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Comment Build your own (Score 1) 48

If you are a member of a hackerspace, how about:

An optics kit
Some lego-enhanced optics components
Other cool optics components using legos
A home built robot
3d-print an industrial robotic arm
A modular clock kit
Any sciency kit
Any sciency toy

There's a long list of interesting things you could *build* for your child, or build *with* your child, and if they break something or want to modify/extend something, you can build them a replacement or an extension.

Comment Re:They could always work elsewhere. (Score 1) 175

I'm part of the problem because I'm doing the responsible thing by investing in a 401k?

I don't know about you, but I'm not going to bank on social security giving me just enough money to afford to live in an old folks' home. In case you haven't noticed, social security by design isn't intended to be enough to survive off of in retirement.

Comment Bonus Army (Score 0) 175

In late-stage capitalism, living indoors is optional for workers.

"They live in tents because they've chosen to live in tents. Now pass me some more frog legs and foie gras."

CEOs and gangster capitalists are going to be so shocked when they see mobs building guillotines outside their office windows. The recent elections - Brexit and Der Trumpen - have moved us toward that day. What will voters who said, "Fuck it, I'm voting for Trump to burn the whole motherfucker down", say when Trump doesn't improve their lot (like the 1100 Carrier workers whose jobs are going to Mexico despite Trump's much-trumpeted "deal")? Hell, they're going to skip right to, "Let's burn this motherfucker down ourselves."

Comment Re: They could always work elsewhere. (Score 1) 175

Extra points if you get one in a wheelchair or one with bad teeth, because then you get to use your inbred and meth-head jokes.

Inbreeding doesn't really limit itself to poor meth heads.




And the kicker:


Comment Economic fallacy (Score 4, Interesting) 175

if you're not paid enough, find another job!

A 2nd-order economic fallacy: "There are an infinite number of jobs".

It is a derivative of the base, first order fallacy: "infinite consumption".

We will always have infinite consumption because of ever increasing population (see: Malthus) and ever increasing wants and needs. No matter how much food or shelter you have, you will always want more. It's basic human nature.

Infinite consumption demands infinite production, which necessarily requires infinite labor.

If you're not paid enough, go find another job!

It's not as if they are in limited supply...

Comment Re:They could always work elsewhere. (Score 1) 175

I have a cousin who worked as a delivery driver for Amazon Now, contracted through some no-name third party company. He said he really liked it because in a typical day he made between $200 and $300 in wage+tips, but after the media did an "expose" on the fact that Amazon was treating them as contract-for-hire with no benefits, then suddenly he stopped getting work.

Nobody was forcing him to do that work, but whistleblowing like this likely did force him to stop.

Comment Re:Possible explanation (Score 1) 63

Heck, the FBI was involved in the one big conspiracy-coverup we know was true from the 20th century - and the UFO investigations were key to it.

When game-changing new airplane designs from stealth technology to the SR-71 were being invented, during the height of the cold war, it was all about secrecy - but what do you do about eye-witnesses to these odd-looking planes, including people like pilots that it's hard to write off as kooks? You investigate each reported sighting as a "UFO sighting", and then loudly deny that you're investigating UFO sightings.

The plan seems to have worked pretty well - eye witness reports and even some photographs of experimental aircraft were dismissed as fakes by the public - and as far as we know, by the Russians. The more interesting the reports - triangular aircraft with no tails, aircraft moving faster and higher than anything known - the more easily it was dismissed as "UFO nuts". Brilliant plan, really, and the only modern conspiracy I know of that actually kept a secret long enough to matter.

Comment Re:Independent contractor? (Score 1) 125

Having worked as an independent contractor before. I still needed to follow the rules of my customer.

Do you? Employees generally have all kinds of rules, most of which don't make any sense unless you're an actual employee. So what specific rules am I required to follow and which ones do I not follow? Unless it's spelled out specifically, it sounds like I'm the one interpreting which rules I have to follow. Everything else is just an assumption on their part.

I've never had an contract employer make me read the handbook and sign the paper that says I read it.

Of course all of this is just a mere formality. Unless you're an asshole, "following the rules" is, 99% of the time, a question of basic social skills.

Comment Re:Since this wasn't a line item in the budget ... (Score 2) 123

1. Build up civil forfeiture slush fund using otherwise line-item budget methods, i.e. old-fashioned police state tactics

2. Use non-budget line-item slush fund to bribe airport employees

3. Collect more civil forfeiture funds

4. Go to step 2

You now have a perpetual motion machine of slush fund generation with zero budget oversight.

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