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Comment Re:Scathing (Score 1) 177

You just have to put the pieces together.

Well, his statement a few days ago said exactly that, so no rocket science there. And, he specifically called out the administration for intervention in Libya, and for leaving a power vacuum leading to the rise of ISIL. He also specifically mentions Trump, saying that he was a wildcard and no one knew what he would really do if elected, while he thought it was clear through her history what Hillary would do. Agree with it or not, it was a concise and fairly straightforward statement, no need to speculate about his motives.

Comment Re:Rhetorical... (Score 1) 247

I expect people will just want to see how bad it will be.

This might be the only thing that saves it. Can the New Zealand sailing team recover the lead after striking a floating corpse in the harbor? Did the exploding water heater ruin the chances for Olympic Gold for the plucky runner from Zimbabwe? And can Mauritania raise enough cash in time to pay the ransom for their volleyball team? It's like reality TV but better! "Survivor Rio Edition"!!

Comment Re:Pew Pew Pew (Score 1) 208

Nice! Thats a lot more work than I invested, thanks! So, lets say 3x easier, but more importantly the skin is thin and at Mach2 dog-fighting it probably doesnt take much to make an aircraft "revert to kit form". Just in terms of material ablated, 38x10x1=380ml of material. Just to be simple lets say the skin is 3mm to account for the 3x 'easier', so half a meter slice in 1 second. Or 1 meter half-sliced. That seems sufficient to end a tactical engagement (IMHO). Collimation is easy enough out to a mile. Target speed does matter - can the beam be held on a spot long enough to matter may be the trick... one meter per second *is* pretty slow. Then again, we'd have 1000 pulses to fire for every gallon of avgas. If the target has to keep jinking to avoid laser lock, he's not going to be able to use guns or lock missiles.

Comment Re:Pew Pew Pew (Score 2) 208

(only about 150MJ in a gallon of aviofuel) the laser will be barely powerful enough to melt any amount of aluminum to get at the electronics behind it

IANALE so honestly asking - 150MJ ~= 42KWH, assume they run at 50% efficiency (Ive heard 80 and believe 20), and a 100KW laser will cut steel 38mm deep x 1mm at 3M per minute, so (scribble scribble scribble .. carry the 2 ...) its on the order of 1000 1 second pulses. Need about 200 shaft horse-power to run it but the F119 engine (for instance) makes about 17,000 SHP so probably not much of an issue. A one-second pulse that could slice 38x10x1mm in steel could probably do 10 to 100 times that in aluminum skin, enough to slice struts, fuel tanks, control surfaces, hydraulics, turbine blades, and of course flesh. I dont think its really about messing with sensors or blinding pilots when destruction and carnage seems technically feasible.

As far as your sarcasm goes Im 100% on board with that! LOL

Comment Re:Why to everyone's dismay? (Score 2) 491

...and "[H]ow recidivism is defined has consequences for the results in any recidivism study, and since recidivism is often politically highly relevant, such definitions can easily affect policies. For example, we have provided both high and low recidivism rates for Norway – all being relevant and accurate – and while the lowest figures might be taken to overrate Norwegian criminal policies, the highest figures might be taken to debunk those policies. Thus, the consequences of the definitions for the results need to be made explicit."

- from "Pick a number: Mapping recidivism measures and their consequences" where the author notes that 20% and 54% (about the same as France) are both given figures for recidivism in Norway and both are cited depending on political objective. And this paper was the source cited in the paper you cited.

Comment Re:Why to everyone's dismay? (Score 2) 491

I especially liked this part:

"Sample selection and definitions of recidivism varied widely, and few countries were comparable.
Conclusions: Recidivism data are currently not valid for international comparisons."

...but dont let that stop tyou from citing it as long as it supports your view, right?

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