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Journal Journal: Conservative Clairvoyance

A while (years) back some conservatives claimed that we had we had elected a POTUS who hated the country. I laughed at them, but did not realize at the time that they were actually expressing profound clairvoyance. On Saturday the White House came to be occupied by someone who indeed harbors great hatred for our country.

Submission + - Trump Appoints Neutrality Opponent Ajit Pai to Lead FCC (

bsharma writes: President Donald Trump promoted a critic of net neutrality on Monday to chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, the agency responsible for enforcing those regulations.

In a statement, Ajit Pai, a telecommunications lawyer whom President Barack Obama appointed to a Republican seat the FCC in 2012, said he was looking forward to working with his colleagues, thew Trump administration and Congress "to bring the benefits of the digital age to all Americans."

Comment Re:Broken law enforcement (Score 1) 355

You claimed, the victim never contacted police. Not before, not after. Your precise words were:

I do note that at no time he said he approached the police.

See? "At no time". Your inability to read fed back to you, you now claim — as if it mattered — that, because he only did it after his own investigation (contrary to your earlier claim, he never did it at all), it is Ok for him to never receive his stolen property back...

I wish, all America-haters were as obviously dishonest as you... I'm done here.

Submission + - What's killing these galaxies? (

schwit1 writes: New research published January 17, 2017 by a global team of researchers focused on 11,000 relatively nearby galaxies and asked why their gas — their lifeblood for the formation of new stars — is being violently stripped away on a widespread scale. The answer, according to these scientists, relates to the great halos of dark matter thought to surround galaxies and paints a picture of these galaxies falling through these larger halos, having their star-forming gas removed in a fast-acting process called ram-pressure stripping.

The study – published in the peer-reviewed journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society – was based at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Australia. It shows that the phenomenon is more prevalent than previously thought and that it drives gas from galaxies, sending them to an early death by depriving them of the material to make new stars. Toby Brown, a PhD candidate at ICRAR and Swinburne University of Technology, led the study.

Comment Not quite (Score 1) 89

There's no voice, only text and data. Reason voice is excluded has to do with archaic regulations as best as I can tell. Things are changing in that regard so it'll probalby change at some point. However right now you get talk to and from the US, Canada, and Mexico. Everywhere else voice is extra charge. Text and data are available in most countries and are included with no extra charge.

Comment Re:Broken law enforcement (Score 1) 355

I do note that at no time he said he approached the police

Wow... Let's see (emphasis mine):

The Slashdot write-up says:
turned over all the information to the police
TFA says:
Gale did take all the information to Cochrane RCMP who says they are confident an arrest will follow.

Fake News much?

Comment Re:Why the democrat icon? (Score 1) 1545

Wishful thinking, there. He has the sacred letter after his name now, forever associated with his name and his brand. What he says is now gospel to the party, he couldn't piss them off if he ordered McConnell and Paul Ryan to walk naked down Pennsylvania Ave for his own amusement.

I'm not so sure about that. Politicians are, first and foremost, adept at defending their own political careers and if Trump goes against what they need to survive they'll turn on him and simply accuse him of being a RINO. Not that will bother him, in fact it may bolster his viewpoint that he alone is always right.

I disagree, and fully expect the GOP to defend him until the bitter end no matter what. I say this because if they were to be complacent in his collapse and/or removal from office that could end up being catastrophically bad for the party. Anything that is that catastrophically bad for the party could well end the careers of most of the politicians with (R) after their name. We all know how little those critters care about what is good for the country when they are faced simultaneously with what is good for their party and/or good for their own career.

Frankly right now if a video turned up of Trump personally shitting on the grave of Ronald Reagan and then subsequently wiping his ass with an American flag (only to set it on fire while singing a Russian war hymn) they wouldn't reject him at that point but rather claim it was their party's new found embrace of free speech.

They can't disown him. They can't afford to. In the 2016 election the GOP will face massive infighting between Trump-publicans and other republicans as they try to pull in votes.

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