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Comment XBOX Phone? (Score 1) 180

I'm not saying there's no market for an Xbox Phone, but keep in mind that Sony has pretty much given up on the Vita and even Nintendo is struggling in the portable market. Android and iOS didn't just kill every other phone, they also put a serious dent in the portable games market (not to mention MP3 players, low end cameras, personal organizers and if you include tablets, even the laptop market).

Comment Re:What will happen to humans? (Score 2) 396

We live in a society that expects everyone to work, but what will happen when there are no jobs? Crime?

Sorry, crime has been outsourced to foreign hackers. Besides, prisoners get free food and shelter, we just can't afford that kind of socialist welfare state any more.

Extreme poverty? Mass protests?

Check. Check. Also a mass exodus of refugees heading to robotless countries.

Political or religious extremism?

OR? We should be so lucky to have only one or the other.

Comment Re:Lack of originality did the deed. (Score 5, Informative) 312

Now check out Netflix's stuff.

Daredevil? House of Cards? Fuller House? Arrested Development? All of them are reboots/sequels or remakes. What makes them good or bad is not whether they are remakes. Hollywood has been doing remakes from the beginning (The Wizard of Oz and The Maltese Falcon are both remakes of earlier, less successful attempts to adapt those books to the screen).

Comment No common countries on the two lists (Score 3, Interesting) 249

It only applies to countries that are part of Trump's Muslim ban. The US government must have offered the UK something to follow suit and give their scheme legitimacy... We are kind of desperate with Brexit coming up and a desperate need for trade deals.

Actually, there are NO countries on the new flight restriction list (Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco) that were on the Travel ban (Iran, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and sometimes Iraq). It's possible the new restrictions are based on actual intel this time.

Comment Lots of options (Score 1) 321

I prefer Eckert IV which is an equal-area projection like Peters but with less of the coastline distortion. The trade-off is the border is not quite a rectangle, though it's less circular than Winkel (which wastes a lot of map real estate in the corners). Eckert is what National Geographic use on many of their wall maps. Virtually any of these options is preferable to Mercator though.

Comment Alternative Facts (Score 1) 92

Plus, at the end of the day Uber is already profitable in the US. They are bleeding money competing for market share in Europe and China. The whole "profitable in the US" thing escapes the headlines but the are making bank here and they will outside the US too once the market share fight is over.

It escapes the headlines for the same reason the Bowling Green Massacre escapes the headlines; it just isn't true. Uber loses money in every major market they operate in. There are only two possible paths to profitability: 1) replace drivers (Uber's main cost) with self-driving cars (something which will not be as cheap or happen as fast as Uber imagines) or 2) continue losing money until its competitors are forced out of business and they can raise prices. At this point Uber (and more importantly its investors) are like gamblers at the blackjack table who double their bet every time they lose. They'll eventually either win big or run out of money, but my bet is on the house.

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