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Comment Re:Lack of privacy (Score 1) 129

Maybe I have just been lucky. That luck will probably turn around now that I was all snarky with you!

Most of the problems I've found seem to come from misconfiguration on the receiving end. I've recently had to set my SPF record to softfail because several universities that work with (that both use Office365) are consistently checking the sender's SPF records against one of their own internal relays. So every single email from an outside domain that has a SPF hard fail record is sent to spam. After I and the faculty at the universities talked to the IT department, the proscribed course of action was for them to turn off junk filtering in their email client. They insisted that the obvious screw-up that was evident in every message's headers was just as they had intended it. (This happened at two different universities.)

Comment Re:[cough]poor education on display[cough] (Score 1) 81

When did regulate ever mean "to make regular". The word "regulate" comes from the Latin "regula" which means "to rule", and even as early as Middle English, meant "to direct, to make rules". You're just inventing a fake etymology to further a false argument about what the framers of the Constitution intended.

"Regulate" meant the same in 18th century English as it does today.

"regulate (v.) Look up regulate at
early 15c., "adjust by rule, control," from Late Latin regulatus, past participle of regulare "to control by rule, direct," from Latin regula "rule" (see regular). Meaning "to govern by restriction" is from 1620s. Related: Regulated; regulating."

Comment Re:Goodbye Karma (Score 1) 225

How about you let your personal morals dictate your decisions, admit that in a large society you're going to have to accept that you're side doesn't automatically win and further accept that conflicts of liberty are inevitable and complex.

As to martyrdom, spare me. They doctored their recordings. That isn't just breaking what they may feel is an unjust law, that's a violation of one of the Ten Commandments; thought shalt not bear false witness.

At any rate, you seem keen to hand wave away bastards who insist impregnated victims of incest and rape are examples of God's mysterious ways, meanwhile basically asserting anyone who is pro choice is an uninformed ignoramus.

How about this. You don't tell me what my personal medical choices will be, and I will keep my nose out of yours.

Comment Bad summary (Score 0) 81

The summary skipped over the major piece of information
âoeTwelve states, from Vermont to Wisconsin, are currently challenging the legality of the FCCâ(TM)s order in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit," Pai wrote. "In my view, it would be a waste of judicial and administrative resources to defend the FCCâ(TM)s unlawful action in court. I am therefore instructing the Office of General Counsel to ask the DC Circuit to send this case back to the Commission for further consideration. And the FCC will soon begin a proceeding to eliminate the new federal designation process."
So the previous FCC took rights from the states, states sued and Pai decided to make sure the rights of the states were returned and he did not have to fight a bunch of lawsuits.

Comment Re: Add SSN and it is a deal (Score 1) 278

They are the ones that approved selling this info. If they have no issue with selling your and mine SSN, then I have no problem posting theirs. Yeah, not sure that I would want to go after their kids /GKs. While these GOP are pure trash, it was not their kids/GK that did this.

Comment Re:Kangaroo Court (Score 2, Insightful) 225

So you don't think using fraudulent ID, secretly recording conversations in a two-party state, and then editing those recordings to make the people involved sound like their breaking the law when there's no evidence forthcoming that any law is broken is somehow an example of favoritism towards the aggrieved party?

Comment Re:They are not government employees (Score 0) 225

And that, to my mind, is the real crime. By the time these people were done, the claims from the pro-life crowd almost reached the hyperbole that they were making sandwiches out of the aborted fetuses. I suppose that aspect of it could be covered under libel laws, and I certainly do hope that once the prosecutions are done, a nice batch of civil lawsuits follow, where the editing these assholes did to try to make Planned Parenthood seem like a pack of baby-eating monsters is also revealed.

Comment Re:It's obviously not that. (Score 5, Insightful) 225

That would certainly appear to be the underlying reason for the entire Pro-life movement, and often enough they don't even bother disguising it. When you have elected representatives declaring that that pregnancy produced by rape is somehow "God moving in mysterious ways", you're dealing with people who have a pretty clear idea that women's only real purpose in this world is to collect semen and pop out babies.

Of course, once the baby is born, those fine God-fearing men could care less.

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