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Comment Re:Ship of Theseus (Score 1) 91

Theseus's ship?

The history of the band Yes is a much better example these days. What happens if you replace band members one by one until none of the original band members remain? And their music sounds nothing like the original (but gradually evolved to the new sound, as most bands do)? And the original band members form a new band? OK, now what if both bands do a joint tour, effectively forming one big band again?

Comment Re:Oh drop it already (Score 4, Insightful) 492

There's some pretty damning stuff about the Clinton Foundation in those emails (the crime Hillary was hiding by the felonies she committed with the server). No one cares, of course, because we're all struggling under the weight of corruption fatigue. The smoking gun that Hillary took millions to support the likes of Qatar (the last bastion of mass slavery in the modern world, with ISIS-funding government - very evil fuckers) is just a big "meh".

We expect all the politicians to be corrupt. So Hillary is the most corrupt politician in US history? Exceeds expectations - let's promote her! Even the right has no fucks left to give at this point.

Comment Re:Had Bernie won... (Score 3, Insightful) 492

This election is is a referendum on antidisestablishmentarianism - left vs right barely enters into it. Both Trump and Sanders ran a disestablishmentarian campaign. Given the choice between the two (and the inevitable third-party establishment candidate), Bernie is a far more presentable candidate than Trump, and would have walked away with most of the "fed up" vote (e.g., all the female vote).

Comment Re:Bitcoin to bypass unfavorable exchange rates? (Score 2) 60

Isn't is equally likely that you will gain or lose value due to volatility?

Doesn't work out well when you need a specific amount of Swiss Francs in the future.

Stocks are similar - when dollar cost averaging into stocks (e.g., buying $100 per week) volatility is your friend, you'll end up with more shares of a volatile stock than a stable one (with same average price) over time. When you need a fixed income out of stocks, you get screwed by volatility for exactly the same reason (the math works out to gains/(volatility^2)). This is why the common wisdom for financial planning is to invest in stocks to start with, but gradually shift into bonds as you near retirement (there are even "target date" mutual funds that work that way).

Comment Re:Not enough data (Score 1) 120

It's a dancing bear - the point is not how well the bear dances.

The encryption is trivial. The point is that neural nets were able to come up with anything. The impressive part, as I understand it, was that there was no side channel here. Anything Alice and Bob said while developing the encryption - the whole process of agreeing on how it works - was overhead by Eve. That's kind of neat, for some neural nets trying shit at (weighted) random.

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 251

> * 100-200 Million People Per Year Will Be Starving To Death During The Next Ten Years

That was a gross under-estimate.

> * Population Will Inevitably And Completely Outstrip Whatever Small Increases In Food Supplies We Make

Today we produce enough food to feed ~13 billion people, but most of it is thrown away either due to greed or mismanagement.

> * Demographers Agree Almost Unanimously Thirty Years From Now, The Entire World Will Be In Famine

For 1-2 BILLION people, it probably seems like the entire world is in famine because famine is all they will ever know. See: greed and mismanagement, above

> * In A Decade, Urban Dwellers Will Have To Wear Gas Masks To Survive Air Pollution

Clean air will be sold in cans, so consider the business opportunity. Yay capitalism! ;)

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