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Comment Re:flawed assumption on all this (Score 1) 184

Indeed. The 50% of my acquaintentces who have iPhones take no notice of the update availability - it's just an irritation. The phone does what they want and that's it. Occasionally I'm asked whether it's a problem not to update. I say "probably not, for the sake of fixing an unlikely exploit, it'll slow down your phone". I always update, betas included, but that's because the phone is more than a tool to me (yea ok;-) the technology development is interesting to me.

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 192

... I'd prefer it if it was all white though because of the heat, ...

You do realise that they wear black because it's cooler? I thought not. The heat on the loose fabric creates convective air currents that bring in cool(er) air from below.

Personally I have no negative views about any clothing except when it's used as a declaration that the wearer is better (in any way) than anyone else. Unfortunately many clothes are worn with that as a goal, be it religious (I'll be in heaven - you'll be in hell) or wealth (you are pond-life for not being able to afford clothes like this).

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