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Comment Taste Score (Score 0) 60

I always knew they were bad for you. Wanna know how? They taste good. Taste is inversely proportional to nutritional value.

Yeah, I know there are caveats, but in general it's one of the truest rules of life. The closer the taste is to cardboard, grass, soil, or liver; the better it is for you.

Comment Wait for Pop (Score 1) 518

Just wait for the tech bubble to pop. It usually does.

There was a gaming bubble 1983-ish, Windows/aerospace bubble (1992-ish), Dot-com bubble (2001-ish), and we are due for the smart-phone bubble to pop.

The mortgage bubble arguably could be counted, but didn't affect Silicon Valley as much, probably because it just got super-charged by touch-screen smart-phones at the time.

Comment Yet another person not understanding deep learning (Score 2) 93

For a class of person that feels that they are more in tune with technology than the rest of humanity, you seem woefully ignorant of what "Artificial Intelligence" means in modern terms.

Modern deep learning networks need lots and lots of examples to function. I can easily see that in 30 years Netflix is spending significant resources feeing movies into a deep learning network (entertaining it, if you will) in order to have an AI system that can do a good job at some aspect of movie production.

Also of course, there's the fact that he was obviously half joking... why can people no longer read between the lines these days? Why have people become so literal? It makes me yearn for AI's to take over as they will be more flexible in thought than most modern humans which come across as badly programmed non-adaptive Meatbots!

Comment Fundamental Damage (Score -1, Flamebait) 108

Seriously? This is the sort of system you think is way better than going to a hospital for $0 and getting looked at?

If you cannot understand why that is way worse long-term, I'm afraid I cannot help you. Well, with any luck you will be dead before the system you love causes you or your family grievous harm. I'll be alive 100 years hence so I have to think longer term about these things and not grab at the quick but shortsighted solution now.

Comment If Canadian system is so great, why cross border? (Score 2) 108

What paywall? I read the whole thing without a subscription to anything.

I notice that you aren't even posting any links. Nice to have blind faith but I prefer facts.

And on top of that, you sound like an angry American who took the astroturf hook, line and sinker.

Not angry, just sad for the rest of the world, especially Canadians whom I am very fond of.

Signed, a Canadian who is quite happy with his single payer healthcare.

Signed, an American who is even happier with the U.S. system, especially once we bring back real insurance policies. There's a reason why Canadians cross the border for health care. Your system "works" because the unreasonably long delays your system offers for treatments can be worked around. If you didn't have the U.S. to receive pressure your system would die even sooner.

Comment Living Illegally beneath you (Score 5, Funny) 518

There are over 50 Starbucks(alone) in San Francisco. Where do all the baristas live and how do they get by?

Some have said that people live far away and commute for hours.

But that can't be true. Who would do that before moving within a year to someplace you could commute by bus within a half hour?

Quite obviously what is really going on, is that there is a large Demolition Man style underground city below SF, populated almost entirely by baristas and where no mans law applies. Only the "Law of the Bean" as the lower denizens refer to the code they live by. It is a stricter but simpler life.

If you look carefully the proof of this is obvious. Why would steam be coming from vents in the street in a place where it hardly ever rains? Obviously cooking fires from those who live below. Also of course there is the incredible pale skin that is the hallmark of the barista, in a state known for its generous sunshine.

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