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Comment Re:Damn you! (Score 1) 2

I didn't say it was good reading, just that it was there... That said if you spent a half hour going through that discussion you were almost certainly exposed to as much factual and topical information for that as the other person had been over the course of his entire life.

Comment Re:Contradicts the definition of copyright infring (Score 1) 111

I want RIAA to eat a bag full of dicks as much as anyone else.

But if a burglar robs my house and they catch him and his fence in the act of selling my stuff, I want both of them to go to jail.

Is this a thing with civil suits? There's like a zero-sum for damages incurred or something?

Comment I'm pissed with them right now (Score 1) 1

Ordered a long-throw stapler and staples 2 weeks ago. The stapler came last week, staples today. The box was open at both ends, staples spilled out into the bag, box crushed and staples broken.

They won't let me return them. I'd be REALLY pissed if it wasn't just a couple of bucks.

Comment Everything is Beta (Score 1) 201

The problem with Google's "Everything is Beta" mindset is that they can pull the plug on anything whenever they want.

I am pretty happy with Fi right now, but I know its just a trial-balloon. Once the hype ends, if it isnt a market-dominating force, they will pull the plug on it.

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