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Comment Thanks Barry... (Score 3, Interesting) 88

My C teacher used to show us snippets, and got us interested in the per-processor.
We learned more in analyzing errant code, then writing out own,
and we could turn crap code into cool programs.

He called one snippet 'Recalcitrant' and we ran upstairs in the library to look it up,
People thought we were mad when we were laughing at the dictionary.

Thanks Barry both for showing us C, and for introducing us to GNU.

Comment Re:Why the "but"? (Score 1) 220

Mod parent +1 Interesting

"they're stuck with inventory of CPUs and GPUs and memory and everything else that loses value and they're not making any sales."

Obvious, and thanks for pointing that out. What its not obvious is that this impacts most OEMs with major sales, and small inventories, ( the one with large inventories in a climbing market get to raise their price also, but keep the $profit$ from the rising prices ), that they have to raise their prices immediately, and look at the market.


Comment SlugFest...a real bummer (Score 1) 90

OK. Given 45 mins I can come up with at least 3 improvements.
Given a week? I could have at least made the case frame at least a pop-in-pop-out, no wires affair...

Give 1/10 of the time these loud mouths spent, I would have 4 up platters on bakery racks.

One easy hint! You are ordering at least 1000 motherboards, have the powersupply connector at a 90 degree angle so that it holds the powersupply connector to the side of the motherboard area, and holds the motherboard in. No screws. and for god sake... put some RAM in the machines.

Comment Users dont know the diffrence... (Score 1) 609

Stupid consumers dont know the diffrence:
A use bought an HP printer, installed the 10k help files from the CD.
Virus scanning comes to a complete halt looking through what? HP jar files for their help system.
Printer fails....help is no help.
User purchases a Cannon Printer, Installs from CD.
CD installs ( dear god ) spyware and buy from cannon garbage.
Virus scanner chokes after chewing thru all the HP help files still installed,
and chokes on the Cannon spyware.
User gives up, and buys another HP printer.
Virus scanner chokes on 2 sets of HP helpfull jar files, cannon spyware,
and how user wants to get another Cannon printer?

It cannot be helped.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 410

Im sorry,
Apple has an iPatent on iAnal-retentive

But, it does give Google the opportinuty
to control crApps! like Google-Office!
( Can I give it a -1? only because a -5 would be redundant? )

If Google doesn't clean up its office app,
then Apple has nothing to worry about,
and neither do I. 

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