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Comment Silly Putty was miraculous (Score 4, Funny) 27

I can still recall the day I learned that you could copy a frame from the Sunday comics by pressing silly putty onto it. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Any time they want to mix it with graphene and inject it into my blood stream, I'm ready. I haven't seen a piece of Silly Putty in decades, but I can still recall its smell vividly. I loved that stuff. I think my childhood dog Smokey ate an entire Silly Putty once and crapped it out unchanged. I think it still had the image of Smokey Stover on it.

Comment Re:Or it might go up (Score 1) 465

Your citation shows higher poverty 2009-2015 than 2001-2008. More people have been impoverished under Obama than before.

Tell you what, Chris: People can look at the graph for themselves and see that poverty has been steadily declining since the end of the recession. And right now, poverty is lower than it was the year Obama took office.

The poverty rate today is also almost exactly where it was when Ronald Reagan left office.

Comment Who's to say? (Score 4, Insightful) 92

"How do we know this radiation isn't actually good for you? I mean, the Sun's heat is radiation, right?"

- Trump's new director of the Department of Energy.

[Note: If you think I'm somehow exaggerating, you might find tonight's story about Trump's new Department of Energy "enemies list" an interesting read:}


Comment Re:I hate to excite the slashdot paullowers... (Score 1) 10

If only that spin was close to the actual truth, you might have a case.

Regardless of that, Trump has announced he wants to put someone in charge of the EPA who has largely made a name for himself by suing the EPA. So whatever it is you imagine the EPA needs to stop doing, they would likely stop doing it under him. They certainly won't have to worry about congress trying to get them to fulfill their mandate.

Comment Either that or (Score 1) 10

It pulls the chumps off of Wall Street to work in relatively economically harmless cabinet positions, thus allowing a new generation to take over on Wall Street producing a boom.

The Peter Principle- it still could work.

Comment I hate to excite the slashdot paullowers... (Score 1) 10

... but gold seems like a good investment at this point. That army is probably beating off pretty hard right now with the impending collapse of civilization coming ever closer.

If you have the physical space, it might be a good time to start stock piling drinkable water; while I hate to suggest the conspiracy propagators have a point I do expect water prices will go through the roof once Trump brings the roof crashing down on our heads.

If you're not already living in a relatively safe place you may want to consider moving. I hear the Congo is beautiful this time of year.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 262

I have lived in Kansas for about 27 years, so I guess that makes my opinion at least as valid as the opinion piece from a Kansas City, MISSOURI newspaper

No, not really. The Kansas City, MISSOURI newspaper actually included evidence.

As for the other, you're just flat out wrong. Did you know that since Brownback and company took over in 2012, Kansas GDP (GSP) has grown half as fast as the national GDP?


Second, did you know that you can't trust any of the economic numbers that have been coming out of the Brownback administration? Here's why:



And since you seemed offended that I would cite a MISSOURI newspaper that is all of about 15 feet from the Kansas border, here's some fact-checking from a Wichita, KANSAS newspaper that you might find illuminating. Oh never mind, you're from Kansas. You wouldn't find anything illuminating. What's the matter with Kansas, anyway?


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