remember an encounter with a mathematician colleague who was looking under the bonnet (hood) of his car for an electrical fault because both headlamps were out. It took only a little lateral thinking - and a bit of persuasion from me for him to accept that probably he'd been driving on just one, and hadn't noticed it till the second one failed. Nevertheless he accepted the counter argument, just imagine any politician doing that.

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