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PornHub's 'Bangfit' Program Uses Sexy Exercise To Build Muscle (mashable.com) 83

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Mashable: A new program created by PornHub called "BangFit" features 'sexercises' that allow players to build and tone muscle. Instead of forcing people to go the gym, Bangfit users simply practice sexual exercises, otherwise known as actual sex. Finally, you can gyrate and hump your way to the body of your dreams. BangFit users follow along with videos as they execute positions like the "squat and thrust" and "missionary press." Players can sync their phones to the workout in order to track their progress and measure the amount of calories burned. While the concept sounds simply gimmicky, BangFit says they designed the app using real science and professionals in the field. PornHub is also retailing an adjustable band that keeps your smartphone closer to to your body, making it easier for the gyroscope to track your movements (judge your performance?). Anytime you complete a level, PornHub congratulates you on your success with a phrase like, "You're the gymanastiest," which is simultaneously rewarding and disgusting. You can watch the retro NSFW introduction video here.

Comment DNA Permissions (Score 1) 64

chmod -R 777 /embryo/human/DNA


Open C:\embryo\human and right-click on folder "DNA". Click on the "Security" tab and then click the "Edit..." button. In the "Permissions for DNA" window, click the "Add..." button.

Now, in the "Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups", click in the "Enter the object names to select (examples):" text box and type, "UK\Users" then click "OK".

Assure that the checkbox "Full control" is selected in the "Permissions for Users" area.

Finally click "OK".

Please call support if you have any problems or further questions.

Comment Re:Waring against AI.... (Score 1) 341

He, like most rich and powerful people are, is afraid of that which he cannot or could not control. Bostrom, the philosopher drumming-up all the fear, is afraid of that which he cannot or could not understand.

Look how the powerful record and media companies reacted (and continue to react) to file sharing. Look how a chess champion reacts to being beaten by a computer.

I think that the powerful don't want something more powerful than them and the smart don't want something smarter than them.

But I believe the wise will always seek that which is wiser than them.

What was this thread about again? Cars?

Comment Not a Proportional Reaction (Score 1) 416

If we let "S" equal the benefit to society of these lectures and let "D" equal the damage done to the victim(s) by this harassment: then, reasonably, only if D > S should the videos be taken down.

Is there any argument that the harm to society of leaving the videos up would be greater than the harm of taking them down?

How does taking them down in any way help the victim(s)?

A single, small event involving individuals affecting the knowledge of countless others - something doesn't seem right here.

Comment How many engineers does it take to screw netflix? (Score 1) 243

OK, so people had to implement this blocking, right?

And it had to have been more than one person, right?

How many individuals would have to have been active and knowingly involved in order to implement such blocking?

From that number, how long until someone straight-up comes out and says they did it and exactly how they did it? You know, instead of having to rely on this external third-party reverse engineering.

Comment Work hard, get strong, work harder, get stronger (Score 2) 94

I've always been fascinated when software makes dramatic enhancements to the capabilities of existing hardware and data. Like a few years ago there was the release of the TLD algorithm which suddenly turned my old webcam into an futuristic object recognition/tracking device!

What I wonder is, when these software enhancements are made, does hardware usually evolve to converge with the software? Meaning, in this example, if the software is using a new method for processing point data, does that not mean the hardware could be made to collect point data in a way more conducive to this new method?

And is this kind of progress a common thing? Is it common or rare this leapfrog progressive dance of hardware and software?

Comment Hasn't intelligence improved the world? (Score 1) 583

Hasn't the world only gotten better as intelligence has increased? What is the ratio of negative vs. positive effects of AI so far? Artificial intelligence is intelligence. As an exercise of intelligence, remove "Artificial" from his statements and reevaluate his assertions.

Elon is rich and got there by being controlling: That which may not be controllable terrifies those. No value judgement there, that's just how it is.

I mean, do we even control our own intelligence or does it control us?

Comment Re:You Forgot One (Score 1) 425

Fighting fire with fire is called a "controlled burn".

It's impractical to douse a wildfire with water. You need to stop it expanding and spreading and let it burn itself out.

You don't put out wildfires, you merely stop them from expanding and cut off their fuel supply.

Now, once the main fire is out, then you cruise around dousing little hot-spots with water and such.

This is all just a devil's-advocate analogy as a punching-bag counter-point for your valid points. I do this to illustrate not the failings of your assertions, but merely because your Insightful post is obviously one-sided.

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