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Comment Re:Killed by the internet... (Score 1) 176

Sure that covers radials, but 204 603 805 and 1206 SMT's? And then you'll need that weird high-power 2W wire wound in the square ceramic case, which by some existential perversion Radio Shack actually carries. Chain-wide the last one they sold was in '67 yet there it lies just mocking you. Murphy's Rule Of Stockrooms says that no matter what you stock up on, it will not be the part you need. I think it applies to lunch condiments as well.

Comment Re:Killed by the internet... (Score 1) 176

A company that just has no reason to exist any more.

Not quite. Best Buy has no reason to exist, yet they do. Sometimes, you just have to touch the stuff you're buying. TV's, appliances, game consoles. It may not be a big list but not everything gets bought online. There is a similar list of stuff for Radio Shack. Add to that stuff you need now - batteries, cables, a soldering iron. It wasnt without challenges, but Radio Shack could have been saved.

Comment Re:Killed by the internet... (Score 1) 176

Yes, the $0.02 profit on a $0.20 resistor that one nerd bought a couple times a year was going to keep them afloat.

Obviously, no. But any decent retailer would kill to have that level of guaranteed foot traffic every year by people with disposable income. Remember, resistors are at the back of the store, past the flashy displays of geek tech. In The Day a nerd might come in for a resistor and walk out with a flashy new stereo amplifier. Today, if they had played smart, it might have been a 3D printer, gaming headset, drone, or whatever. Even today, if you absolutely have to have a resistor, you have to find a Radio Shack, and odds are you wont walk out with just one resistor. Worse business plans that that have been venture-funded.

Comment Re:Pipeline protests make no sense (Score 1) 203

Well... OK, that was a good cite :-) and I'm less convinced that pipelines are safe. However that made me curious about rail... each car holds 700 barrels or so, and in the one article I found (I didnt look *that* hard) claimed in 2013 over 1.15 million gallons spilled from rail accidents. They dont say goo dthings about pipelines either:

I've done a little work on pipeline inspection gear, so I tend to think pipelines can be made safer easier - better inspections, monitoring, safety equipment, faster response times. And bump the bons from $250k to something substantial - maybe not the $1B the protestors want but millions anyway.

Im not sure I agree the Sioux have been aggrieved by this particular pipeline; the court decision is a really good read, breaking it down nicely. I thought it well reasoned. But, IANAL.

Comment Re: Except (Score 1) 253

Imagine Walmart offering table/shelf space inside its stores for other sellers

You're describing Sears actually, and quite a few other retailers. I agree in such cases "Sears" is the seller, but if you try to return (in my case) a defective appliance you realize that "Sears" doesn't automatically assume they are responsible.

Comment Re:$2.3m dollars... (Score 1, Funny) 116

Total load of bullshit

Somewhere, in a dark smokey room, Democrats are laughing their asses off that you keep buying their spin. Both parties are corrupt as hell, but Comcast in particular is in bed with Democrats. Your own link says this. But let's add this:

How Comcast Bought the Democratic Party
Lots of good reading

Forget the paltry $50k or $100k donated directly, let's examine the *millions* raised by Comcast for Obama and the DNC, and the "Comcast Foundataion" (sound familiar?) that channels donations to the needy as long as they support Comcast's initiatives.They are a dirty dirty dirty company (and not in a good way). A lone notable exception: Al Franken, who despite taking $15k from Comcast lobbyists still spoke out against them.

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