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Comment Re:"long-distance space travel" (Score 1) 28

To take a proactive role in Panspermia. I think our terrestrial bacteria, water bears and extremophiles should be seeded on as many suitable planets as possible. We're not going to be around forever so we should definitely get as much potential for new sapient life to evolve somewhere else. Or at least an eon or two of life on some previously uninteresting backwater planet that had no previous chance of having life evolve the "hard way" on it.

Comment Re:Teehee. Yeah. Right. (Score 1) 126

Not disagreeing with your point. It's more about why isn't this declared up front? If you need to keep the mic on so you always have a buffer for the last 10, 20 30 seconds of audio, then just say so. I imagine the same users you've categorised would still not give a shit.

For me though it would be an instant uninstall. As for Google listening to me all the time....not much I can do about that, I have chosen that os ecosystem.

Comment Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 630

All that said, when I lived in Seattle there was something that was actually done right by the main fast food franchises there (not sure if it's the same across all of the US) that is not offered anywhere in Europe. You actually provided an unsweetened alternative that had a flavour: Unsweetened Ice Tea.

That was awesome!
You know what they offer in the UK? Normal coke, diet coke, over-priced "mineral" water and the happy meal 150ml milk. Oh and coffee or calorie-rich milkshake if you paid extra. What a farce.

Comment Share some of who YOU are (Score 1) 698

All the advice here is wonderful and I'm sure you've got lots to think about. Some of the "only the core values!" advice is great but don't follow to closely.

Don't forget to share who you are as a father, a friend and another flawed, imperfect wonderful human being.

Talk about the first time you saw your wife. How you figured out she was the one. Talk about the most embarassing thing you ever did or experienced. The best thing. Even the times you were a pretty shitty human being. Why you loved your hobbies. How being a teenager sucks goat nuts for everyone at some point. How finding really good friends gets you through not just the teen years but your whole life. Your favourite travels or even wistful thoughts about places you've never and can't now.

Your daughter will use all these stories to help build her own model of the world around her and her own model for living. Some of the best things she might do just from the examples above are to have a better idea of what love might feel like and to travel to that mountain or ocean that you always wanted to visit and she'll take you there in her heart.

Comment Re:Good news (Score 1) 422

I know the scene you're talking about very well. I know the whole movie very well and its soundtrack is on my iPod playlist.
At the tender single digit age I saw it, the brutal, rapid and almost careless way that 4 characters were simply murdered - especially Ironhide who was such an integral part of the first TV season of Transformers - had a major jaw-on-the-floor impact on me, setting the mood and tension for the rest of the movie. It informed me that this Cybertonian war was serious business just in case the whole opening sequence with the planet being devoured didn't succeed in conveying that.
I identified with Daniel Witwicky and that epic Stan Bush song will always have a place in my heart. Can you imagine my joy when the same song is featured in Saints Row IV for a pivotal scene in the main story?

I have watched it again several times as a much older person and you know what? It's one of the few 80s movies/cartoons that survived the lack of rose-tinted glasses (I'm looking at you Galaxy Rangers). I didn't sit there with my cynical hat on thinking they were doing this to get money off me. The Sharkticon pitfight "One hell of a repair bill", the Dinobots "Me Grimlock say execute them!" sparking a revolution, Leonard Nimoy delivering that delicious line at Starscream's ceremony "Coronation Starscream? This is bad comedy" and then killing him. Just "BLAM!" and he turns to carbon dust. Sure it was cheesy but me and the kid down the street who had the VHS, we incorporated Wreck-Gar's "TV-Speak" in our shenanigans around the neighbourhood. We always cracked up at the same bit where Daniel says "Yeah! I did it!" because it was such a bad piece of dialogue.

There was so much other good stuff, I just can't see how Ironhide missing a chance to do some bad cowboy flick "it's gettin' cold Sarge...will ah see mah mutha-board again?" death rattle can somehow ruin it for you. Seriously?

I think what I'm trying to say in a very long-winded way is that it sucks you cannot enjoy the 1986 movie the same way I can.

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