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Comment Drone-Killer Drone (Score 1) 318

The solution is probably already being developed in a defense lab somewhere.

Instead of wasting a US$3.4 million missile, you deploy a force of 10 hunter-killer drones worth maybe US$100,000 each to patrol a given area.
Much like a Roomba, they know when to come back to recharge or switch battery packs. They never get tired or bored and don't complain about the MREs and missing the kids at home.
They have sensor suites for detecting other drones and can be notified by ground forces of sightings.

Not quite sure what kind of package they could be fitted with to take down another drone but I'm sure there are plenty of cheap off-the-shelf options.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 474

I remember the next big thing was "the grid". Then it was "the cloud".

But isn't the idea of distributed computing power kind of false hope anyway? Because that's just the distributed version of parallel computing and humans are - so far - really bad at taking a serial problem and splitting it into a parallel problem. So most of that potential is not usable anyway. I think I got that right.

Comment Re:Spotify- better than I ever thought it would be (Score 1) 79

Even so, I have discovered lots of new music through Spotify with their recommendations. And that is something Spotify could improve- they need to allow users to directly rate songs (like Pandora does) so it can learn what we like and offer more recommendations. And the other is a better "radio station" type mode, like Pandora has.

Disclaimer: I'm not a Spotify developer, this is just from reading around forums, pissed off at some features not working on Spotify as expected. Here is what I've learnt and it may be inaccurate. Take with salt:

Spotify sort of do the rating mechanic when you click the thumbs up/thumbs down on a song as it is playing (at least on my Android app). "Thumbs up" will add it to a Liked playlist connected to your account.
Now this Liked playlist influences your Discover Weekly playlist. But here is where Spotify becomes retarded. Discover Weekly is not only influenced by your Liked playlist. It's influenced by every song you add to any personal playlist you create but no weight is given to what you actually play(!?). I know right?

My Discover Weekly experience was OK at first, but now it is filled with crap simply because I happen to have a set of "Decades" playlists (the 80s, the 90s, the 00s) just to capture the handful of songs from those eras I liked. So random Top 40 stuff I would never listen to gets shoved down my throat. What really surprises me is that I have playlists dedicated to Dub and Roots Reggae, a well pruned collection of Grunge, Ambient music and Deep House. But none of those ever seem to influence my Discover Weekly experience. Which leads me to believe the so-called "algorithm" for Discover Weekly is there to sell the Top 40 music and doesn't give a toss about your obscure tastes.

What's particularly frustrating is you as the user have no control over this "algorithm" and can't force it to "reset". I ignore it now.

That said, a couple of months ago a new feature was forced upon us (in the UK at least) called Your Daily Mix.
These are supposedly doing the same thing as Discover Weekly but split into 4-6 "genres" and mixing music from your playlists in those genres with new discoveries. Here's to hoping it works as desired.

Comment Re:"long-distance space travel" (Score 1) 28

To take a proactive role in Panspermia. I think our terrestrial bacteria, water bears and extremophiles should be seeded on as many suitable planets as possible. We're not going to be around forever so we should definitely get as much potential for new sapient life to evolve somewhere else. Or at least an eon or two of life on some previously uninteresting backwater planet that had no previous chance of having life evolve the "hard way" on it.

Comment Re:Teehee. Yeah. Right. (Score 1) 126

Not disagreeing with your point. It's more about why isn't this declared up front? If you need to keep the mic on so you always have a buffer for the last 10, 20 30 seconds of audio, then just say so. I imagine the same users you've categorised would still not give a shit.

For me though it would be an instant uninstall. As for Google listening to me all the time....not much I can do about that, I have chosen that os ecosystem.

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