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Comment Re:dogs did this (Score 1) 257

Yeah, it's English bulldogs. But the reason is pretty much the opposite of what this "study" claims - it's not a case of caesareans allowing genes for narrow pelvises to stay in the population, it's a case of selective breeding changing the shape of the dogs. Deliberate breeding, not a side-effect of too many caesareans.

Comment Re:God no (Score 1) 82

So while nVidia is working on Solaris and FreeBSD, their newest driver won't work for recent cards on recent kernels. Meanwhile their old cards get stuck without support in their problem, leaving you with nouveau (which is kinda like having a procotological exam with a glove dipped in wasabi).

I weighed heavily between both cards, and went with AMD since the OPEN SOURCE drivers have been given a *lot* of support by AMD, and work nicely without any third-party binary bullshit needed.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 560

For example: appointing an unqualified person to a position of power because that person's actions are likely to benefit you, even though those actions may not be best for the country.

But that would be just as corrupt if the person was qualified - it's not their qualification or lack thereof that makes it corruption, its the fact that they're being appointed to benefit you, rather than the country.

Comment Re:Audio (Score 2) 108

Interference seems to be a big problem with Bluetooth. There are certain intersections in my city where the signal craps out while crossing the street; certain sections of the train and bus routes, and other places where music simply stutters or dies. I assume there's a local point source of interference to blame in each of those areas. I ended up fixing the problem by shelving my collection of Bluetooth headphones and going back to using wired headphones. The sound quality and reliability are far superior, and the wire just isn't a problem. I'm also not careless enough to ever have dropped my phone in water, so that's never been a real issue for me, either.

So while Apple said "everybody just use Bluetooth", it was obvious they never have. I'll be hanging on to my older iPhone for quite a while yet.

Comment "Sources?" (Score 1) 75

Did this sentence..

Eighty-four percent of Americans with online access through three sources -- home broadband, smartphone and tablet computer -- say they like having so much information available.

..strike anyone else as a weirdly alien concept of what the word "source" means? It's so incomprehensible, that I can't even say for sure that it's wrong!

Comment Not cracked (Score 3, Interesting) 54

So they have an MD5 hash, but don't know what value hashes to it. They have no idea if it's a 10 character '1234567890' password or a 64 character string of random bytes. They also know that it's not a string that Google has already found and cached. The only clue they have to go on is the existing backdoor they found that turns telnet on, which uses 11 random ASCII characters as the secret. But 11 characters are almost out of reach for brute force password testing. If the person who put the backdoor in applied only the same amount of thought to the secret password, that would still be a monster to attack with brute force.

So I disagree that it's a matter of time. I think it's a matter of defeating it in another way, such as having Wireshark running when someone who actually knows the password types it in; or uncovering a wikileaked document that contains the secret backdoor password.

Submission + - Pebble ends production, ceases support (getpebble.com)

phorm writes: In a notice to Kickstarter backers, pebble has stated that — following the acquisition by Fitbit — they will no longer promote, manufacture, or sell devices. Further, while existing functionality may continue, it is likely to be degraded and warranty support will no longer be provided. This includes any recently shipped Pebble models. For those that were eagerly awaiting shipment of Pebble Time 2 and other newer devices, those devices will not ship at all. Pebble has indicated refunds will be made within 4-8 weeks. Those expecting their money may not want to hold their breath, however, because a contradictory statement made by to backers by email says that refunds will be made via Kickstarter by March 2017.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1, Insightful) 560

Isn't giving people who are unqualified positions of power the textbook definition of corruption?

Uh, no? Giving people positions of power in exchange for favours, or due to pre-existing relationships (e.g. nepotism) are textbook definitions of corruption. Their qualification or lack their of is irrelevant to whether the appointment is corrupt or not.

Comment I've had Samsungs since the GS2 (Score 2) 330

I've had a GS2, GS4, GS5, and my wife had a Note3/

We just recently bought Asus' Zenphone Laser3. Thus far I've noticed that performs just as well as any other phone I've had, with the extra features of Android 6. It also gets *much* better battery life than any Samsung I've ever owned. At $270CAD, it's significantly cheaper than the major Samsung models, but has better specs than their "cheap" models (e.g. better CPU, 32GB instead of 8GB storage), and comes factory unlocked (with none of that lock-to-the-first-SIM-card-used BS either).

The only downside I've seen to it thus far is that it doesn't have a removable battery like the ZF2 had, lacks wireless charging (Asus: PLEASE add this to the next model), and you can't have a second SIM card if you want to use a MicroSD.

Least to say, I don't see myself with any need to buy an S8 or any other Samsung. The more recent models already did away with removable batteries and don't support dual-SIM, so the only advantage they seem to have is the wireless charging. While I do love the charging, it's not a feature that I'm willing to pay double the price for nor submit myself to Samsung's dearth of updates for any non-current device.

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