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Comment Btrfs (Score 4, Interesting) 271

So does this mean I can start using btrfs, at least for personal workstations? I've got a new box at the office waiting to be setup, with a 120GB Corsair SSD as the main system disk, normal 2TB harddisk as backup/media storage. Will be using Debian. Should I use btrfs?

Comment Re:Free market for the win (Score 1) 644

Agreed. If there is a need for Firefox, it will still be alive somehow. I've never really used Firefox after all these years. Have been using Opera since nothing can replace it. Started using Chrome too for the past couple of years and have grown to like it, but still can't replace Opera as the main browser. Firefox? Meh.

Comment Mod parent up (Score 1) 531

I too hate variable scoping in Javascript, even PHP is slightly better in that variables are local inside functions. There are other small annoyances too. But the biggest is: Javascript has been given monopoly on the client side for too long. I wonder how much better can the Web be if there were more competition on the client-side browser language.

Comment Unstable (Score 1) 278

$ grep kill ~/.bash_history | grep opera | tail -5

killall -9 opera

killall -USR2 opera

killall -9 opera

killall -9 -9 -9 opera

killall -9 opera

$ grep kill ~/.bash_history | grep opera | wc -l


I've used Opera for years since the 5.x days and have always loved it, but the past year it's generally becoming less stable and more annoying. It always seems to eat 100% cpu after some time, or crash at other times. Some builds are really terrible, stability- and performance-wise. Meanwhile Firefox is getting faster and faster and more stable and I'm finding myself opening Firefox more and more often.

However (unfortunately?), nothing comes close in handling lots of open tabs like Opera.

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