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Comment Re:I give the best chance to beat google to YacY (Score 1) 162

"YaCy (pronounced "ya see") is a free distributed search engine, built on principles of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.[1][2] Its core is a computer program written in Java distributed on several hundred computers, as of September 2006, so-called YaCy-peers. Each YaCy-peer independently crawls through the Internet, analyzes and indexes found web pages, and stores indexing results in a common database (so called index) which is shared with other YaCy-peers using principles of P2P networks. It is a free search engine that everyone can use to build a search portal for their intranet and to help search the public internet clearly.
    Compared to semi-distributed search engines, the YaCy-network has a decentralised architecture. All YaCy-peers are equal and no central server exists. It can be run either in a crawling mode or as a local proxy server, indexing web pages visited by the person running YaCy on his or her computer. (Several mechanisms are provided to protect the user's privacy). Access to the search functions is made by a locally running web server which provides a search box to enter search terms, and returns search results in a similar format to other popular search engines.
    YaCy is available on Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux. ..."

Comment Oracle H1B applications (Score 1) 147
"Oracle America, Inc. has filed 2999 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 1876 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2014 to 2016. Oracle America was ranked 23 among all visa sponsors. Please note that 49 LCA for H1B Visa and 102 LC for green card have been denied or withdrawn during the same period."

So, wonder what this will say for 2017? And wonder if these H1Bs were let go before the layoffs?

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 242

In fact, here in Texas we do this tax abatements and subsidies all the time at the state, county and city levels of government and have successfully attracted some pretty big employers to the area with tens of thousands of jobs. Take a look at Texas' unemployment numbers of you doubt this works, also look at the state's budget surplus if you doubt it is good for the economy.

The problem is, you eventually run out of other people's money to give to corporations.

I live in Texas, too. That budget surplus, though. It has its downside:

Comment Re:Regular Taxi Service fears.. (Score 1) 522

I know it's a terrible way to negotiate a car *price*, but I often find myself thinking about some of these bigger ticket items in terms of cash flow and "how little can I pay per month?"

There are some risks with this thinking, especially with depreciable assets with a limited lifetime, but there are times where I wish I could refinance my mortgage for a 50 year term just to cut the monthly payment down as low as possible to increase my cash flow here and now.

I'm biased, because my mortgage is half paid and I figure even if only added another 5% in equity over the next 10 years the present value of the extra cash would be more valuable than the savings on interest payments, plus by the time I sell the overall appreciation in value will still result in getting my purchase price back in cash.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 522

Or we could just not make people suffer through that out of some vindictive "I did it so you should too" attitude.

That attitude is in your head, not my post.

I get this bullshit a lot. I explain some situation and how I or others found a way out - real world answers actually done. And people come out of the woodwork to complain in the way you did. WTF? Do you object to any useful advice in life? Not every bit of advice will worth for everyone. We get that. But everything that actually worked for someone will be useful for someone else!

Some people can't be functional adults, and obviously need charity, whether physically or mentally disabled. For the rest, yes, they need to find some path to skilled work. We as a society need to make that path easier, but it's clear there will be no unskilled jobs by the end of the century.

Comment Re:Overpriced (Score 2) 76

Super overpriced. I got 30 days of unlimited talk/text and 10 gb of data for less than 20 GBP from ASDA mobile when I was in the UK.

The only drawback I saw was that I didn't get LTE speeds, "only" 4G. I wasn't sure if that was a radio limitation of my US-bought iPhone 6 plus or a limitation of the plan. It also didn't allow for tethering.

The practical drawbacks of that were nil for me, speeds were just fine for maps, email, web and every other smartphone thing I wanted to do and the hotel had free and quite good wifi.

And using a local SIM is hardly novel, either, you about trip over people trying to sell SIM cards in the arrival area of the airport.

Comment Re:So where are the criminal convictions? (Score 1) 110

Maybe explain it to me like I'm 5 how RICO doesn't cover an organized conspiracy to facilitate money laundering.

If these guys were named Juarez or Gambino they'd have so many bugs and wiretaps on them the fucking ISS could detect a warp in the Earth's magnetic field.

But because they're corporate executives they get to pay a fine and nobody goes to jail.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 4, Insightful) 242

Like it or not the cost of everything in a country eventually lands on the shoulders of the productive non-business owner. It's just a fact in economy. Governments don't produce and companies can't eat costs for long or they'll cease to be.

Then wouldn't it make more sense to subsidize the consumer if you're going to subsidize anything?

Comment Re:Which executive knew about which fraudulent tra (Score 1) 110

Isn't that the fucking FBI's job? To investigate all that shit, with their high-powered forensics and iPhone cracking, etc?

I mean, I can accept that nobody gets charged (in the same manner that a battered woman takes the next beating, because she's used to it), but at the same time the FTC announces a half-billion dollar fine for money laundering and we don't even HEAR about the ongoing FBI investigation into criminal culpability?

And spare me the "who committed what specific act" -- isn't the point of being an officer of a corporation accepting general liability for misbehavior?

Comment Re:DMCA is a federal law (Score 1) 199

He did that because he HAD to. Otherwise, he starts a small scale war where the state then makes most activities that might support enforcing the federal law illegal.

Naw, what would happen from what I inferred here in Seattle when the city and state police were discussing the future of legalization is that if the Feds wanted to press charges, then they could expect for Feds to be the ones arresting, detaining, and judging all these cases. If the Feds put up a stink, no doubt there would be enough small time possession cases pressed to tie up the Fed courts for years in just a few weeks. One of the reasons the state was happy to get rid of the laws was the expense to the legal system but they'd just shuffle everything to Fed courts and jails if they had to.

Comment How do they get to that 50k number? (Score 1) 242

I wish these numbers were better broken down.

How many construction workers are going to get jobs building the factory?
How many jobs are going to be people on the line doing line work?
How many jobs are going to be people in control booths running the massive machines cranking out screens?

Also, unless you're going to also be building a phone factory here as well, it seems a bit short sighted to make the screens here, but the cpu's in China or Korea and the bodies who knows where? China?

Until I see a bulldozer breaking ground I think Foxconn is just blowing smoke up JDT's ass.

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