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Comment Re:Incoming liberal asspain (Score 1) 851

Consider her actions after the 2008 election. (That was a turning point in my opinion of her).

She fought VERY hard with tremendous grit.

Then she lined up behind her party's candidate and immediately went to work getting President Obama elected. Can you imagine trump doing that? He's incapable of that kind of behavior.

I started to follow her and look a little more critically at republican comments on her at that point. What I saw was someone who did remarkably well after 25 years of continuous attack by the RNC and multiple conservative billionaires.

She's spent a lifetime serving her constituents in various roles in government.

Comment Re:It's okay, inflation is only 1.6% (Score 1) 219

That's fair. And I'm only positing that CPI is a little lower. Like say 1.6% vs 2.6%. A little higher for meat (about 5%) but balanced by things like Gasoline. I think inflation is a little higher than that (say 3%) for the lower two quintiles (and hence people on social security and retired veterans) and it may be higher for the top 1% too.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 2) 254

introduce uncorrelated high-order harmonics that fall in the audible range

Arguing against math is rather pointless, you know.

and can add a harshness to the sound that makes people tire of listening more quickly.

It's rather the other way around. Most recordings, including some great early jazz recordings, are "unlistenable" if reproduced accurately, because the engineering simply didn't care abotu top-octave noise. In the early days, there wasn't any equipment to reproduce it with any fidelity, and recordings were mastered to sound great on the equipment of the day. More modern pop stuff people just don't care when mastering, as they know their audience will be listening to low-bitrate MP3s anyway, so again the songs are mastered to sound OK for that audience. PLay that on real, modern equipment and it's jarring.

So there's a crowd that loves tube amps, records, and other gear that's lossy (in a nice-sounding way) in that top octave.
But it's the very lack of accuracy that makes stuff sound better.

Also, of course, there's utter scams like HD-DVD, where they put both the normal and HD track on the disc, except they add noise to the "normal" track (really).

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 221

What I'm saying is: this is a valuable attack surface for someone building a botnet. If most people use the GUI, then it won't matter that the scripts are clean if the GUI is dirty (obviously, just because a window that looks like a command prompt running scripts is displayed, that means nothing if it's all presented by the GUI).

There have been attempts to hijack Linux distros before, and hijacking Windows update is a key prize.

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